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2023-08-19 21:26:12

7 Science-Based Training Tips for Skinny Guys (BULK UP FAST!)

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With all the different workout routines , supplements and secret techniques to choose from building muscle as a naturally skinny guy can get a bit overwhelming while our instincts are to mimic what the big jacked guys are doing in the gym .

In most cases , it's the reason we're stuck and confused with little results to show for our efforts .

And no , it has nothing to do with your genetics .

It has nothing to do with having a fast metabolism and it definitely has nothing to do with how small your wrists are barring any diseases .

If you can eat and lift weights , then you can gain weight and achieve a respectable physique .

The reality is anyone can walk into the gym , push some weight around and build some muscle .

But if you want to maximize your results and build the most muscle possible in the least amount of time , then you have to be more strategic .

That's why I put together this list of seven must follow muscle building tips to help skinny guys bulk up fast .

If you can apply everything I'm about to share with you in this video , you'll never struggle to gain weight or put on muscle again .

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So without further ado , let's jump right in tip .

Number one , focus on strength , progressive overload is the act of gradually increasing the total amount of work you're performing .

In other words , getting progressively stronger each time you step foot in the gym .

And before you say that your goal is to build muscle and not strength .

Consider this a 2014 study published in the journal of strength and conditioning compared doing three sets of 10 versus seven sets of three .

If you guessed that the three by 10 group gained more muscle , you'd be wrong .

Not only did the seven by three group gain the same amount of muscle as the group doing three by 10 .

They also gained significantly more strength .

And because progressive overload is the main pathway by which we build muscle .

It makes sense to focus on strength when the goal is actually hypertrophy .

Tip number two , prioritize mass builders , A K A compound lifts , a compound lift or a multi joint movement refers to an exercise that engages two or more joints .

For example , the bench press squat dead lift , et cetera .

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Because you're involving multiple joints , you can train more muscles at the same time .

The main benefits of training with compound movements are twofold .

One , you're accumulating more volume for multiple muscle groups and two , because multiple muscle groups are involved , you'll be able to use heavier loads .

Now , I'm not suggesting that you skip out on isolation movements completely .

But rather that the majority of your lifting should focus on heavy compound movements .

A good recommendation would be to perform compound lifts for 75% of your training and isolation movements for the remaining 25% .

In order to strengthen any weak links .

Tip number three , stay in the 6 to 12 rep range .

Mostly lifting weights is not about how much you can stand the burn from lactic acid build up .

It's not about how sweaty your shirt is when you walk out of the gym .

And it's certainly not about how big you can make yourself up here with a pump .

One study published in the journal of strength and conditioning .

Research took 18 experienced lifters and randomly assigned them into one of two groups .

The first group was performing 25 to 35 reps and the second stayed within 8 to 12 reps .

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Both groups performed three sets of seven different exercises three times per week .

Researchers found no significant differences in muscle mass between the two groups .

However , they also found the higher load group between 8 to 12 reps made significantly greater strength gains .

Now , before you suggest that high rep training is just as good , consider this , not only did the lighter load group have to perform three times the work to achieve the same amount of muscle growth , but they also experienced significantly less increase in strength .

Now , let's look at what happens when volume is equal a study published in the European journal of applied physiology compared rep training between three and five reps .

Intermediate rep training , 9 to 11 reps and high rep training 20 to 28 reps with total volume being equal .

They found that the low rep group in the intermediate rep group made significantly greater muscle gains than the high rep group .

What does this mean ?

It means intensity matters .

And if you want to maximize your muscle gains , you have to lift heavy enough to stimulate muscle growth .

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This is why I recommend doing 75% of your training in the 6 to 12 rep range tip .

Number four hit each muscle two times per week .

One study published in the journal of strength and conditioning research compared two groups .

The first group trained one day per week while the other group trained three days per week .

Despite total weekly volume being equal , the group that trained three days per week saw significantly more gains in lean muscle mass than the group that trained one day per week .

Another more recent meta analysis concluded that the current body of evidence indicates that frequencies of training twice a week promote superior hypertrophic outcomes than once a week .

This is likely due to more frequently elevated muscle protein synthesis studies suggest that about 24 hours following the workout NPS has more than doubled by the 36 hour mark .

