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2023-08-21 20:43:22

How to Connect Macbook Air_Pro USB C to HDMI TV or Monitor

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Hey there .

What's up in this video ?

I'm gonna be showing you how to connect your Macbook or Macbook Pro to a HDM I adapter .

Let's go .

All right .

So as you are already aware , all of the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros are coming with only USB type C charger ports .

And this is because USB type C ports are quicker for transferring data .

That's why Apple has changed all of their Macbooks and Macbook Pros in the previous years to now only accept USB type C uh connectors .

Uh so that you're able to transfer data and be able to charge things faster since USB C allows this , right ?

So in this , I'm gonna be showing you how to connect your Macbook or Macbook Pro to HDM I cable .

And you may want to use this to be able to connect to your Macbook or Macbook Pro to a TV or to some other type of electronic that uses HDM I connection .

All right .

So it's super simple .

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Like I said , Macbooks and Macbook Pros only have USB type C charger reports .

So what we're going to need is this seven in one USB C hub , which also gives you the capability of connecting other things to it , like D cards , micro SD cards and regular USB cables as well .

So you can connect your lightning cables to it or other type of USB connections , right ?

So let's go ahead and open it up to show you how it is that we use it .

It's super simple , right ?

So here is the hub , it's gonna have seven different connections , two USB connections , micro SD slot , regular SD slot and two USB C type slots as well .

And then if you turn it over here on this side , we're going to see the HDM I connection .

So here's where we're going to insert the HDM I cable .

It's also going to have a small little hole up here at the top .

This is for the light to show you when it's connected that there's power going through the USB C hub and keep in mind that you can get this seven and one USB C hub .

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And we're going to have the link down below in the description that will take you directly to it where you can get this exact one .

So it's super simple .

We're just going to connect it on the side of the map .

Macbook here it comes in a nice color that blends in right with your Macbook color .

My Macbook Pro is the space gray , so this USB C hub is space gray color as well .

So it's gonna look just like this and you can just leave it there and it will blend in perfectly with your laptop and you will have all of the needed connections before you connect whatever it is that you want to connect to it .

All right .

So let's go ahead and connect the HDM I cable to it to the TV .

So that you see how quickly it works .

Perfect .

All right .

So here we have uh the Macbook Pro , uh the USB C hub is already connected to it as you can see .

So all we're gonna do is uh as you can see right here is the HDM I port to insert the HDM I cable .

So just connect the HDM I cable to your TV or to whatever it is that you want to connect it to .

And then all you're gonna do is just plug it in here to the HDM I port on the hub .

There we go .

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And obviously we're gonna have to open up the uh Macbook or Macbook Pro .

So I'm gonna place it right here and then once you connect it , it should automatically read it on the TV .

Obviously make sure that you connect a correct input channel on your TV .

So I'm gonna make sure I have the right channel selected here .

My TV is a smart TV .

So it automatically detected and automatically switches to the right input source .

Um But if not , you can just manually do that .

Um So as you can see the laptop is connected here .

Here is my files here on my laptop .

Also , like I mentioned , you may want to connect the HDM I cable to another type of HDM I device , not necessarily just a TV , but this works perfectly for TV .

S as you can see here .

Um Let's go ahead and open up the web browser .

For example , let's maximize it .

Here is youtube and it's going to have many new updates on features .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And there you go , new tab features on your browsers , more privacy and also a completely new design , changing everything from the look of the OS as well as the sounds that each function makes .

All right .

So there you go .

That is how you easily connect your Macbook or Macbook Pro to a HDM I connection , especially if you want to connect it straight to a TV .

This comes definitely in use and when you're done using it , all you have to do is just disconnect the HDM I cable from the USB C hub and you are all set to go and you can take your Macbook .

All right , everyone .

So that is how you connect your Macbook and Macbook Pro to any HDM I connector .

Hope this video helped you out if you did go ahead and give it a like , it really helps the channel out a lot .

Uh subscribe if you haven't subscribed to my channel already for tech tips and tutorials .

And that is it for this video , I will see you in the next one and as always peace .


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