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Men's Diet Plan To Lose Weight (EASY and SUSTAINABLE)

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And then my friend , welcome .

This is Dr Anthony Valdez , founder of the Fit Father Project and my team and I are the health and fitness experts for busy dads in their forties , fifties and sixties who want to lose weight and get healthy for both themselves and their families .

And I'm so excited that you're here in this video where we're going to talk about the best men's diet plan to lose weight because these principles we're gonna cover in this video , including specific foods have been used by over 26,000 guys in our Fit Father 30 X program to lose over £150,000 .

So we've helped a lot of guys and we know a thing or two about what makes a diet plan simple and sustainable because you probably heard that nutrition is the foundation of weight loss and it's true and the foundation of nutrition is your habits and your meal prep and getting on a plan that's actually simple and sustainable .

So we're gonna cover all that in today's video and even better than that .

I actually have a free one day weight loss meal plan .

I'm gonna send you your email after this video , it's linked in the description below .

You can get that as well .

So I further ado let's get into today's video , get out your pen and paper , take some notes and let's dive on in .

All right .

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So let's get into the best men's diet plan to lose weight .

And first before we get into the specific foods , I want to talk about the concept of losing weight in general .

So losing weight is a process where calories do matter .

We need to make sure that you're in taking fewer calories than you're burning every single day .

And there's two ways we can do that way .

Number one is , we can go out and we can exercise and we can try to burn off more calories .

And way number two is we can scale back and clean up our nutrition .

So we're ingesting fewer cal and I'm gonna suggest that both are important , but the nutrition is far more important because you cannot out exercise a bad diet .

Let's say you hop on the treadmill and you go for an hour , you might burn around 600 calories and then you go home and you're starving and you eat a bag of chips or you eat a medium fried from mcdonald's and you just ate those 600 calories back .

So obviously , that's not gonna work .

Exercise is important .

It needs to be done the right way .

But this is why nutrition is even more important when it comes to nutrition , we want to make this stuff simple and sustainable .

So in this video , I'm gonna teach you two specific things .

I'm gonna teach you about what we call the perfect plate formula that's gonna help you get the right portions for your meals .

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And I'm gonna help you actually pick the right kinds of foods that you're gonna love making .

And of course , I have that free one day weight loss meal plan that gives you the exact recipes to eat for breakfast , lunch , snack and dinner .

That's linked in the description .

So to get right into it , when it comes down to the best men's diet plan , what we want to do is actually figure out your favorite healthy foods in four main categories .

Proteins over over here , which are your meats , your chicken , your fish , your eggs , these are absolutely essential for your weight loss .

Why protein helps boost your metabolism .

It lowers your hunger and it's going to be a base of a lot of your weight loss meals .

Because if you're not hungry and your metabolism is going , you're going to be very successful losing weight .

We're also gonna talk about veggies .

Veggies are a very overlooked part about weight loss .

And now whether or not you love veggies , I'm gonna show you ways that you can actually incorporate them into your diet in a very simple way .

And the reason why veggies are essential is that they give your body , the fiber that it needs to lose the weight and have a healthy digestive tract .

We're learning so much more about the importance of probiotics , the good gut bacteria that are lining your entire digestive tract .

And those guys are key for digesting your food for helping you with weight loss , for boosting your immune system .

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And those guys feed off of the fiber that we have .

That's why veggies are absolutely essential .

We're gonna talk about some healthy carbs and some healthy fats .

And you may have seen a lot of people now who are on these very low carb ketogenic diets , they can be very effective for weight loss and we are fans , but I need you to know this .

You do not need to cut out the carbs completely to lose weight .

You simply need to have the right kinds of carbs in the right portions .

We're gonna lower them .

We're certainly gonna get rid of the crappy processed sugars , but you can still enjoy carbs like the thousands of guys who are on our program losing hundreds of thousands of pounds , some of them eating bread every single day .

So it's possible to have carbs in and obviously we'll talk about healthy fats too .

So we're gonna go through this .

Um , and I'm gonna help you pick what we call your , go to foods , your three favorite foods in each of these categories .