However , it's dropped back down to its baseline rate .

It's not hard to see that despite volume being equal , the person spending more time , the protein will produce greater muscle growth .

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And practically speaking , if you perform 16 sets for one muscle group in a day , any set after the eighth set will be limited by fatigue .

But if you just split those same 16 sets into two days of eight sets each , for example , then you'd actually be performing more volume because your muscles will be fresher .

This is why I recommend you hit each muscle at least twice a week .

Tip number five , back off , according to the fitness fatigue model over the course of your training block , your fitness improves .

But due to all the workload , fatigue also slowly creeps up .

Your rest days are simply not enough to dissipate this residual fatigue .

So eventually your fatigue gets too high and limits your performance .

If you want to keep pushing hard and actually progressing , you need to take a week to de load in order to reduce fatigue , a de load week is a week of active recovery in which you reduce the volume and intensity in the gym .

The benefit fits include reduced fatigue , reduced psychological stress , joint relief and improved muscle and strength gains .

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Now , if you're afraid to take some time away from training hard , consider this one study published in the European journal of applied physiology .

Compared lifters bench pressing for 24 weeks , continuously burst those bench pressing for six weeks on and three weeks off for the same 24 weeks .

After 24 weeks , both groups gained the same amount of muscle and strength .

In other words , it took the period , had a group only 18 weeks of training to achieve the same results as the continuous group did in 24 weeks , had the periodic group taking just one week to de load rather than three weeks away from the gym completely .

I'd bet the results would have been significantly better .

Personally , I'd recommend taking a de load week every 4 to 12 weeks .

A simple way to do this would be to decrease the intensity by 10% and reduce the sets and reps by about 50% .

Think of it like taking one small step back to take two big steps forward .

Tip number six , prioritize sleep research published in Auckland , New Zealand found that sleep deprived lifters , time to exhaustion was much shorter .

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In other words , sets felt more difficult and they couldn't do as many reps .

The research team believes that this is due to impaired glucose metabolism .

Basically , if you can't break down glucose in your body , because you don't get enough sleep , your body won't be able to properly utilize its own fuel to perform .

And whether cutting or bulking you obviously want to lose or gain the right type of weight while sleep is crucial for that too .

A 2010 paper compared two groups , one group is sleeping 8.5 hours each night and the other is sleeping just 5.5 hours .

Although both groups lost the same amount of weight .

The sleep deprived group lost 55% less fat and 60% more muscle .

Not good .

We can help explain this by taking a look at how your hormones are negatively affected by lack of sleep .

One of the many hormones affected is testosterone .

Much of the working population has their sleep cut down to just five hours per night .

In a 2015 study published in the journal of American Medical Association , they found that just one week of sleep restriction cut testosterone by 10 to 15% during daytime hours .

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To put it simply , if you're not getting enough high quality sleep each night , you'll never maximize your muscle strength or fat loss results .

And if your training and nutrition are in order yet , you're failing to see meaningful results .

The answer could lie in your sleep .

No pun intended tip number seven , be consistent .

If your workout program requires you to train four days per week for 12 weeks , that's 48 total workouts in the next three months .

If you skip one day each week , you will have completed just 36 workouts .

A total of three weeks worth of work .

That's taking the workload that you could have done in 12 weeks and extending it into 15 or more , extend that into six months .

And now the progress you could have made in 24 weeks , takes 36 .

Instead , this is why having a set program and sticking to it consistently is key , failing to stay consistent can turn a one year journey into a five year journey or worse result in a loss of motivation that derails you completely from your goals .

So there you have it seven must known muscle building tips for skinny guys who wanna bulk up fast .

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Keep in mind these are just training tips and without proper nutrition , none of this will matter .

So if you're looking for a done for you training and nutrition guide , guaranteed to add slabs of muscle to your frame in the next 90 days and claim a free copy of my book Bulk up fast .

The book has already been paid for .

All you have to do is cover the small shipping fee .

Just click the link in the description , tell me where to ship it and I'll send it to you anywhere in the world .

And if you're enjoying the content and want to support the channel , all we ask is that you click the subscribe button and turn on post notifications .

So you don't miss another video .

Peace .


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