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2023-08-22 21:50:34

How to Draw Kid Flash- Young Justice- Video Lesson

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Hey there today , I'm gonna teach you how to draw Kid Flash from Young Justice .

So we're gonna start with his right eye and I'm gonna actually draw him with his goggles down .

So start with the a large oval .

So starting at the top , I'm gonna come across down and then back up to create a Noble and inside this .

So I'm just gonna make a thicker frame .

So let's go around and just draw a thick frame .

And from here , I'm just gonna draw a glare in the glass .

So let's draw an angle line and then another angle line beside it and then on the outside , I'm just gonna color those in black .

Now , let's thicken up the top part of the frame .

So it makes the goggle look like it's got some depth .

So starting on the inside of the goggle , I'm gonna come around and sort of do a tapered line around that circle .

So it gets thicker on the inside and it kind of tapers out on the outside .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's go to the other side of the goggle on the left lens .

I'm gonna draw the same shape , but I'm gonna actually tilt it this way because it's wrapping around his head .

So this oval is gonna be angled like , so , so the left is higher than the right .

And then again , we're gonna draw a thicker frame for the inside and I'm gonna draw that same highlight .

So in that same angle like this , I'm gonna draw two lines and then I'm gonna color on in the left and right side of that goggle .

And again , I'm gonna thicken up the outside frame .

So it looks like the goggle is raised , kinda like that right in the center of the goggles .

I'm gonna connect them .

So in between here , I'm gonna draw an upward curve and then just below it , I'll draw a downward curve like that in the center .

I'm just gonna come down a little bit and draw a point .

This is where the center of this face mask is gonna come down to the cheek .

So on the side underneath the goggles , I'm gonna draw two lower points .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna connect that with a straight line .

And from here , I'm gonna draw an angle line in the opposite direction , going up along the cheeks .

Let's draw it in the nose .

So just left at that point , I'm gonna draw an outward curse .

It curves out this way and it comes down just a very short line and then just beside it , I'm gonna draw a little indication of a nostril it's drawn the mouth .

So along the bottom , I'm gonna have him smiling .

So we'll draw an upward curve , then two angled lines on the end like that .

And along the top , I'm gonna draw a reverse curve for the upper row of teeth down here .

So along this side here , I'm gonna draw a curve and then here I'm gonna draw a straight line towards the bottom of the mouth and then we'll connect those with an upward curve like so now if I'm going a little bit too fast , you can pause the video , get caught up and then start again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then here I'm gonna draw the back , the bottom row .

T so I'll draw a line down and line straight across and then I'm gonna color that in black on the inside , under that mouth .

I'm just gonna draw the bottom lip .

So just a little line like that .

And then below here , I'm just gonna draw a little point for the bottom of the chin because this is where I'm gonna lead the jaw in towards .

So here on this side , I'm gonna come in so it's sort of tapering in towards each other this way .

And then from here , I'm gonna connect to round up the chin , so sharp , rounded chin to those jawlines just like that .

From here , I'm gonna go up kind of disappear behind that goggle here , I'm gonna stretch this side of the mascot and go up along the side of the face .

Now here I'm gonna round this out a little bit .

So just a curve like that and then I'll round that back the opposite way .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is for that earpiece this side , actually , I'm gonna go straight up and just go up to the side of the head and then extend this line up the side of the mask there .

From here , I'm gonna connect these two points with a , with a curve .

So first starting here and come around and back up to that side this side .

Now , I can actually draw for that earpiece like that .

Let's go to some detail in the ear piece .

So he's got some lightning bolts .

So I'm gonna go uh down and then up to a point .

Now here I want to taper out so it's gonna get thicker , go across and then it gets thinner on this side to do a little detail on this side as well .

So I'm gonna go up down , up with a curve .

I get thicker as they come down and then down .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right now , because I'm using a sharpie , I'm not gonna get the sharp points that I wanted , but that's OK in the center here .

I'm gonna draw an upward curve like that and just to the right of it , I'm just gonna draw a slightly shorter one maybe over here , I'll draw one more curving out so you can see that they're kind of curving out for his hair .

Then along this side , I'm just gonna draw a curve like that , let's go on the side of the head .

So here I want to go up and kind of come back down here .

So this will be the probably the highest point for the hair .

He's got some pretty funky hair .

So here I'm gonna go up and come down .

So a little point and here I'm gonna kind of come up , kind of like fire kind of comes up and then down , up and down , then stretch this one out a little bit , come down and then I'm gonna come downward and then sweep that curl up .

I come in sort of aiming to that point .

I'll do an overlap here and tuck that into that side of the head .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there's his head , let's get into the rest of the body .

So his shoulder piece , he's got these armored shoulder plates .

So just about here , I'm gonna draw a curve in towards his face like that .

And we'll do a round shoulder like that .

From here .

The shoulder and bicep actually connects to the chest .

So I'm gonna go up here , draw an inward curve like that .

Now , I do a reverse curve .

So I'm going the opposite way now come down towards the chest and from here , I'm gonna just separate it with a upward curve like this for the shoulder plate .