I'm gonna teach you how you can buy those things in bulk prepare them in bulk and that's what's gonna make this diet plan actually actionable and you can actually start using it this week .

But the first thing is when it comes to weight loss , we talked about how calories are important , but I don't actually want you to count calories who wants to go through throughout their day with like a calculator and abacus counting .

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Oh , I just had 5 g of carbs here and 7 g of protein .

That's absolutely crazy .

You're never gonna be able to keep that up .

It'll drive you insane .

Right .

What we want to do though is manage the portions in each of your plates .

That's why my fit father project team created a concept called building a perfect plate .

And this is what a perfect plate looks like .

Basically if you eat your meals and they look something like this perfect plate , you're gonna be in the right calorie target automatically .

Perfect plates are typically around 400 to 600 calories .

So we have three perfect plates a day .

You're right around that 2000 calorie mark .

You're going to be losing weight .

Um And so a perfect plate again , half of your plate is some kind of veggie you love a quarter is some kind of protein and a quarter is some kind of carbohydrate or healthy fat .

And we're gonna go through each of those right now .

So , proteins , I have some of my favorite proteins listed out here and I'm gonna show you in this video .

So first thing is something like organic chicken breast , an amazing simple um healthy protein that you can basically get this .

I got some organic chicken breast .

I just put some seasoning and some spices on it .

Put it on a piece of parchment paper .

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It's gonna go in the oven for 3 75 °F for around 25 minutes and bam I just have £2 of chicken breast throughout the week .

And it's important because I prepared this ahead of time .

It took me 20 minutes when it becomes time for meals .

What I can do is I can take that chicken breast .

I can pair it with some veggies right here .

I just took some salad mix and I get a little sweet potato .

This is a perfect plate and so simple , right ?

Because salad mix , no cooking required chicken breast , precooked .

And we're gonna talk about the healthy carbs with the sweet potato in just a second .

But I want you to start to see the big picture of why doing a little bit of prep with your go to proteins is essential .

Another go to protein .

You may love something like grass fed vison or grass fed ground beef .

Absolutely amazing .

Well , what do you do with this ?

Once you buy this ?

You put it on the stovetop , put some spices on there , salt pepper , garlic , chili powder , cumin , whatever you wanna do .

Um And then you cook that up .

And here we have another perfect plate .

We have some ground bison , some sauteed spinach and greens , a little bit of brown rice and some avocado .

Another amazing perfect plate .

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Other proteins that I love egg whites on the vegetarian front .

I love Tempe , which is a fermented soy .

Totally good for you .

If you don't want to do no cooking whatsoever .

We have some canned wild salmon right here or you can even do something like an organic turkey breast that's already pre cooked .

You do not have to do cooking to be on the right kind of men's diet plan for weight loss and the right kind of meal prep plan for weight loss .

You just need to have a little bit pre thought in mind when you're buying these things .

So you're preparing yourself for success and also look things like protein powder are absolutely amazing .

This is our fit father project protein powder .

Um This is a really easy thing that you can have .

You have something like this in your house .

You can make meal replacement shakes with this and get your protein in .

So that's the proteins , your action item for this is I want you to pick your three favorite proteins .

These are your go to foods .

You're gonna buy these in bulk , you're gonna prep them in bulk oven is your best friend .

Grill .

Could be your best friend .

These things can be made very simply .

And once you have them pre prepared .

It's gonna be really easy to build , build meals around them .

So , again , back to that perfect plate concept .

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A quarter is protein .

Half is veggies .

So let's talk about veggies .

Green veggies are absolutely essential .

You know , they're so rich in the fiber , the vitamins , the minerals , they feed your good gut bacteria .

So we got to pick green veggies that you love .

Some of my favorite .

Go to veggies , organic broccoli , asparagus , brussel sprouts , spring salad mix .

Kale Swiss , charred cauliflower .

So I have some of these right here .

Like even an organic zucchini .

Fine .

You can chop this up , you can throw it in the oven with the chicken , things like rice cauliflower .

