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2023-08-19 20:51:13

How to Connect Wi-Fi to Hisense Smart TV

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OK , good evening everyone .

And in this video , I'm going to show you how to connect wifi with your high sense , smart TV .

OK .

This video for helping people who just buy this TV .

And they already test and connect the wifi in the shop .

And when you bring the TV to your home and now you still not yet know how to connect the wifi and just follow my instruction .

I will get you through .

OK .

First of all , you need to go to the set , just press the upper button until you can see this one and press the right button .

You will see this sitting and then oh , ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And you will see more seating pop up on the screen .

Now , just select the network and internet .

After that , if you see this one is turned off , just press , OK , one time to continue , turn on your wifi and now you will see all available network and select one of your wifi network , input your password .

OK .

After you input your password , just select down until you can see this thick and so they own it and now it's connecting your home by finding work .

OK .

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It's not yet .

Just uh hold on a second and I will show you more option .

OK .

After you connect successfully , you will see your wifi and this uh connected .

And when you select on your connected wifi , just click on it .

You will see more options like the signal strength of the wifi , the IP address and another detail on your wifi network .

So II I cannot show my IP address on the public network like this .

So you can just check it out through your TV .

And you will see more detail on the sitting .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

After you already connect to your wifi network , uh you can try to test with the youtube app or another app that uh use the internet to test the , is it workable with your wifi network or not ?

OK .

Now just play one video to see the signal strength .

OK .

And now that is the end of this video and I hope this video will give you some help and no , it's time to say goodbye and thank you everyone for your time watching this short video and I hope to see you again in the next video .

Bye bye and have a nice day .


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