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Hello , lovelies and welcome back to U LTV .

I hope you guys are doing great .

If you're new here , you're highly welcome .

My name is Y A K A advocate for positivity .

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That way you're notified when I have new uploads today , I'm gonna be sharing with you simple and natural remedy that can help you add some weights in the request places .

I will show you how to gain great shape without barey fat and you would see noticeable results within 14 days .

This one is from a skinny ladies who want to gain great shape without barely fat .

You're gonna see noticeable results within 14 days .

The 80 20 rule applies in this recipe .

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Now , 80% of what you eat and 20% of exercise you have to get the body moving even if it is little exercises in a day that targets the areas you want to be voluminous .

Say for instance , you want it in your backside , then you have to do lunges .

You have to do exercises that target building muscles in those areas of your body .

But what you eat contributes about 80% of what would give you this great shape without wasting much of your time .

Let's get straight into the ingredients for making today's recipe .

The first ingredient we'll be needing for this recipe is bananas .

Yes .

Very ripe bananas .

And we're gonna need two fingers of this banana .

I have this around there just to preserve the freshness of the banana .

Bananas are a good source of vitamin C .

You can also find manganese and bananas , which is very good for your skin .

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Potassium is also found in banana which is good for your heart health and blood pressure .

Bananas can aid with digestion and help with gastrointestinal issues .

Bananas can give you energy and now the next ingredient and the spa ingredients we're gonna need is one cup of ice cream .

This is the brand of ice cream I'm using today .

It says no sugar added .

I prefer going with this .

No sugar ice cream .

You can also go with anyone you have handy or you can make it yourself queen variety channel .

One of my favorite youtubers has uh different recipes on different flavored ice cream .

And so I'm gonna link that up for you so that you can make your own ice cream if you want to .

So this is what it looks like .

Yeah , just all plain vanilla ice cream .

I know summer is fast approaching .

And one of the staples people love to have during this summer period is ice cream .

Right ?

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And so this is a great time to make this recipe and enjoy ice cream has got a lot of benefits , but we are crowded with so many disadvantages why we shouldn't be having ice cream .

But today I'm just gonna give you a few reasons why you should be having ice cream and even better if you're having the no sugar added ice cream .

Ice cream is a source of vitamins .

It's got vitamin A B six B 12 CD and E contains vitamin K which prevents blood clotting .

Ice cream contains nine cide thine and riboflavin .

Ice cream is an incredible source of energy .

It contains carbohydrates , fats and proteins which we all need for the body to produce energy is also a source of minerals .

Minerals like calcium phosphorus are found in ice cream .

It also helps with mood swings and stimulates the brain with as many benefits that come with eating ice cream .

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There are also equal amounts of health issues that could arise from eating too much of ice cream .

What I would do is to use a blender and put in my ice cream .

Wow , that was fast .

I use a blender and um put in my ice cream .

Let me mention that if you do not wanna use ice cream and you have Greek Yogurt or you wanna use Greek yogurt , which is a plain non fat yogurt , you are free to use it as well .

But for my skinny girls who are looking to gain so much weight within a short period of time and you want to gain weight in the right places without gaining weight in your stomach or in your arms and all of those other odd places , then ice cream would do it for you .

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If you are on the thicker side and you want some extra volt , good looking sexy body without adding weight on your stomach or on your arms , then yogurt is perfect for you .

You could replace your ice cream with yogurt , two bananas and one cup of yogurt .

So here is what we have here .

We have our ice cream and banana but to make this blendable , I'm gonna add one cup of water just pouring it back in my ice cream cup to rinse up part of the ice cream we have there .

I'll put this in a blender and I'll be right back .

Our drink is ready .

Let's go ahead and um pour it out .

So let me also say that you can use any flavored ice cream .

I made a mess there .

Um I am I let me clean it up .

Ok .

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So this is what we have here .

This is a creamy goodness , make sure you have everything in a date .

You might uh want to split it in two if you wish or you can just go ahead and have this at once .

It taste really good .

But what I would advise is that you do not take it in excess .

I mean , this is one serving for the day .

Don't be tempted to make two of these in a day and you can have it for as long as you want .

Make sure you monitor your weight gain can stop when you reach your required goal .

Go ahead and have this for the next two weeks and see the changes it's gonna have in your body .

Yes , you're gonna gain weight , but you're gonna gain weight in the right places .

You can also switch to other recipes that I have on my channel .

You can also use different uh kinds of ice cream .

You necessarily do not have to use this one .

I'm just so concerned about adding extra sugar to my body .

And so I prefer to have no sugar ice cream .

This does not even taste as though there is no sugar in it .

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If you want it a bit thicker , you can as well skip the water pat and add just uh your ice cream and the banana and blend it together .

That's gonna be some yummy goodness there .

OK .

Love this .

I hope you did enjoy today's rest .

If you did go ahead and leave me a thumbs up and also do not forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell right beside the subscribe button , that way you are notified when I have new uploads and again , feel free to let me know in the comments section if you have tried it and it worked for you or you're looking to try this recipe .

Ok .

Love this until I come your way next time .

Keep loving , keep serving and keep staying positive .

Bye for now .


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