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2023-08-21 20:37:33

How to Draw Cute Velociraptor - Jurassic World - Easy Pictures to Draw

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Hi , how's it going today ?

We're gonna go over how to draw a velociraptor .

A cartoon cute velociraptor .

So let's get into it .

Um I'm drawing this because the movie Jurassic Park .

Jurassic World Two is coming out .

So as this was just on my mind , so let's get into it .

We're gonna start with the snout , just kind of a square round .

It's like a rounded foam square .

Imagine that we're gonna pull up into the top of the head and we're gonna throw a little bump here for the kind of the top of the brow , the eye .

We're gonna keep pulling back an S curve and then s curve down here as well .

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Gets a little bit smaller there , straight line for the arm , that another line right here for the arm itself .

Uh And I'll do , we'll do that a little bit , think of like an L a strange shaped L then a little hump here , a little rounded hump for the back and that's gonna go all the way into the tail , all the way into the tail and we're gonna pull back from that tail that's gonna be a little bit bigger .

Oops .

Excuse me that noise .

Um And we're gonna go to the feet , the hind leg curve and don't worry if what you're drawing isn't exact , exact .

It doesn't have to be exact .

If I draw this again , it will not be identical .

You know , we're not machines .

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So don't worry if it's not identical , like the little S curve is a little bit different , it's not a big deal .

Just keep moving and then , you know , see what comes up .

OK .

Hopefully you're doing this along with me .

If you have any trouble , please go back , uh rewatch it or go back and pause .

You can press pause anytime you want , you can rewind any time you want .

Uh If anything is confusing , message me and I will answer it in the comments .

So let's get back into this behind leg , that other back part of the leg pulling down into the lower part of the leg , right ?

So let's say this is the knee going back down straightforward .

And I'm gonna throw a large spike , you know , that large spike they have on their nail down there , pull down right here into the other toe and that's it on that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're gonna complete the bottom part of the body just with a simple line .

And I'm gonna try to think of this shape on the other on the far end .

Yeah , same thing .

Those three nails , one large nail and three small nails kind of like a group of bananas I like to think of them and we're gonna do the same thing for the front curve and I'm gonna make just kind of one large shape right here .

We've , uh , kind of split at the end very similar to like , I don't know , like a mole or something .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I just , uh , I like that design to those better and I'm gonna throw a thin line with the back arm there and you can put the back arm over here as well .

Just the same repeated shape .

I'm gonna go up here up top , draw the eye in the movie .

They have these kind of lined pupils .

The , the kind of like the , the reptilian , the , uh , the snake pupils , you know , the , the slit pupils , uh , I guess in real life they wouldn't have had that .

Uh , because when , uh , an animal evolves , if it's bigger , it doesn't really need those slit pupils .

So slip pupils are to look up and down better .

So they're , they're meant for smaller animals , not big ones .

That's why if you look at big animals , they , I believe never ever , if not almost ever have slit peoples .

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Um , only the big ones low to the ground , do like a crocodile and stuff , stuff low to the ground does like snakes .

Uh , certain lizards throw right here dot For the nostril , let's do a little smile .

Want a happy raptor through those teeth and that's pretty much it .

Uh , if you really want to you can maybe draw a thick line on the outer , outer border .

It makes it look a little bit more like a sticker .

Um Let me see if I wanna do that .

Yeah , let me do that .

I'm gonna draw a thicker line on the border here and it gives it kind of a thicker look .

Uh If you're anything like me , you've been drawing and there are things in drawing that sometimes you get frustrated with , don't get frustrated guys .

It's OK .

I mean , frustration is normal .

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It happens , but try to lessen it by knowing that you're practicing and by practicing , you are getting better , you're getting a slight bit better and mistakes are a normal , completely normal part of the process .

So I want you to kind of relax and as long as you're practicing , I want you to really , you know , feel good about it , feel good that you are practicing that you're pushing this skill that , you know , you wanna do .

And if you're just doing this as a hobby , that's great as well .

Same thing , same goes for you is like the fact that you're here is such a big deal .

Um Most people won't even do that .

Most people just , you know , wanna draw and they just don't do it , they don't even find videos on it .

Um But you're already ahead of most people .

So I want you to feel better about that .

OK , on that big line and that's it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thank you so much .

I appreciate you watching the video .

Please do me a favor .

Click the like button .

If you did like the video , comment , say hi to me .

I say hi to everybody .

Uh also uh you know , share the video .

If anything else , one last thing is a word from our sponsor .

I want to do this at the very end of the video .

If you are here , then I got a bonus like little like I guess an announcement , uh don't get to buy the armadillo pencil case .

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Uh You can just have it right on your wrist or you can also have there's one large uh strap right here for like a marker , a real thick one .

And then you don't need to wear it on your wrist .

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If you don't want , you can literally has a rubber , a large rubber band on the back of this and it straps like around any , almost any sketchbook , you know , so you can have it flat on any sketchbook .

Uh I use it .

Excuse me , if this one's kind of dirty , this is actually mine .

There's even a magnet in it and there's all kinds of stuff .

But if you like that stuff and you consider yourself just sketching about all the time .

I , I really , you have to have , this is like a big deal .

Um But yeah , anyways arm dash alo dot com , go check out that site and that was a word from our sponsor .

Thank you so much and I will see you in the next video .

Talk to you later .

Oh Stay Pencil Sharp .

That's gonna be my thing .

Stay Pencil Sharp .


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