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2023-08-19 20:37:58

5 Min vs. 50 Min vs. 5 Hour Pasta (ft. Binging With Babish) • Tasty

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Hey , what's up guys ?

My name is Andrew Ray .

I host a youtube series called Binging with Babish where we create foods for movies and television .

But today I'm here at the laboratory .

It's a tasty .

I'm gonna show you how to make three different versions of pasta .

One that takes five minutes , one that takes 50 minutes .

One that takes five hours .

Each one is worth making in their own rights .

I hope you give them , try it yourself .

Let's get started with pasta .

I love , this is the pasta I first learned about from the movie chef .

We're gonna cook this just shy of where we want it to be because we want to finish cooking it in the sauce .

We got some nice salted pasta water here .

Drop this in and as soon as the pasta hits the water , it's gonna bend pretty easily .

Just try to coax it all down in there while the pasta cooks , we need to work on the actual five minute portion of making this pasta , which is making the sauce .

We'll bend the rules a little bit .

You know , this is really gonna take like seven minutes , but just , just , just chill .

Ok .

This pasta holds a very significant place for me in the show .

A very powerful dish for home cooks because like I said , it's encouraging .

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It's something that you can make very easily .

That's stunningly good .

It surprises you with how good it is .

One thing with chopping herbs that makes it a little easier is you can just sort of press them all down into a little bunch like this and run the knife through and you want your parsley chop pretty fine .

Look at that .

You gotta love fresh herbs .

We're starting in a cold pan , half a cup of olive oil just enough to coat the bottom of the pan .

Then into the cold pan , we have very thinly garlic .

This garlic is sliced so thinly it would burn very , very quickly .

We want this to just barely turn blonde .

That's the color we're looking for .

You don't want stark pale white garlic all over your stark pale white pasta , especially if you're stark pale white like me .

OK .

I'm seeing a little bit of brown color around the edges there .

That's exactly what I want before I add the pasta , we're gonna toast the uh red pepper flake just a little bit .

We want that to have a little bit of heat .

Oh man , that's gonna be good in goes the pasta and a little bit of pasta water that's gonna halt the cooking of the garlic and it's gonna help us make a more cohesive and lovely sauce .

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And now is also the time that we're going to add a whole bunch of parsley .

Go a little overboard with the parsley .

Why not live your life ?

The lemon juice , I'm catching most of the seeds .

This is a hard lemon .

Oh Lordy Lord .

Yes .

Now we need to of course , season with salt .

See , all that beautiful garlic parsley and red pepper flake .

There we go .

Now this is the carving fork from the movie Chef Jon Favreau was kind enough to give it to me .

People keep asking me , when are you gonna bronze and frame this ?

And I'm like it belongs in my drawer .

It belongs to twirling pasta .

This is what it was made to do .

This is what I did in the movie .

I'm not gonna deny it that because it's some kind of trophy .

That's what he would probably want me to do a great way to serve up .

This pasta is to twirl it into a nest , using a soup ladle .

So we got a nice nest here .

I'm gonna scoot it down a little bit .

It's gonna help it kind of stay up right when we end up in the plate here .

This is good for a crowd here .

This isn't quite one serving , but that's ok .

So this is a five minute pasta .

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It's very , very exciting to make something so easily , so quickly with so few ingredients that taste so good .

Use the edge of the bowl when you're tolling your pasta .

This is the way you do it .

Yes .

Oh Things just , it , it , it's simple but it surprises you with like it's good time to make the 50 minute pasta , which I think the best candidate for .

This is fettuccini Alfredo with homemade fettuccini .

Kind of put a mound of flour on the table .

It's just got to feel like a , a little uh flour volcano .

I don't know .

Um So I like to crack my eggs on the table .

That's important a safer way to make sure you don't get none in there .

Especially if we're doing it here in flour where it's gonna be really hard to dig out egg fragments .

And you can see it's breaking nice and clean .

There's no fragments , no shell .

Sometimes people like to add a little bit of olive oil to their pasta , a little drop and uh a little bit of salt .