And I think he's got some ground ovals on the shoulder just for a little detail up here where this point is .

This is where his bicep is .

So I'm gonna draw a curve like that very short one , his arm is gonna be bent up .

So I'm just gonna stop right about there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's go back here and I'll draw sort of a straight line across for some bicep detail down here for his tricep , the back of his arm and curve out and then do a reverse curve the opposite way .

All right .

So this is the back of his arm .

I'm gonna do a straight line for his elbow and I come in just a little bit with a very short line now because his arm is gonna go up this way .

I'm gonna curve this line up like that .

Let's go to this part of his arm .

So the inside part of his arm and draw a reverse curve this way and then I gonna cap that off with a line or curve that sort of overlaps those points .

So this is for the glove , let's get into the form .

So I'm gonna curve that .

So I'm just sort of following this same line , the curve of this form with this part of the glove here .

I'm gonna do the same thing , but I'm going to taper it as I get towards the wrist .

So I'm gonna come in and make a very narrow wrist .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right from here , I'm gonna reverse her up towards his knuckles and I'm gonna do a series of four bumps .

So one like that two , three and four .

OK .

So equal size bumps and come down for the first finger .

OK .

So it's kind of like this .

So this is this part that I'm drawing right now .

We're gonna curl this back in and draw a line from this in between this sort of lower part of the humps and come down .

All right , I'll draw another curve for another fist .

A knuckle , go again in between the lowest point here and come down again .

A curve in between the knuckles come down and final finger and do a curve .

I'm gonna curl this outwards and then I'm just gonna cross that .

So like a little overlap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that's the back end of the pinky there , then extend this line so I can finish that off .

And here I wanna draw a line in between the finger , curl out and curl back in .

This is for the thumb and then between the thumb and that pinky , it's gonna draw a little curve like that .

That's for .

So the meat of the , the , the hand .

All right , let's go to the chest .

So here I'm just gonna draw the crest of the center .

So this is a light and bolt crest .

So if the chest is here , I probably draw the other side coming this way .

So I would assume the center is right about here .

So let's go ahead and draw a big circle in the center of his chest .

And then I'm gonna draw lightning bolts , starting on the right side , gonna come out straight across and then down to this point , start up again here and come across , aiming towards that point there and go across again and then connect this point with the bottom point .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there's a simple logo for his chest .

Then here I'm gonna go across for the chest .

Now , imagine that line going across behind that crest and going straight across to the other side .

Here , I'm gonna curl up right now .

This is where the other shoulder plate is gonna be .

So here I'm gonna draw a curve for the uh the shoulder plate , the rib up , and then I'm gonna curve back towards the , the back of his body .

And here this is probably gonna get tucked in behind that head kind of back there like that .

And then again , I'm gonna draw a couple of circles .

All right , let's go into the back of the arm .

So here I'm gonna do an overlap .

So 20 with a curve and then a reverse curve .

This again is sort of similar to this line here , but just flipped over , all right , square off the elbow .

And then here I'm gonna come down in the curve .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is gonna lead towards the glove to the wrist right over here .

Let's draw the bicep .

So I'm gonna draw a curve coming in like that .

All right .

Now , let's draw a little bit of a back arm detail So I'm just at a very short line here over here , I'm gonna do an overlap and curve out a line .

And again , like what I did here , I'm gonna over go over those lines with a line that extends out for the glove this side and curve towards the back of the knuckle this side here , I'm gonna curve it in .

And again , you see , I'm tapering in towards the wrist here .

I'm gonna kick this line straight out and like I did up here with the four bumps , I'm gonna do a very similar thing here .

So 1234 .

OK .

So this is the back of his knuckle .

Now , here , I'm gonna come down towards that point here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna kick a line out with a curve and up towards that fist and I'll draw a little detail there for some thumb detail , right ?

Let's get into the rest of the body .

So let's draw the back of the , the , the chest here .

So this is this back that curves in and draw the same sort of thing here on this side .

I wanna make sure that they're at the around the same height .

So I'm going to lower this down a little bit here .

I'm gonna do an overlap here .

I'm gonna do an overlap .

OK .

So you can see that this , the rib keep sort of overlaps getting down lower here .

I'm just gonna draw a line curve that comes down .

This is for his hips on this side , I'll draw a curve for his hips .

I'm gonna overlap this with his , with his legs .

So his leg is coming out in front here , I'm gonna draw some detail of his uniform .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's draw the curve on both sides , kind of like that angle , two lines in towards each other and then round out the bottom like that here in the center of the chest , I'm gonna draw one curve and curve to the center of that line .

OK .

That's for his uniform detail .

And then he's got these sort of hash marks on the side .

So here I'm gonna draw a curve and I'll draw the exact same curve below it and connect those points with the line again .

I'll do it again , one to and connecting it with this line that goes straight down to do the exact same thing on this side , but mirrored .

So two lines and two lines are connected two lines and then two lines that connect that and I think that's it there .

We have it , there's Kid Flash from Young Justice .

I hope you enjoyed this lesson .

Please give it a like and we'll see you again soon .


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