If you're trying to go lower on the carbs , this stuff when you cook it stove top with a little bit of salt , pepper , olive oil .

Um , absolutely amazing kind of tastes like rice .

Um , again , with all these perfect plates you see here , I basically put , just put some spring mix on there , this organic salad mix .

So if you don't , if you wanna make this absolutely simple , you don't have to do any thinking .

Just get a big tub of some organic salad mix .

And when it comes to meal time , grab a big handful , stick it on your plate , that's gonna get your fiber and your vitamin mineral targets covered .

The , the greens are absolutely essential for that .

So that's the most simple way to do it .

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But the key thing for you is to find a veggie that you love .

If you don't love , uh , Brussels sprouts , you think they're gross , you do not have to eat them .

But we got to find some kind of veggie that you do love .

And again , I think the salad mix is really easy .

A lot of us do enjoy salad .

Um , it's so easy to pair with any of these meals .

Um , and so I want you to think about what are your three go to veggies ?

What are they preferably green ?

I want you to buy those in bulk and cook those in bulk .

What I love to do is I like broccoli .

And so when I'm grilling up the chicken breast , for example , or I'm putting in the oven , let's just say I'm doing the oven chicken breast .

3 75 °F 25 minutes .

I also slide in the rack below that .

Uh , broccoli that's cut up .

It has some , uh , coconut oil on it .

A little bit of salt , pepper , some turmeric , some spices .

And then I have broccoli for the week in chicken .

So at that point , imagine how easy that would be .

If you open up your fridge , you had amazing chicken that you love that's pre cooked .

You have some broccoli in there .

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Now it's time to build your weight loss meal and your perfect plate , you pull that out , grab the chicken breast , grab the greens or the broccoli and you're already pretty much halfway there .

And that kind of leads us to the segway of the next part of this perfect plate concept , which is healthy carbs you enjoy .

Again , carbs can be a part of your diet plan .

If you want to go keto and completely low carb and remove them , that's totally fine .

It works well .

The key thing is is that I want you to start a diet plan that is actually sustainable from day 11 of the worst things you can do is get on a crash diet or restrict yourself like crazy , lose a lot of weight but never build the habits and not be on a plan that's sustainable .

The good news is you can lose weight while enjoying carbs .

You know , like the guys , we've shown you in this video already over 20,000 of our fit 5 30 X program members .

These guys are eating carbs every single day .

Some guys are even eating sandwiches .

So here I have a sandwich on a really good kind of organic bread called Ezekiel bread .

It's sprouted and it's very healthy .

And again , what did I do here ?

I put some , um , organic turkey breast .

There are some sprouts in there .

A little bit of avocado and a bunch of turkey .

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This technically is a perfect plate .

We put a little veggies on the side , a little salad mix .

This took me , I don't know , like four minutes , 34 minutes to make , you know , just toast the bread , put the , put the spread on there .

A little bit of mustard , um avocado , some broccoli sprouts and a little bit of greens like super simple .

But that definitely qualifies as a perfect plate .

So some of my favorite go to Carbs sweet potatoes .

Absolutely amazing .

Again , this perfect plate right here with the chicken , the sweet potato and the greens is really great , really easy .

And what I love about sweet potatoes , these can be baked .

You put these in the oven rack with the chicken and with the broccoli and boom , you have healthy carbs .

Now , the key thing when it comes to weight loss and carbs is the portion and the quality the carbs I'm showing you here are non processed .

They're true .

Truly fruits , veggies , simple stuff .

What you do want to cut out is all the processed sugars .

A lot of these muffins , the bagels , the crap like that .

None of that but sweet potatoes are absolutely amazing .

Other carbs that I do love some sprouted brown rice and some quinoa really good .

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And so for example , with this uh ground bison thing , I just got a little bit of brown rice , put it here in this rice cooker and I now have a , a perfect plate right here with the brown rice .

The portion is important for you .

Um As a guy , I would say as a general rule of thumb without knowing your specific height , weight age .

Um around three quarters cup of carbs to one cup of carbs .

That's around 35 to 40 g is a good target for your meals .

