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2023-08-21 21:17:53

Eggless Rasmalai Cake Recipe without Oven _ Valentine's Day Special ~ The Terrace Kitchen

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In this video , we'll see how to make delicious rasmalai cake , which you can make for your Valentine's Day and make your day more special to make this cake in a car .

Higher pressure cooker , you need to remove whistle .

If using pressure cooker , put some salt , place a stand and at medium flame , you need to preheat your car or pressure cooker for 10 minutes in a bowl .

Take one cup hot milk and to that add 1/4 cup plus two tablespoon butter .

I'm using salted butter .

You can also use unsalted butter or car .

But later in the batter , you can add a pinch of salt .

Now add one teaspoon green cardamom or ch lai chia powder .

Few strands of saffron or queer , give it a good mix .

Now to this mixture , add 1.5 cup , all-purpose flour or meta one cup powdered sugar .

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Four tablespoon of milk powder , one teaspoon baking powder , 14 teaspoon baking soda or carnival soda .

You can sift all the dry ingredients together .

But what I'm doing is just sifting a little mixing and then again , sifting this process makes it easier to remove lamps from the batter .

Ok ?

So the butter looks ready just before pouring the butter into the mold .

We're going to add two teaspoons , synthetic white vinegar or circa .

And then you need to continuously whisk this mixture for 10 to 15 seconds and then immediately pour in a cake mold .

I'm using 6.5 inch cake mold , which I have already lined with butter paper .

I like using butter pepper because it makes it very easy to demod the cake later .

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Now I'm placing my cake mold in my preheated Khai .

Well , the reason I've used a plate below my cake mold is that the base of my cake mold comes off and because the stands diameter is less than the base of the cake , the batter starts to leak .

So take the cake at medium flavor 1st 10 minutes and then 40 minutes at low flame .

And then you can check if the cake is cooked .

If it's done , you can take it out if it's not .

You can again cover uh the and bake the cake for a few more minutes .

But remember over baking the cake will lead to a hard top and hard sides .

Now cover the cake and let it cool down and once the cake cools down , you can remove it from the mold and now I'm removing the butter peppers .

Now I'm removing the top part .

Don't worry , you can divide this top part into pieces , warm it up in your microwave and eat it .

It tastes amazing .

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And for the rest of the cake , I'm dividing it into three equal layers trying to divide them equally here , I've already whipped some cream .

This is whipped cream made from 3/4 cup whipping cream .

So this is the quantity you would get from 3/4 cup whipping cream .

It's already sweetened .

Now to this , I'm adding 34 teaspoon to chia powder and some yellow food color .

I prefer using gel food color but then I did not have it when I was shooting this video .

So I used liquid color .

The color looks perfect .

You can adjust the amount of color to get this shade .

Now place the bottommost layer of cake on a cake board .

I think this is seven no uh yeah , seven or eight inch cake base .

Now put some rasa milk or rust from 2 50 g of Ramla because the Rasmei milk is thick .

It takes some time for the cake to absorb it or soak it in give it some time .

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And after that put some layer of , I mean put some cream and level it here .

I've taken some ramella pieces again from the 2 50 g Rasel which I bought from Sweet Shop , put some pieces on this layer and then repeat the process .

Now I'm just making the cake even on the sides and then we're going to completely cover the cake with cream .

So at this time , you can use more cream .

I mean more than what you would like to have on your cake .

And later by leveling the cake , you can scrape off the excess cream .

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Now using a spatula and a cake comb , you can level your cake and decorate it .

Ok .

So this is done for the next step .

So pipe some cream as shown in the video and place a piece of me .

And here I'm using nozzle number 80 .

This is the same nozzle , which I have also used in my another video of cupcake bouquet .

You need to push some cream out of the nozzle and at the same time , pull it outwards and that would that would give you this shape and similarly make more flowers , the flowers are done .

But if you want , you can just keep the design simple and place the Ramli pieces , whatever you find easy and comfortable .

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Now after that , I'm applying some dried rose petals and after the rose petals , some sliced pistachios or even on the top , if you would like to purchase the rose petals or things which I normally use in my videos , you can check out the link given in videos description box and then this is silver or Chandi cover .

This is totally optional .

If you think making flowers this way would be time consuming or difficult .

You can decorate the cake the way you want but do not skip rose petals and pistachios on top .

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone .



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