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2023-08-22 22:15:17


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Hey , guys , welcome back to another video .

Uh , in this video , I'm gonna show you how to block all ads on YouTube without root .

So the first thing you're gonna need to do is go into settings and we need to enable unknown sources .

Now , the reason we need to do this is because we're gonna download an app from the Internet to , um , you know , block all the ads .

So what you want to do is go into settings you want to scroll down to security and in security , you should find unknown sources , which might be unchecked for you .

So you just want to enable that once you've done that , you can exit out of settings and now jump into your once you're in your browser , you for a once .

That's loaded .

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Click First link by seven dot com , and once that's loaded , hit the download button .

You might have to wait a second or two , and then it should start downloading .

It might say it will harm your device , but it won't just press OK , All right , Now that that's downloading , we can close chrome , and we can head into our downloads now in your downloads , you'll see the a PK at the top of the list .

It should be called Add clear dot a PK .

You just want to click on that package installer and you just want to hit install now , because I've already done this .

I'm going to skip this step .

But once you've hit install , you can just close it once it's finished installing .

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Now , if you close out of everything , um , I'm going to show you what the app will look like when you first launch it .

So to make this as similar to yours as possible , I'm gonna So just so there we go .

And when you first launch the app , you should be greeted by the same Same .

Here we go .

So I wanna through this and here we go .

You got all these additional feature , um , philtres .

Now we will enable all of these just so that you get a completely ad free experience .

But we're not going to do this just yet .

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We're gonna go next , Next , OK , and here we go .

This is the part where you need to install a certificate and this won't harm your device as much as they say that it might not be trusted or whatever .

Just hit , got it and then hit , Install certificate , and then you'll get the screen hit install trust certificate at the bottom here , and then this pop up will come up .

You just want to hit , OK ?

And once that's installed , it should go to the screen .

He got it .

Got it .

There we go .

Now in your stash bar at the top Here , you should see a key .

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Now , what that key means is it's using an on device VPN to block all the ads .

Now , what we're going to do next is go into settings , um , additional philtres .

And just so that you get a completely ad free experience , you just want to enable all of these .

This is so that any website you go on , you know , all ads are blocked .

And unless you want to , you know , keep ads on whatever language website you feel free to , you can just uncheck it .

So now that that's all done , hit back , back , and you can exit out of the app .

Now , if you go on to YouTube right now , it won't exactly , um , block all the ads .

So what you need to do is you need to go into settings .

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And what we're going to do is clear the data of the YouTube app .

So go into settings apps and find YouTube .

It should be right at the bottom .

Really ?

There we go .

Ok , you should cheap .

Um , first you want to full stop it by hitting this four .

Stop .

Top hit .

OK , now we just want a clear data button to become available to click .

So this might take a minute or two .

There we go and then hit .

Clear data .

OK , there we go .

And now , if we go back and we close this and we head into you too , you you should see that there are or no anymore .

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When you click it , you won't get any Skip a and you know you won't get any .

The whole it will be completely .

And you might see a boost in difference .

Obviously , on my phone it's kind of slow right now because , um , recording at the same time , there we go .

And you don't see any adverts that don't normally have a sponsored video at the top .

So if we just click on a very popular video , so here we go unbox therapy .

He's always got ads at the start of his video .

So click on that .

There we go .

It just jumps straight into the video without any adverts .

And this doesn't just work on YouTube .

It also works , uh , around the Internet as well .

Sometimes if you're in an app like , for example , Spotify and you want to log in with Facebook or something , it might block the pop up , which allows you to do this .

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So let me show you if you go to your library , let me just sign out quickly .

We go , there we go .

If we go into log in and we hit log in to Facebook , it would .

It just won't work .

The pop up won't load in it to go into Facebook .

This is Oh , wait .

Yeah , you'll get this .

A Facebook error has occurred .

Please try again .

Your pop up won't come up .

It only works for me because , um , I just redid the whole set up .

Don't worry , it won't work for you .

So in order to fix this , you just need to go back into a clear and you want to go into settings , manage ad blocking , manage individual apps and you want to find the app which isn't letting you , you know , log in to Facebook or anything else .

So you just wanna unclick that ?

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And now if you try it again in New York , you can also do this with games .

If you wanna watch and get gyms or whatever , you just and it doesn't work just to un enable it .

And you don't even need to reboot your phone .

It works really well .

We can see that it is working because on the home screen , you can already see that it's blocked adverts on Spotify and YouTube and I do have a screenshot which shows that it works .

Really Well , let me just get up a screenshot of this When I had the app about a week ago Um , yeah , you can see here that it's blocked so many adverts , especially on YouTube .

Um , in total .

It blocked around 200 ads and I only had the app for about a day , so you can see that it really works .

And you guys said , you know , really try out this app .

It's really great , and I haven't had any problems with it .

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So if you found this video helpful or if it you know , if you want to see more videos like this , then subscribe and like the video and share it with your friends .

See you in the next video .


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