Gotta salt your pasta using a fork .

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I'm just gonna start beating this together and then just starting to take in more and more flour .

It's getting nice and thick .

I've rarely gotten it this thick before without it spilling out .

I'm just gonna use a bench scraper like this guy .

Just sort of bring everybody together here with pasta dough .

You want it tacky but not sticky .

It took me a while to figure out is that if you want that really chewy al dente texture that you're gonna get from like restaurant , handmade pasta .

You really need to need the ever loving of my relationship with fresh pasta .

Like most home cooks is a tumultuous one .

It's something that takes a lot of practice and intuition to figure out what you're looking for , what it's supposed to feel like what it's supposed to look like .

It's been a long and strange road and my book is , uh , from Big Night , which involves a whole lot of fresh handmade pasta .

It's pretty bananas .

It's pretty nuts .

You could need it by hand .

Or you know , why would you , if you get one of these , lock it down where we go , I'm gonna go ahead and shut this guy down .

This is feeling pretty good .

It's nice and supple and tacky .

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Stretch it a little tot here , poke it and see if this springs back , see how it's not staying invented .

It's coming back out like that .

That means that we've got good gluten development .

Oh , I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this in plastic wrap .

We're gonna let it rest at room temperature for 30 .

Nobody saw that wrap .

We're wrapping it tightly and tightly in plastic wrap , letting that rest the room temperature for 30 minutes .

We'll see you .

Then our pasta dough is well rested .

I'm going to cut it into more manageable pieces to start roll him into a ball and I just want to give it a head start on the shape that I'm trying to get it into , which is a rectangle , roll it into a ball and roll it out .

It's gonna come out like a big oval and you're gonna have a lot more waste flour this little bit .

And before we actually roll this out , we're gonna laminate it , which is the act of rolling it out , folding it on itself and re rolling it .

Not only is it going to help us get that , you know , nice rectangular shape that we're after , but also is going to improve the pasta's texture .

Rolling it out again .

It's about as thin as you can get it with the rolling pen .

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It's pretty good and we're just going to feed it through .

It's just that like it is passing it through again .

And as long as we don't see any stretch marks or tearing or anything like that , pretty much in good shape here , passing that through again and make sure that each side of the dough is just lined up perfectly with the rollers .

That way you don't end up bunching .

There we go .

And we got two nice sheets of pasta .

Here .

These feel righteous , take out the rolling attachment and attach the cutting attachment , dust this with a little bit of flour and straight on through the cutters .

We got our first strands of fettuccini for our fettuccini Alfredo .

Twist it into a little nest , the less you fold the pasta , the less you crease it , the more it's going to come out nice and smooth and unfolded .

When you cook it away , we go beautiful with Alfredo , the sauce congeals and gets way too thick and gloopy really , really fast .

So you need to work quickly .

You need all your stuff all laid out and premeasured , ready to go .

This is called Mison plus the meat's French for everything in its place .

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And this method is developed by America's test to try and make a slightly thinner sauce than you might be used to when you make fettuccini Alfredo .

I have a great personal story about fettuccini Alfredo .

I've never made it .

We have one cup of heavy cream in here along with two tablespoons of high quality butter , put this over medium ish heat and we're going to cook it down by one third .

It's been about 15 minutes .

We've reduced this by about a third .

So you can see that when I drag the spoon across the bottom , it's thicker than it was before .

And I've been stirring this pretty constantly and I'm going to add half a cup of heavy cream and this is going to halt the cooking process .

And now we got ourselves the nice space for the sauce season this with salt .

Half a teaspoon's worth of kosher and maybe a half a teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper just stirring that until the salt is pretty much dissolved .

Place it right over here .

And we're going to start doing our pasta .

I'm gonna salt the water too .

And by keeping our bowl warm like this , it's going to keep the pasta warmer longer .

It's going to keep the sauce from congealing just a little bit longer .

So we'll set that aside .

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Keep it warm then directly into the water go our little nests of fresh pasta .

It's pretty much done when it floats .

