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2023-08-19 20:53:25

Pancake Flipping Kitchen Gadget Test

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today , I'm gonna try out and show you this cooking gadget for flipping pancakes .

The idea is , you cook seven small pancakes inside each one of these rings , then simply flip them all over to cook the other side .

It's made of silicon , and it just sits in the pan like this .

You need to make sure it sits flat on the base of the pan so the mixture doesn't run out underneath .

If your pan is too small , you'll find it lifted up off the base and the mixture will just run out .

So before you start , do make sure it sits flat on the pan .

I put my pancake ingredients in a bottle and gave it a good shake to make them extra .

If you want the recipe , there's a link in the description .

Warm up the pan and I'm gonna cook mine on a relatively low heat .

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I just tip some of the mixture into each one and left it to sit there for a few minutes to cook .

Then I tried lifting up the gadget to flip them , and this is what happened .

As you can see , it was a bit of a disaster .

The mixture stuck to the gadget , and some of the pancakes also stuck to the pan .

So I cleaned up the mould in the pan and decided to try again .

However , this time I'm using some butter to see if that will stop things sticking .

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I greased up the pan , and I also greased up the mould .

I sat it in the pan to try it out again if you need to , you can push the mould down onto the pan like this to stop it curling up or lifting off the base , which lets the mixture run out underneath after a couple of minutes .

I gave it a test and it looked a lot more promising , so I decided to give it a try again .

It took a little bit of shaking to get them to fall out , but this time it actually worked pretty well .

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They had just started turning nice and golden , and I was able to flip them all together without any problem .

And after another minute or so , they are ready to serve .

You can tip them straight out onto a plate , and they're a really fun uniform size .

I like to serve mine with maple syrup and maybe some fruit on the side , and they taste amazing .

Next , I wanted to try using it to make some mini omelettes .

So I broke three eggs into a jug .

Yeah , added a splash of milk , some pepper and salt , chopped up some herbs to put in and gave it all a whisk .

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Then I grated some cheese and added that , too .

I used some butter to grease up the pan and the mould again let it warm up and spoon in some of the mixture into each ring .

I tried to hold the mould down to stop it running out of the bottom , and I poured in the rest of the mix , then let it slowly cook .

Unfortunately , I found the mixture did leak out despite trying to stop it , and it ran all around the pan .

I left it to cook for a few more minutes and tried flipping it over .

As you can see , it was a bit of a disaster .

Again , you can see the mixture just leaked out all over the pan , so I don't think it really had a chance .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I just flipped these over with a spatula and cooked as normal .

Yeah , it might not look too pretty , but it tasted great .

If you've tried one of these pancake flipping gadgets , you can let me know how you got on in the comments below .

I hope you found this video useful .

If you want to see more , you can click on the links or take a look at my YouTube channel .

Page .

Yeah .

Stay safe .

Have fun .

And , as always , Thanks for watching .

Yeah .


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