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2023-08-22 21:56:54

How to Make a Pancake Tutu

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Today , we're gonna be showing you how to make pancake tutus .

Hope you enjoy .

OK .

So the first material you will need to make the pancake tutu is an elastic and you want to make sure that the elastic is the proper material , the stretchy material so that it fits nicely around your waistband .

You also want to make sure that it's the proper size or width so that it supports your body enough .

Ok .

So the next material you will need is tooling and preferably you want stiff and firm tooling so that it holds up the pancake too , too nicely .

When you're doing moves and jumps for this project , you will need a basic needle and thread with the color of your choice .

So basically , um the first step that you want to do is you want to catch your elastic to the size that you need to have it .

And then what you want to do is you can sew it with a sewing machine or hand sewed , I hand sewed it .

I don't know what I did to do it , but it's not coming undone and I can stretch it .

So I'm just gonna keep it the way it is .

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So after you've tied your elastic , then you're going to get your tool .

So I am using this really um thick purple tool here , as you see , it has um bigger holes and stuff compared to um what some tools have that are really thin .

And basically , what I'm doing is I'm laying my fabric out a thin layer .

So this is still to tool here .

I , I don't know if you can catch that on the camera , but then this is , it lapped over twice .

So basically I'm going to measure it evenly about how long I want my 22 to be .

And I'm gonna cut across and then I'm gonna cut strips from that and then I'm gonna tie them to my waistband .

First thing you're gonna do to cut your strips is you're gonna fold it over like I've done here .

I've cut it all off and I'm just gonna take my fabric scissors here and I'm just gonna cut , um , a strip here .

Now , if you're a perfectionist , you can decide , decide what size you want all your strips to be .

But for me , I want a variety of different , um , size of strips like the width of them .

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So I'm just going ahead and I'm just gonna cut strips from this and then now I'm gonna show you how you tie them on to your tutu .

So once I , um , cut my strips , um , so far , this is what I've done , I've just tied them on here and , um , when I tie them on , I'm using my knees and I , you can see , I have fluffy socks on , um , and I'm just stretching it out for when I tie it so that I can get more pieces on so it can be a fuller tutu .

And what you're gonna do then is you're gonna fold your fabric or your tooling , I mean , in half and you want to have it even at the bottom .

This isn't quite even right now .

And it doesn't matter if your strips are even in width because in the end it's just about the fullness .

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the loop and you're gonna stick it up like this .

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So you're gonna have that little loop there and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the ends of the tool and stick it in the loop like this and then you're gonna pull it and push it all through to the side with all the other pieces of tool .

Now , you're just gonna keep on doing this until you have a full skirt .

So , basically , I've speeded this part up because it took me about two hours to do this and I didn't think he wanted to watch a two hour video .

But anyways , I was so excited when I put on my last strip because after two hours of doing this nonstop , I was just ready to be finished with it .

I was so , so , so happy with my finished product .

It basically right now is a romantic tutu .

You can keep it like this or keep on watching it like that .

Really um big fabric here .

It's a meter and I've just spread it out entirely .

So it's basically a big square .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just take my um um 22 and I'm just gonna lay it on there .

I know it's hard to see because they like the exact same color .

But , um , I'm just gonna lay it on there and then I'm going to trace the inside of the circle there and cut that all out .

So , what I actually ended up doing was I took a sharpie and basically what I did is I just outlined half of the circle and then I folded it in half and I just cut it that way .

So now that , that's done , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take some thinner elastic than what I put , um , all my strips on .

It's this thin elastic as you can see right there .

And I'm just going to basically sew it all around my uh fabric here so that it goes over top of my tutu .

So after you cut out your overlay , what you're going to basically do is you're gonna try it on , make sure you do not sew the actual elastic because I did that .

I have a tiny bit of a rip in it , but it's totally fine .

Um , I'm not a perfectionist so I don't really care .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And basically you're gonna cut it to the same length as your tool or you can cut it longer or you can cut it shorter .

It's really up to you , you , then you're going to put on your wire .

Now , there's certain ways you could do it .

You can use , um , a witch wire and this is what this wire is or you can use a regular wire .

Now , I have both on my tutu because you need to have at least two wires in there , I think because it holds it up better .

So here is the finished product and I'm very , very happy with it for me for a $20 job .

Um I'm , I'm like super happy with it and the way it turned out this is how it looks underneath so you can tape the wire on .

This is the witch hat one or you can actually thread it through and this is what I did with the wire that I bought .

So I'm really happy with how it turned out .

I hot glued this lace on and I just put this ribbon on and tied a bow in the back .

Now with my normal body suit that's on my old one that I don't use anymore .

I had some jewels to it and some tool to it .

I'm really happy with this and I can't wait to wear it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm going to be wearing it a lot , I think to dance class and stuff when my teacher allows me to .

But I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

Please don't forget to subscribe and we'll see you next week .

Ok .

So now I finished my pancake tutu and this is the finished product .

And so it turned out pretty well , I think .

And so I've got my two layers of tooling and then I've got the wire to hold it up in place .

And then I added this little floral print type fabric and I just sewed it onto the waistband around here .

And then I also to just give it a bit more bling here .

I just put a couple of little gems in the center of the flowers and then I have my little pink bow and then use the back .

But yeah , and then for my body suit , I just have three gems here and then I just added a bit of fabric there .

So yeah .

Um that's my pancake to do and hope you enjoy it .

Bye .


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