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2023-08-19 21:03:16

Does Green Tea Help You With Weight Loss _ BeerBiceps Fitness

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What's good ?

Everybody now , I've always maintained that beer biceps that when it comes to something nutrition related , don't listen to a single dietician or a trainer , don't listen to a single individual .

Instead listen to science .

And when it comes to green tea and weight loss , there's only one way to find out the truth .

Let science the shit out of it .

Ok ?

The first thing you need to know is that there's very little difference between green tea and black tea .

Black tea is gone by fermenting tea leaves by letting them oxidize green tea .

On the other hand , is a more natural form of tea .

Now , if you compare the two kinds of teas , that properties and effects on the human body are almost the same with a few differences .

But unfortunately , black tea isn't sold to you as a weight loss drink .

Green tea is thanks to the media and marketing agencies .

People believe that green tea is some sort of magical weight loss drink , but unfortunately , that's not entirely true .

If you want to understand this better .

Let's get into the science of it first .

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Ok ?

Firstly , green tea is full of antioxidants and antioxidants are great for your health .

But the one antioxidant that helps a lot with weight loss is something called EGCG or epiglottic gallate .

Yeah , you heard that right now , ingesting EGCG is linked to an increase in the function of CTA Cola .

Means in the body , cco means are a type of hormone that's linked to stress related situations or situations that involve muscle contraction .

But most importantly , C cola means are linked to fat loss .

And that's why this whole green tea makes lose weight thing comes in a play .

OK .

Now there's good news and there's bad news .

The good news is that there were studies conducted on EGCG and fat loss and there was definitely a link that was found between the two .

OK .

And as for the bad news , unfortunately , there's two points to be noted .

The first is that in these studies , green tea was not used instead , they were using EGCG extracts that's pure EGCG .

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And secondly , to actually get any kind of weight loss related benefit from EGCG , you need to consume anywhere between 300 to 4 100 mg a day .

One cup of green tea has about 30 to 60 mg per day depending on its strength .

So effectively , you need to be consuming 10 cups of green tea to see any form of weight loss .

Also , green tea contains a substantial amount of caffeine which will help in your fat loss to some extent , but it's not going to make up for all those desserts that you eat .

If you go and eat unhealthy food and then just drink a glass of green tea that's not going to make up for it .

You've got to remember .

Caffeine is an addictive substance .

It works just like cigarettes .

If you want that kick from caffeine continuously , you constantly need to up your dosage .

And that's why I'm kind of against caffeine consumption though , even I have my own cup of chai every single day , it's not a good habit to have .

Now , caffeine will give you some amount of fat loss in the short term and it will get you alert after that cup of tea or coffee .

But real fitness and real health comes from the long term game and the three pillars of the long term game are a good diet and active lifestyle with exercise .

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And most importantly , in my opinion , for long term happiness is good sleep .

Now , here's the thing about caffeine .

Most people who are addicted to it , which in my book is more than three cups of coffee or green tea per day don't even realize that they're addicted to it .

So anyone who consumes caffeine in this amount , they don't even realize that they're actually affecting the quality of their sleep .

That's what caffeine is stopping you from .

It's preventing you from getting good quality sleep , which in the long term will give you much more fat loss than those two or three cups of green tea that you have every single day .

So when you actually want to lose weight and you want to be healthy , remember , give preference to sleep , not something you ingest just to burn off fat .

Ok ?

Don't get me wrong .

I'm not dissing green tea entirely .

In fact , it does have a lot of benefits .

Those antioxidants present in green tea do a lot of things for your body , but I'm not going to go deep into that .

This video is more about green tea and weight loss .

Ok .

So the final conclusion is two points .

Firstly , anything in excess is bad , especially when an addictive substance like caffeine is involved .

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So if you're going to consume 10 cups of green tea just to lose weight , you're playing the game wrong , it's going to affect your sleep badly , which in the long term won't only affect your weight loss , but it will also affect your peace of mind .

So if you want to be healthy and happy in the long term , don't turn to things like green tea and weight loss supplements just do the basics , right ?

And the second point just because marketing agencies don't sell black tea to you .

The way they sell green tea to you doesn't mean black tea is bad for you .

It's also got antioxidants and it's also got a lot of other health benefits .

So don't discount that entirely green tea isn't some magical drink that's come out of China .

It's just because it sounds exotic .

You know , people go on that whole green tea bandwagon .

You should also include some form of black tea diet .

Ideally , what I suggest is you vary it up change between black tea and green tea once in a while .

But most importantly , you got to remember tea is addictive and you want to limit yourself to one or two cups a day if you can keep it at one cup , keep it at that .

I hate saying this .

But unfortunately , the people who turn to things like green tea to lose weight actually taking up the lazy path and this isn't long term fitness .

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Even if you lose weight , you've not worked hard enough for it .

You've not actually exerted using your body to lose all that weight .

You've just ingested something that's made you lose weight .

That's not correct .

And that's not gonna make you stick to a healthy lifestyle .

Real fitness comes in the long term .

It needs to be a lifestyle change .

It needs to be as normal for you as brushing your teeth or having a bath in the morning .

And just because you're gonna have that green tea doesn't give you the license to go and have anything else you want .

First fix your diet , then if you can't put in some form of exercise , get great sleep .

And if you want to supplement these three pillows , then turn to that one or two cups of green tea every single day .

That's how real fitness works .

Hey , guys , so that was the video for today if you liked it .

Make sure you give it a thumbs up .

Now , remember real fitness and real weight loss comes when you have the correct knowledge about the weight loss .

That's why I've made this special weight loss related playlist on my channel to help you educate yourself and get to your fitness goals .

So make , make sure you check it out .

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Either way guys , if you want to follow my personal fitness journey , follow me on Instagram at Beer Biceps and on Snapchat at RV 0.1693 .

I'll link my Instagram in the description below .

Make sure you give me a follow .

So I hope you enjoyed today's video guys .

Until next time from beer biceps .

See you .


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