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2023-08-22 22:00:32

How to make... Irish POTATO PANCAKES _ Breakfast BOXTY! 🍳

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Hi guys , Donald here and welcome back to the Channel .

And now this week's recipe video is inspired by memories of our winter trip to Big Bear , where we spent a weekend away with our friend Claire from the KY .

Kitchen in her very , very cosy cabin .

So we got to do some snowboarding while I spent some time cooking up some winter comfort food in the cabin and Noah had his little pal James to hang out with .

Max was hanging out with Buster .

It was all very , very cosy and very wintry .

And while we were there , I actually made some traditional Irish boxy pancakes for one of our breakfasts .

And I haven't made these for a while , and I had nearly forgotten just how good they are .

So the recipe that I'm going to make for you today is Irish box deep potato pancakes .

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They're a very traditional recipe , and , as usual with traditional recipes , there's lots of takes on them .

Mine controversially adds a little bit of spring onion and finishes off with cheese because we were in a winter cabin and I felt we needed a little bit more fat in our bones .

But yes , This is my version of a traditional Irish boxy pancake , so not necessarily the traditional version .

But the bones of it are there , and you'll learn how to make boxy .

And then you can twist it whatever way you like .

So we're going to start off with our collection of ingredients , come over and let's have a look .

So ingredient wise , this is super simple .

Lots of easy ingredients that you're bound to get your hands on .

We've got some flour .

I've got some potatoes , some butter milk , some baking soda , some spring onions , a little bit of Irish cheese .

And these are some potatoes that I've already boiled up so they are ready to go .

They're just still a little bit warm , and I'm going to mash them up with all the rest of my ingredients .

So let's get cooking .

There you go .

I don't know if that worked , but here we are , Max , right ?

The blinds are closed .

There's no reason for him to be barking .

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He can't see anything right For this recipe , you're going to basically grate up the raw potatoes , mix them with the mashed potato .

Controversial , I know , but it's going to give you lovely texture to these potato pancakes .

So first job is to get our cooked potatoes mashed and our raw potatoes nicely grated and the Let's go and ammo .

That's not an Irish word I don't even know the Irish for .

Let's go is I failed Irish in school .

So here we are .

Um , OK , right back to the cooking .

So these are our potatoes that I've just basically sliced , peeled , and I've peeled them first and then sliced them and then stuck them in a pot with some cold water , brought them up to temperature , boiled them for about 10 minutes .

Check with the fork to see if they're nice and tender .

And here they are , nice and tender , so I don't have a potato masher .

So we're gonna use a whisk to do the job here .

So here we are , 2019 , 8 cookbooks , 25 television shows and it's mashing potatoes with a whisk .

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We have a bowl of now beautifully mashed potato .

So now we're going to introduce a little bit of the raw potato to give you that texture in these boxy pancakes .

So I have basically the same amount of potatoes that I'm just going to peel and grate and then squeeze out any of the the liquid which will reduce the amount of starch in it .

And then we're gonna add these to our mashed potatoes .

Basically , we have a nice little pouch of raw grated potatoes , which I'm going to add straight into our mashed potatoes .

And now , basically , we're going to bring this together as a nice batter .

I've got my butter milk .

I've got my flour .

But I also want to get in there with some baking soda and some spring onions , which I have to slice up right now .

Sure , OK , spring onions are nicely sliced .

I got my grated potato Got my mashed potato .

Now we're gonna add in 1.5 cups of plain flour all purpose flour .

This is the point where you don't have to be too specific .

This is more of a sort of traditional eyeball method , Um , where you basically look for the consistency .

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But start off with about 1.5 cups of flour , which is basically about 200 and 20 grammes of flour .

Essentially , that's your starting point and then the same liquid .

So it's about 225 millilitres of buttermilk going in here .

Now the buttermilk here is pretty essential because not only is it going to give you this like creamy rich flavour , but the acidity in it is going to work with the baking soda and give you a tiny little bit of rise to these boxy pancakes .

Because essentially , they're not like your traditional pancake .

They are much more of , uh , potato and starch .

So our last ingredient is one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda or baking soda .

So this goes straight in there as well .

Stick it in with the flour and then let's get mixed in .

Oh , and I nearly forgot .

We have all those lovely spring onions as well .

This , as you can see , makes quite a lot of batter .

And that in my books is never a bad thing when it comes to box tea .

OK , now we are talking .

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This is what you're looking for , a nice sort of dropping consistency that's going to form nicely in the pan and not go too runny and not be too thick .

A little pinch of salt essential here .

You want to make sure that this is well seasoned , so a good generous bit of salt .

I'm going to finish this off with a little bit of cheese in the pan , which is slightly controversial and not normally done .

You could even add and cheese to this batter and you get a really nice , rich , sort of salty and creamy flavour as well .

But I'm just gonna add it right as they're frying off in the pan .

So you get a nice little bit of melted cheese over the top .

It's going to be spectacular .

I'm gonna get this onto a nice hot pan with some melted butter , and we're gonna fry these off until they're golden and brown on each side and cooked all the way through as well .

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So let's get cooking , OK , but is looking good .

I've been giving it a few minutes either side to get them nice and golden brown .

And I will say that they do take a little bit longer to cook out because obviously you've got the raw potato in there as well .

When I do these in batches like this , I keep the oven on , and as I do them , I take them off the pan , pop them on a roasting tray and keep them warm in the oven , because then you can serve them up when you're ready .

I'm just going to continue on cooking out this batch , and I'm going to get on some bacon and some eggs because it is breakfast time .

We got to tuck in .

We got to eat and have some Irish boxy pancakes .

Potato pick , pick .

Pick it .

Potato pancakes .

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OK , this is what we're talking about .

Seriously Cheesy , Seriously , potato delicious globs of yum .

Um , and basically , when you are cabin cooking , this is the sort of thing you want .

Proper comfort food , a little bit of stodge .

And I think it's high time that now I tried one for you just to make sure we know what we're talking about .

We know what we're tasting , So I'm gonna take a little bit of this , and I know Are you going to give it to me or the people ?

The salt police will be on to me , but you got to have a tiny touch of salt on the top just because it really does , um , add the flavour .

I don't know if anyone grew up with potato waffles , but my mother much to her disgust now that she knows that I'm sharing this .

Um , she used to give me potato waffles when I was growing up , and I loved dipping them in salt .

Maybe I have a salt problem .

Enough salt talk .

Um , let's try some .

Yes .

I mean , this is just proper comfort food .

This is the sort of stuff that is , you know , traditional .

So it doesn't take too many ingredients .

It's proper rib sticking stuff .

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And if you have these for breakfast , they are somewhere like a cross between a hash brown and maybe a pancake .

But this is kind of where we're going with it .

So there you go .

Yeah .

Boxy , Really great traditional Irish recipe .

A great one for the winter .

A great one for a bit of rib sticking breakfast foods .

If you want the recipe , I will leave a link in the description box below .

I will leave a link which brings you over to my website , where there's a whole host of brilliant recipes nearly 500 recipes over on my website , all for free .

So check them out .

If you're going to try these boxy pancakes , I want to hear from you how would you serve them ?

What would you have them on ?

Sometimes I do them with smoked salmon and a little bit of horseradish cream If you want to go fancy if you haven't subscribed to this channel already Shame on you .

Get clicking , Subscribe Ring the notification bells The dogs going I'm gonna sign off .

I'm gonna eat the rest of this Enjoy and Happy Saint Pancake Day .

Happy Saint Patrick's Saint Pancakes Day .

I'll see you soon .

Goodbye .

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