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2023-08-19 20:56:12

How To Make Homemade Pancake Syrup Recipe - Mrs. Butterworth's

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Hey coca-cola chef Kendra here and today we're making a quick breakfast syrup and this is my favorite syrup .

This is the only syrup I use except maple syrup .

So let's do what we do and make it happen .

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Getting a pot over medium heat .

I need cup of water pouring that into our pot .

Cup of white sugar .

Cup of brown sugar .

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It was a little light one pork teaspoon of salt .

So we're gonna cook and stir this until it starts to boil sugar is dissolved .

It started to boil .

So I'm just gonna stir and cook for about three or four minutes so that some more water can evaporate and that'll thicken our syrup .

Now , syrup won't be completely thick .

When it comes off of here , we're gonna have to put it in a bowl and let more steam just evaporate .

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And as the more steam evaporates , the thicker the syrup becomes , I'm telling you guys telling you after you make this , you'll never buy syrup again .

And what's cool about it is there's no high fructose corn syrup or any of that nonsense in our syrup .

It's just sugar , brown sugar and water .

Little so and a little real vanilla extract that I made myself .

That's it .

Now , after you're done with this , you can add in some butter and then you have something like Mrs Butterworth .

I usually don't add butter because I always put butter on my waffles or pancakes or whatever I'm using .

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Plus when you put it in the refrigerator , which is where we're gonna stir this up to two weeks , what we do is if we put butter in it , then the butter will become cold and then you have to warm your syrup up and all that stuff .

So that's another reason why I don't like to put the butter in .

But if you don't mind doing that , that's perfectly fine .

Ok .

That's just about it .

We're gonna turn off the heat .

Now , this is when you would add your butter , I would say a tablespoon .

Now we're gonna add the vanilla extra .

We're gonna stir that in and you can see that it's thick and some , but it's still , it's still very , let's say watery .

Don't worry about that guys .

Get the old uh , glove on .

Love these things .

It's one of those things is kind of corny .

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But hell yeah , at the same time .

Yeah , you're like , oh my God , that's so watery .

But that's ok guys , it will thicken up as it sits here .

Guys .

This is some syrup made with the same recipe about a week ago .

So I make it more because we're almost out .

But I want to show you how much thicker it is .

So , all we're gonna do is come by every once in a while .

Give it a little stir up and it's so hot that steam evaporating from it , makes it thicker .

That's water leaving it .

So it goes from that to really thick like this .

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A couple of homemade waffles .

Hey , hey , if you learn something new , hit that subscribe button .

That's all this time .

I'll see you next time .

Jeff Kendrick is out .

Peace .


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