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14 Foods to Reduce Hunger and Lose Weight Faster

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So you had another diet slip up .

Don't fret .

We've all been there .

I bet a lot of you dream of eating something you want without gaining weight .

How awesome would that be ?

No more diets or strict meal plans ?

Well , I can't promise you any miracles , but eating these 14 foods will help you to not overeat for sure .

Counting down from number 14 spinach , remember how the cartoon hero Popeye was crazy about spinach .

That guy was definitely on to something in 2009 .

Doctor Richard Cony found out that the thy spinach is rich in suppress appetite by increasing the level of the hormone leptin .

This hormone controls the sense of hunger by telling you when you're full .

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That's why if hunger and cravings keep haunting , you don't forget to eat these leafy greens , your body will not only get a lot of beneficial nutrients that spinach contains , but eating large servings of it will also increase your intake of this natural appetite at present .

Number 13 , ah , coffee can't live without a good cup of coffee in the morning .

This might be a good thing if you want to lose weight .

According to a 2017 study in the journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and pharmacology .

Oh , that's a page turner coffee helps build calories and break down fats .

If you drink a cup of naturally brewed coffee , 30 minutes to four hours before a meal , it helps to keep hunger at bay .

The trick here is to drink it without any of the additions that most people love .

Cream sugar and sweet syrups .

They contain a lot of calories .

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Around 200 mg of caffeine a day , which is roughly two cups is enough to achieve the desired effect .

But it's also best to consult your doctor to make sure your body can handle this amount of caffeine .

Number 12 chili pepper .

How about making your food a bit ?

Spicy ?

Red chili contains capsacin a chemical compound that curbs your appetite and helps burn fat .

Researchers from Purdue University found out that just 1 g of chili pepper added to your meal can reduce appetite and suppress feelings of hunger .

It also speeds up your metabolism can help you lose weight .

But the same studies show that spicy food lovers didn't experience any suppressing of their appetite during such a diet , they've probably acquired some kind of tolerance to this kind of food .

That's why it's better not to eat it every day if you want red chili to keep working as an appetite are present with some fat burning properties .

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Number 11 lentils , lentils are really beneficial to your overall health because they are rich in folic acid iron , potassium thine and manganese .

But the most important thing about lentils is that they are a source of fiber and protein , which means that adding them to your diet will prevent you from snacking between meals .

Lentils leave you feeling full for longer .

And they are also low in calories .

Besides , it doesn't take much time to cook them .

Unlike other types of beans .

Number 10 oatmeal .

I know a lot of people prefer eating cereal for breakfast , but this kind of food contains a lot of sugar which of course you need to avoid if you want to lose weight .

If you're looking for a healthier meal to start your day with consider oatmeal .

It has a lot of fiber which helps you avoid feeling hungry for a longer period of time .

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A study carried out by the New York Nutrition , Obesity Research Center showed that people who ate oatmeal for breakfast felt full for longer than those who didn't eat it .

On top of that , the first group of test subjects ate one third , fewer calories for lunch .

Number nine , green tea , we've all heard about how good green tea is for our health .

It might be one of the healthiest drinks out there .

Green tea can protect our blood vessels against the formation of clots , reduce the level of cholesterol and risk of high blood pressure and regulate glucose levels , which is important for those who have diabetes , but that's not all the green tea is capable of .

According to a study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition , the caffeine and keen in green tea , decrease appetite and increase the fat burning process by 4% .

In addition , this drink boosts our metabolism .

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That's why drinking a couple of cups of green tea a day will definitely benefit your diet .

Number eight ginger , you can add this product to your meals to make them taste a bit more interesting or you can brew ginger tea by doing so , you'll meet your weight loss goals .

Thanks to the ginger ale .

Ginger contains this ingredient works well .

If you're looking for food that will stop that snack attack by controlling the level of leptin which reduces your appetite .

Also , it keeps you feeling satiated longer .

Eating ginger on a daily basis will help you get rid of those extra pounds more quickly .

Number seven , natural yogurt , if you're trying to eat healthily , you'll probably choose fat free yogurts because you're under the false impression that anything fat free will help you get in shape faster .

But those products usually contain a large amount of sugar which will prevent you from losing weight .

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It's much better to eat natural yogurts that are rich in protein which makes you feel less hungry .

What's more yogurt contains the probiotic bacteria that are good for your digestion .

If natural yogurt sounds and tastes boring to you , just add some fruit to it .

Number six chia seeds , those tiny seeds may be of great help when keeping your hunger away .

Just two tablespoons of chia seeds contain around 5 g of fiber .

This fiber absorbs a lot of water and expands in your stomach , increasing fullness and slowing the absorption of food .

A 2010 study in the European journal of clinical nutrition proved that they have an appetite suppressing effect .

There are a lot of ways to add chia seeds to your daily meal , use them as a topping for yogurt or oatmeal in smoothies or in homemade bread .

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Number five , avocado , this common green fruit hides a lot of pleasant surprises for those trying to control their appetite .

Avocado is not only rich in nutritious fatty acids but also has Oleic acid , which provides a longer feeling of this fact is back by an experiment conducted by scientists from Loma Linda University in California .

Participants ate avocado as part of their lunch for five weeks .

They later reported a 40% decrease in the desire to get a snack three hours after their meal .

Number four , red fish , you remember that food containing a lot of protein is one of your best weight loss allies , right .

Well , redfish is no exception .

This food contains essential omega three fatty acids .

The combination of protein and fatty acids prolongs your feeling fullness and puts an end to your cravings between meals .

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That's why the vast majority of nutritionists highly recommend including this fish in your diet if you want to slim down .

Also , since it's naturally fatty , you don't have to add extra oil during cooking .

Number three eggs , this high protein food can keep your stomach full for much longer and reduce calorie intake .

The international journal of obesity reported how researchers carried out an experiment with people who were already on a low calorie diet .

They were divided into two groups .

The first group ate eggs for breakfast .

The second one was given traditional breakfast foods like toast and cereal .

The results of this experiment were quite astonishing .

People from the first group lost 65% more weight than those who didn't have eggs for breakfast .

Number two , coconut oil , coconut oil contains plenty of medium chain fatty acids which are digested differently by our body .

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They are metabolized into energy sooner which allows fewer opportunities for creating fat stores .

Moreover studies by Canadian and Brazilian scientists suggest that moderate use of this oil helps to reduce fat especially in the abdominal area , but don't forget that coconut oil is still oil so there's no need to add it to every meal .

It's better to use it for frying as seldom as possible .

Number one , hey , my personal favorite dark chocolate .

Do you have no idea how to shake off your sugar craving , try dark chocolate .

That's at least 70% cocoa .

This will not only lower your desire to eat something sweet but also help control your appetite .

An experiment conducted at the University of Copenhagen supports this idea .

Participants who consumed a bar of dark chocolate , felt less hungry over a longer period of time .

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Later on when they were offered pizza , they ate less of it than those who had a bar of milk chocolate , dark chocolate .

Count me in .

So which food from our list would you like to add to your diet ?

Share your choice in the comments below .

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