And I also want to not fully cook it .

I want to cook it just shy of where I want it to eventually be .

Then as soon as this is almost done , we're gonna add it straight into this sauce and finish cooking it in the sauce , spider this stuff out .

And it's ok if we're getting a little bit of pasta water in there , we want some to end up in the sauce anyhow .

We got an ounce and a half of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and some freshly grated nutmeg .

Oh , it smells so good .

Really ?

Makes all the difference in the world .

Cook this for 1 to 2 minutes until the cheese is all melted .

We're just gonna add a quarter cup of pasta water and that is going to prevent the sauce from getting too gloopy , too quickly .

Oh , smells so good .

Oh , my God .

I'm just gonna give this a little taste .

Oh , that's good , man .

Those folks over at America's Test kitchen .

Sure know what they're doing .

And you see how it's not kinky .

That's because we rolled it into nests .

It's time to play it up .

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All right , I'm gonna try to get all this pasta in one go and into the bowl .

That goes .

Oh , look at that .

Daddy .

Oh , let's gonna grate a little bit more fresh nutmeg over top .

So this is a 50 minute fettuccini alfredo pasta and sauce made entirely from scratch and it is worth every minute , I promise .

Hm .

Oh my God .

It's really quite good .

Hm .

Yeah .

Hm .

Thanks , man .

Double high five .

We did a 50 minute pasta onto the five hour joint .

This is a slow cooked Sunday gravy kind of an Italian American staple .

It's just a slow cooked tomato sauce that becomes deep and rich and complex .

Have your friends over serve them some meatballs , some veal shank .

They'll thank you for it .

Literally .

They'll be like , thank you for this sauce .

I just predicted your next Sunday .

You're welcome .

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First step is we need to sear some meat in a big heavy cast iron enameled dutch oven like this guy some short rib bone in and we have a couple pieces of veal shank or veal asoca .

The meat is gonna be a lot of flavor but this marrow in the bone here that's going to leach out into the sauce over time and it's going to give it some pretty profound flavor .

We got a sausage here too , but we're gonna , we're gonna deal with this guy later .

He's hanging out until these guys are done .

We want to get good color on this .

We want some good fond on the bottom of the pot .

We're getting ready to flip our Asco .

Oh , yeah .

Nice brown crust on there .

That is full of flavor color .

That's good .

Uh , this guy got some great color .

That's nice .

You might not be able to see it , but we got some nice fond in the bottom of this pan .

I'm just putting in like a little less than a tablespoon of olive oil and onions go right in .

Finally , mince , you see all the brown flex on there that's not browning on the onions .

That is the fond from the bottom of the pot .

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That's our meat residue , which sounds gross , but it is the foundation of most great flavors in slow and low cooking and we're just sweating these onions , which means that we're cooking them over moderate heat until they become a little translucent around the edges .

Here we go .

That's looking pretty good .

So we're gonna add maybe seven cloves of garlic peeled and crushed .

I'm gonna add a little pinch of red pepper flake , teaspoons worth of dried oregano , three tablespoons of tomato paste .

Just sau this for like one minute just until it starts to re thicken .

This is starting to smell a little less raw .

A little bit more garlicky .

That's about where we want it .

And now I'm gonna deglaze the pan with dry red wine like Pinot Noir or Cabernet .

You don't have to add red wine to your tomato sauce .

It's a very Italian American thing to do .

I don't think they do that in Italy at all .

I might be wrong .

Let's get the ancho paste in there .

Get that good and mixed in .

Make sure it's all dissolved .

If you find ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than letting something bubble away .

Slow and low on your stove .

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Watch binging with bash , watch this video and learn a little bit about food and if you're not careful , a little something about yourself .

All right .

So now it's , it's tomato time .

This is four cans of peeled San Marzano tomatoes .

And these have been processed lightly just to make it relatively smooth , about halfway full .

I'm gonna grab our pieces of veal shank and our short ribs .

I'm just gonna nestle them in there and then I'm gonna keep just ladling sauce , gonna put enough in here just to cover everybody up .

