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2023-08-22 22:05:07

6 Easy Ways To Lose Weight, Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Work

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Did you know that there are hundreds of methods to lose weight .

The thing is nothing works the same .

Some are plain , some are complex .

Some are unhealthy and some are actually bad for your health .

Before you jump on a crazy diet frenzy .

There are actually some unusual but effective tips that will help you shed off these nasty pounds faster .

In this video , we are going to mention easy ways to lose weight that you've probably never heard before .

Number one , smell bananas or apples .

Yep .

It may sound weird but sniffing fruits like bananas and apples can actually decrease your appetite .

We aren't sure how exactly this works , but there is evidence that the smell of food may trick your brain to feel satisfied .

Even if you don't eat much food , you might have noticed yourself too that when you spend a lot of time cooking your appetite minimizes .

Number two , get blue .

There are some color therapy theories where each color contributes to a certain effect .

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Like for example , passion tranquility , alertness , et cetera blue , apart from its tranquil and serenity inducing properties may help suppress appetite as well .

This is probably the reason why you don't see many fast food joints that are blue .

Of course , you don't have to paint your whole kitchen blue , wearing blue and using blue items to decorate your kitchen or blue food containers will add a dose of blue to help suppress your appetite without changing your surroundings .

Much number three , drink warm water , although most of us can't drink water unless it is chilled .

Some studies suggest that drinking hot water can help decrease the feeling of hunger and make us eat less .

Number four , eat in front of a mirror .

Perhaps you are not realizing that you eat much until you actually see yourself in the mirror .

In case you don't want to eat like a pig and probably become a mess .

Hang a mirror in the wall opposite your table to observe yourself while eating number five , use your cash to pay for food , using credit cards doesn't only hurt your wallet .

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It can actually make you order more food as well .

If you can't control how much you will pay , you will feel tempted to order more and of course , eat more as a result .

So next time you pay for a meal , ditch that credit card for real cash instead last but not least eat with others .

When we eat alone , we often go out of control and eat as much as we can because no one else actually takes notice .

On the contrary , when we eat with others , we tend to eat less because we don't want to make the wrong impression .

Thus make it a habit to eat with others as much as you can .

So you can't eat much .

And if you are looking for a natural weight loss solution , I recommend you click the link in the description www dot serious dash fitness dash programs dot com back slash weight loss .

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Thank you for watching and see you next time .


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