So that means when it comes to dinner , if you get around three quarters cup of some rice , you pair that with a piece of salmon and you have a little broccoli on the side .

Perfect plate .

Very simple .

But the key is you prep this stuff in bulk .

So rice and quinoa easy to do in the rice cooker .

Sweet potatoes , really easy to do in the oven .

If you like pasta .

Here's an amazing gluten free pasta that I love .

It's quinoa based , it's called Andy Dream .

You can make this up with a low fat organic red sauce , throw some chicken on top .

Obviously , you have a smaller portion of pasta .

We're not talking about a huge giant bowl , but this can totally be a part of your weight loss nutrition plan .

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And the beautiful thing about thinking about your weight loss in terms of these categories is we're gonna pick the foods that you love from day one , prep those foods you love in bulk .

And so when you make healthy meals , they're based on foods you love .

So you're therefore you're gonna love those meals .

That's what , what's gonna keep you consistent .

And again , that bread and I talked about that I do like is the organic Ziggo bread , it's sprouted if you are a person who tolerates wheat and gluten and bread just fine .

It could be an option for you .

So again , I'm not saying these are the specific foods you need .

I'm just giving you options of foods that could work other good food .

For example , oatmeal organic oats very easy .

You can actually throw some protein powder , um some healthy fats like some nuts and some seeds in there .

It's a really , really good meal and it can should help your weight loss efforts .

So those are your carbs .

And again , I showed you a couple of simple things .

A perfect plate with rice here .

Perfect plate with sweet potatoes .

A perfect plate based on the Ezekiel bread really easy .

And then the final thing is the healthy fats , healthy fats are great .

They stabilize your blood sugar , they give you energy , they can reduce inflammation .

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My favorite healthy fat sources when it comes to weight loss are one MCT oil MCT for medium chain triglycerides .

These are a healthy kind of fat that actually your body uses for energy .

They can help boost your metabolism and help you burn some fat .

So when you've heard people say , oh , virgin coconut oil is very good for you .

Virgin coconut oil is around 60 or 70% MC T .

So this is just a straight MC T oil .

Great on salads .

You can use it for cooking , but it's something that is a good like weight loss oil .

If you will nuts and seeds do you like almonds , walnuts , pistachios .

These are the perfect weight loss snack .

I'm gonna give you an idea of certain of those kind of meal timing set ups and how we actually are going to combine these perfect plates into a schedule that's gonna work for you .

And of course you have that free one day weight loss meal plan below .

We'll send it straight to your email so you don't need to remember all these details .

We actually give you a printable download meal plan where you know exactly what to do .

But point being nuts , seeds , really great healthy fats and avocado .

Another nutrient powerhouse , amazing healthy fat serving for you is around half an avocado .

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So that's why when we had uh the sandwich here , this is Zika bread perfect plate here .

It has around half an avocado .

We included a little bit of the avocado here with the ground bison , not too much because there's a little bit of fat in the bison .

Um But I need you to really think about what are some of your healthy fats .

Is it extra virgin olive oil , avocado nut seeds ?

It could be um the the yolk from a a good high quality cage free egg , egg , for example , so many good options .

But you got to figure out what those are for you .

We're gonna buy those in bulk and incorporate those into the meals for me .

Personally , I think the most simple way is to use a couple of these healthy oils like an extra virgin olive oil and MC and avocado because it pairs with so many great things .

So that is the concept of these four categories .

Again , proteins , veggies , healthy carbs , healthy fats .

We wanna find your three , go to foods in each of those categories .

We're gonna buy those things in bulk .

We're gonna prep them in bulk and then we're gonna combine them into these things called perfect plates .

Now , it almost begs the question .

Hey , doctor A I get it .

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This sounds pretty good , but I actually wanna know like , what's the diet plan in general ?

Like what is the timing of my meals ?

And there are the key aspect here is kind of like how we're building um , these foods around the foods that you love is we need to build your eating schedule around your schedule .

So , um , we need to make sure that you're not fitting into some rigid eat every two hours kind of plan .

We need to have a meal timing set up that's based on your schedule .

