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2023-08-22 21:47:26

Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Make Fresh Pasta for Tagliatelle and Wild Mushrooms _ The F Word

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I started the night is a very , very delicious tael of wild mushrooms and wild mushrooms .

This time of year is absolutely perfect because it really is now .

Mushroom season service , please .

Now , what's the secret behind cooking mushrooms ?

Cook the thicker ones first and the thinner ones later so that the ones have more importantly , let me just show you .

Grab a handful of mushrooms , OK , just a few of each mushroom .

Watch the water that comes out .

Yeah , it's just water .

We're using a mixture of wild mushrooms , including Chiaki Shiro and Trumpet demo .

The reason wild mushrooms are great is they have a much more intense flavour .

OK , good hot pan .

I soak the mushrooms with slots in a very hot pan to get a really good flavour .

I start off with oil because butter burns too easily .

Once the mushrooms start to cook , a knob of butter finishes off the flavour beautifully .

My brigade this week are Angie Great to have her back in the kitchen , especially being a woman .

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This week , Angie's joined by Neil , a wee scot in the corner , but a big talent and of course I've got my right hand man , Mark Sergeant .

My two comments this week are stoy from Lancashire and Russell from Blackpool on order of four covers table 12 4 tael of wild mushrooms , four venison , four rhubarb crumble .

Wait , wait .

No answer .

Stoy .

Yeah , Come on .

I wanna hear you .

Please , Let's go now .

Stoy .

Pressure's on now .

Yes , he's turned up .

Let's see if we can cut it .

Turn that water down because the pasta's gonna overcook in literally seconds .

Yeah .

Yes , yes .

How long ?

Stoy .

One minute .

Yeah .

Make this one the best one , sweetheart .

Yes .

Otherwise , you're taking an early shower .

Yes .

Yes .

Russell and stoy are just two of over 1000 people applied to work in the word kitchen .

I put the best 100 for a weekend of tests and challenges to find the 12 who would make it to the restaurant that looks like it's just come out of a dishwasher .

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Each week , two trainees compete head to head for a chance to win a job in one of my kitchens .

Stop what you're doing , Everybody Hello ?

Stop what you're doing .

Each week , someone has to go home .

You're going home and you stay .

You stay clear .

Clear down .

Yes , sweep the floor , but try to do it with some cling film over your mouth .

Yeah , today , tonight in the kitchen .

It's doozy .

I think it tastes quite nice .

She's a chef of 14 years who's never worked as part of a team .

I love seeing customers or people that eat my food who seem to think it did the right thing .

It hit the right spot , and joining her is Russell , a catering student from Blackpool whose parents run a Chinese takeaway .

No , it's actually bloody delicious .

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I definitely got a lot to learn , and that's the whole reason why I've come to all this competition is because I want to learn from the best people .

You tasted it ?

Yes , Chef .

Yeah , and I think it's OK .

Chef Pasta's overcooked Stop .

Face it .

If you don't know that now you should be in the kitchen .

You know that pasta is like glued .

It's not even it's got no bite to it .

It's lost , it's it's greasy .

It's It's not good .

Start again .

Take the mushrooms out .

Four more tag .

Telly .

Come on , Russell , please .

The pasta goes in at the last minute , even from the heat of the mushrooms .

helps to cook the pasta even more , so it should be dipped in there .

Your hand should leave the basket in out into the mushrooms .

I know not everyone has time , but pasta dough is really easy to make .

Just combine flour , eggs and olive oil in a food processor .

Remove a need for about 2 to 3 minutes , until the dough is smooth and elastic .

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Wrap in Clim film and chill for at least half an hour .

The secret behind making good pasta is not allowing it to dry out , so you have to really move your arse , right ?

Er , stoy and Russell .

Let's go .

First thing we have is a nice flour table .

Roll the pasta just to take a little bit of the sort of weight off the past machine so we just get it a little bit thin .

So it starts to go through the machine , OK , and let the machine do the work .

Every time it goes through the machine , it goes down a number , Yeah , now to cut it , fold it nice and neatly , but while we fold it , we just Sprinkle it with flour .

Here we go up and round and then from there .

Nice long length pasta .

Look at where we are .

You don't really want any longer than that because you got to think of the customers pulling it from their bowl .

So let's go there , shall we ?

Yeah .

Take a telly .

One piece through back of the hand .

In the machine .

Yes .

Up .

And look .

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Here it comes .

It's almost like going to the hairdresser , isn't it ?

That nice fringe .

Let those little bits dangle off and then dry on to there .

Yes , There we go .

Let's go .

Nice .

Very nice .

The most important thing about the presentation with the Tali and mushrooms is get your tongue and twist the Taggart round so it almost shapes a really nice ball in the centre of the plate .

Then get your wonderful saute mushrooms oozing of garlic and shallots and just let them sort of fall on top of the tag the telly .

But the secret is to make sure the tail is not all broken up .

Just like that .

Nice and relaxed Parmesan cheese on there .

Quickly , let's go sty .

I move over .

That's it .

Now , there you go .

Got to be on your toes .

In the kids .

You know that get your heavy footed like a little baby elephant running around .

Clump clump .

Go Table two , please .

Go , Go , go , go !

Go !

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Four , Take tell you how long after that ?

Four more to tell you away , please .

Hello .

How was the tail ?

Wild mushrooms .

It's very nice .

A little bit more seasoning .

I thought it tasted amazing .

The pasta , the mushrooms , the garlic , the herb .

Unbelievable .

Oh , so many tastes in one go .

It's unbelievable .

Amazing .

Very nice .

I wouldn't attempt it myself , but it was It was very good .

Nothing was overpowering , but you could taste every individual ingredient .

It was really beautiful .


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