There we go .

And I'm also going to add up in a half of water , start there and I'm gonna add more as necessary as the sauce cooks .

We're also gonna add a whole stem of basil .

Also , a lot of people are tempted to add sugar to their tomato sauce .

If you just let this cook for four or five hours , it's going to become sweet .

But something that's gonna speed along that process is a carrot .

We're gonna fish those out before serving and we're going to fish out the stem of basil .

And if the meat has fallen apart , we're gonna fish the bones out , partially cover this .

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We want a little bit of steam to be able to escape and allow the sauce to mellow out and become sweet and complex .

Then in the last hour of cooking , we'll probably add two sausages .

And we're also going to be adding water periodically throughout the four hours that this guy is going to simmer to make sure that we maintain the right consistency .

We'll see you after that .

It's been five hours .

I haven't moved from this spot and I'm ready to unveil the slow cooked Sunday gravy .

I don't know why .

I just spoke French .

This is Italian .

We got some nice little bubbles .

You can see that it is thickened .

The harshness of the raw tomatoes have mellowed out and have been replaced with richness and sweetness .

And now we're going to fish out all of our non edibles here .

As you can see , our Asoca has completely fallen apart .

We were replaced by a hunk of tomatoes .

Carrots out .

There's the short rib bone , there's little hunks of meat all throughout , but there are still big serv chunks that you're going to be able to put on the side when you serve this pasta .

The traditional way to plate , this is to toss the pasta a little bit of sauce and serve it with the meats .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna take it one little step further just to amp up the pasta a little bit , bam , thin out the sauce .

Just a wee bit .

You could also thin this out with fresh tomatoes from a can .

Sometimes a little brightness is welcome .

If the sauce is super rich , this is just about the perfect consistency that I'm looking for here .

And I'm going to scoot this out of my way .

We want to finish cooking the pasta in the sauce .

Also , I want to talk about it's pasta shapes and the kinds of pasta you want to be looking for .

So we've got widely available , inexpensive pasta over here and it's perfectly fine .

But you see how smooth it is .

You see how like it's almost shiny .

You want roughness when it's cooked is going to create a surface that is ideal for absorbing and clinging to sauce .

So to finish the pasta , we're going to add a healthy amount of sauce to a pot with the cooked pasta .

This pasta has been cooked to just shy of al dente and of course , we're adding a quarter cup of pasta water .

We just got this over medium heat and we're just gonna finish cooking it in here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The sauce is pretty much like soaked up and coating the pasta .

Lovely .

So I'm gonna kill the heat .

Now .

Now I'm gonna finish the sauce with butter .

This is the best way to finish red sauce .

It's a world of difference .

It's putting a sheen on the pasta and it's just making it so much richer and it's going to make it stand on its own .

Look at that .

It's gorgeous .

And now we're gonna play it up .

Look at how rich and orangey that sauce got my God .

And I'm gonna try to crab this to one side as much as I can because we want to make room for all of our lovely meats sausage over here .

I'm just trying to grab as many big hunks of meat as I can garnish with a little bit of freshly chopped basil and a little grating of uh Parmesan cheese .

And this is it .

This is our five hour pasta Sunday , gravy .

All that work .

It's about to finally pay off .

Let's start with a piece of pasta around .

Hm .

That just tastes like Sunday when I was a kid .

Alvin .

Come on over .

Um Wow .

Oh , you OK .

Cheers .

Hey , fourth battle .

His meats just falling apart .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Six high fives .

Watch out .

That's a world record .

Ladies and gentlemen .

So the recipes for today's dishes are available in a few places .

You can find two of them , the pasta and the five hour tomato sauce in my new cookbook .

The binging with bash companion cookbook .

It is out in stores , October 22nd and you can preorder it at binging with bash dot com slash cookbook .

We learned that whether you spend five minutes or five hours making pasta if you employ a few techniques and a few tricks you can end up with something gorgeous .

I hope you guys give it a try for yourselves and ba , ba ba out peace .


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