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2023-08-22 22:08:50

7 Foods To Gain Weight Fast - Eat This And Make Faster Gains

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What's going on guys , Troy here with wake in network dot com .

I'm up here in the parking garage here in Santa Monica , California .

I actually think they filmed a scene in like transformers tent up here or something .

I think Megan Fox was sprinting in this parking structure at some point in the movie .

But anyways , I want to get into seven foods to gain weight fast .

We had a previous video about five months ago , seven foods to gain weight fast and these are going to be a little more outside the box .

These are actually going to be seven foods that I've been implementing into my personal diet over the last few months that have helped me gain weight fast .

They're high in protein , high in healthy fats , high in complex carbohydrates .

All the things that you guys need to basically create that perfect anabolic atmosphere in your body .

So let's get started .

Number one is lentils .

Now , I don't know anyone besides my of course who eats lentils , lentils are so high in protein , they're so cheap and there's such a great way to gain weight fast .

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A bag of lentils will cost you less than $2 and it has over 100 g of protein .

It has tons of fiber and slow digestive carbohydrates .

So , I mean , if you're a vegan lentils are going to be like your top protein source .

But for any other skinny guy trying to bulk up a gain muscle mass , I would actually replace brown rice in any form of potatoes with lentils and you guys gain weight a lot faster .

Number two is my personal favorite on this list .

Raw almond butter .

You can usually find a pretty good deal on this stuff .

It should be pretty similar to regular peanut butter , but a good raw almond butter is literally just ground raw almonds and it has that creamy smooth texture .

The peanut butter has and it's going to be a lot healthier for you .

It's going to have no added sugar , no added salt and it's really delicious .

If you guys are big peanut butter fans , I know you guys will love our almonds and has about 200 calories for every two tablespoons .

And it's really high in mono unsaturated fats .

It's high in protein .

You know , it's pretty caloric .

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So it's a perfect source to help you guys gain weight fast .

Uh Number three is another one of my personal favorites is um avocado slash , you know , a good guacamole that's like 95% base avocado guacamole is one of my favorite things .

It's really high , just like almond butter and healthy fats .

You can put it on turkey , you can put it on beef , you can put it on your eggs .

It's really versatile .

It's a really easy way to ingest more healthy fats into your diet and just , you know , create that calorie surplus .

It's super good for you .

I highly recommend you guys at least eat one or two avocados a day or have a couple of tablespoons of , you know , a really good fresh guacamole every single day next up is probably my favorite current protein source grass fed beef or if you guys want to spend a little more on grass fed bison slash buffalo .

So this stuff is just loaded with protein .

You want to make sure you find a grass fed beef or a grass fed bison .

It's 90% lean or more .

Some of the grass fed beef are like 85 15 .

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I just like to stay away from too much animal fat , but usually grass fed bison typically will be 90% lean or better .

I've yet to see a buffalo bison that's not really lean .

You can find grass fed beef that's like 92 to 95% lean .

But this is the perfect source of protein .

It's got natural crete , it's got zinc , it's got just great muscle building protein .

It's going to help you guys create that anabolic atmosphere and pack on rock solid mussel masks quick .

One of my favorite personal meals is I'll make like a pound of grass fed beef and I'll put a bunch of guacamole on top .

So that way I have my healthy fats and I have my protein source .

Next up is Greek yogurt .

I like getting the fat free Greek yogurt .

It's only got about 100 calories , but it's got 20 of protein .

So , Greek yogurt is a slow digesting protein source .

So sometimes late at night , if I'm craving ice cream , I will eat Greek yogurt .

Instead it kind of kills that ice cream .

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Dairy craving of mine gives me slow digesting protein to drip , feed my muscles overnight .

Raw honey .

Now , the reason I say raw honey is because right after you work out , we talk a lot about in some of our previous videos about creating that insulin spike right after you work out right after a really hard resistance training session .

Do you want to create insulin spike ?

You want to spike your insulin and it's going to have massive massive muscle building and fat burning effects .

So , instead of using like a dextrose powder or a waxy maize or glucose powder , like a lot of people do .

I've actually been reading a lot of all natural health books and they're saying that raw honey is high glycaemic too .

So it will boost your insulin levels , but it's got tons of like antioxidant properties .

It's really healthy for you .

So , um you know , raw honey instead of actually the perfect post workout meal , you just get fat free Greek yogurt and put about 40 g of raw honey and you have that perfect 2 to 1 ratio of fast digestive carbs and fat free protein .

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So highly recommend picking up some raw honey to gain weight fast last but not least is another really good protein source .

Brown turkey .

Now , you can usually get fat free ground turkey in most grocery stores .

It only sets you back like 5 $6 for about a pound .

For instance , I get , I think it's like the Jenny .

It's got 125 g of protein and only like 6 g of fat in the entire container .

So , I mean , you talk about the perfect muscle building protein source .

Turkey is high in some amino acids that beef isn't as high in crypto .

That's kind of what makes you like a little bit lethargic after you eat it , but it's actually a non essential amino acid that will aid in the muscle building process .

So ground turkey , I recommend eating it later in the day just so you guys don't get too tired .

I wouldn't recommend eating it for breakfast , but ground turkey drip , feed your muscles .

Give you that top quality protein source .

Anyways , guys , those are seven foods that help you guys gain weight fast .

If you're looking for more grain information on how to bulk up and gain lean muscle mass , check out weight gain method dot com .

Thanks guys .

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Are you still too skinny ?

Go to weight gain method dot com and get access to a complete step by step plan for gaining weight and building muscle fast .


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