So I'm gonna give you two options that I think are really good .

The first one is intermittent fasting , which is basically essentially skipping breakfast and you're gonna be drinking just non caloric beverages , water , green tea , black coffee , no calories up until your first meal around 11 or noon .

And you can have a perfect plate at that time .

You'll have a snack around three and you'll have dinner , another perfect plate around seven or eight .

So again , 11 or noon , perfect plate .

Number one snack around three .

Perfect plate number two around seven or eight .

And that's intermittent fasting .

Very simple .

You're just basically pushing back that first meal compressing your eating window .

It's great for fat loss .

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It helps you control your calories because you're eating in a smaller window and it's really good .

So that's one meal timing set up recommend we have five total inside our fit 30 X program that all the guys you've seen this video are using point being when you actually download the free one day weight loss meal plan .

We're going to email that to you and we actually follow up and teach you more about the five different set up .

You can find the one that works for you .

Internet fasting might be that one another great one we love is the four by four meal plan , also known as the on the go meal plan .

And this is a meal timing set up that has breakfast included .

So you have breakfast sometime around eight , lunch around noon snack , around three dinner around seven or eight .

So that first meal at eight is a perfect plate .

Second meal at lunch is a perfect plate , small snack around three , which is a great time to have some nuts or something like that .

And another perfect plate for dinner .

So that meal timing set up is basically four meals every four hours .

That's why we call it the four by four .

Although that snack in the afternoon is intentionally smaller .

It's a little bit of nuts seeds , a little bit of jerky , uh , maybe a small piece of fruit , something like that .

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So when it comes to the best men's diet plan to lose weight again , a couple of principles , we've really hammered on in this video , we got to get the right kind of healthy foods prepped ahead of time that you already love .

We got to have a meal timing , set schedule , set up that works for you .

And then we got to actually pave the path and make sure the stuff is prepared , you know , when you're eating your meals and that's going to help you stay on track long term .

So you're not reactive and you're not missing a meal and then starving for dinner .

Then you order that Chinese take out , you know , you shouldn't have you overeat , then you feel like crap the next day , then you continue the cycle of all that stuff .

It happens to so many guys , we can fix all that with these simple habits and tips in this video and look , this is just the beginning , my team and I want to go deep with you .

We want to help you with this stuff .

We want to help you build this stuff into long term habits .

So you can not just lose the weight but keep it off for good .

So , the best thing to do right now is to scroll below in the description .

Download our free one day weight loss meal plan for Fit fathers .

My team and I have used this plan over 100,000 guys have downloaded this and are using it and I want to get you started on two .

We're gonna cover the exact recipes .

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I'm gonna show you for breakfast specifically , some simple things you can do on these meals like this .

They're gonna be very , very easy .

You can make these meals in around like five minutes .

We're gonna show you some simple breakfast for fat loss and we're gonna show you how to make healthy eating for weight loss sustainable .

So you and your family can get and stay healthy .

We're the Fit Father Project .

This is what we do .

So hope you found this valuable .

And if you like this , give us a thumbs up , drop us a comment below .

Download , download that free one day weight loss meal plan and subscribe to our Fit Father Project youtube channel .

We literally have hundreds of videos across the channel .

We also have a Fit Mother Project channel too .

And my team and I are on a mission to help busy guys like you lose the weight and keep it off , especially if you tried and failed diets .

In the past .

We're here to help and again around this channel , when you subscribe , you're gonna get more videos like this on meal prep for weight loss on the best men's diet plan .

We're also going to cover the best metabolism boosting workouts , how to get and stay motivated .

All the exercise form tutorials .

We have hundreds of videos on the channel right now and you subscribe , you're gonna get access to all those and we'll notify you when you check that little bell .

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When we publish new videos , we publish one or two a week and it's always great content like this .

It's 100% helpful and now you're going to love that .

So , subscribe , give us a thumb , thumbs up , drop us a comment below .

I'll see you around the channel .

I'll see you inside that free one day weight plan .

Again , the links are below and I'll talk to you very soon .

My friend .


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