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2023-08-21 20:45:20

How to make tatale (spiced plantain pancakes) to perfection

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Hello there .

Welcome .

Once more to Plan kitchen .

And if this is your first time stopping by , I wanna say a very warm to you today we are making is uh what we will , I would call plantain spicy plan uh pancake .

It is a very popular meal in Ghana street food or you could make it at home and it is very delicious and it is normally made and served with beans .

And this beans is normally bombard beans .

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I'm very kind of huge , quite difficult to cook beans , but once it is done , uh it is just delicious .

So I hope you enjoy this recipe and I hope you try it .

Um I would also want to say a big thank you to you for your support for the channel .

Kindly continue to like , comment and share the videos .

And if you have not subscribed yet , I hope I'm able to make you um happy enough with this that by the time I'm done with this video , you won't subscribe and hit that notification button .

So you can be notified anytime I post any video .

So without much ado , let's just do some cooking .

So here are the ingredients .

You would need to make your tale .

You need some peppers , ginger an flour , some palm oil to fry unless you want to use uh vegetable oil or any kind of oil .

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And I have my overripe plantains .

These are five of them .

I'm going to blend my onion , ginger and peppers and right now I peel my plantains , which if you can tell are not so overripe after all , they are ripe , very ripe , but they are not that kind of your overripe plantains should be way softer than this .

I had kept this in the fridge for over two weeks and the color change and it deceived me a little bit , but you could use softer ones .

So anyway , I'm just mashing them and I'm using my potato masher .

You could use your food processor , you could use your asana and tali whichever way is easy for you .

So I have mashed until now it is soft .

As you can see .

The texture has changed a little bit and I'm going to add in my pepper ginger and onion .

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So I use my food processor to blend this .

So I will have some texture and some color .

Hopefully .

And my tale is still and I'm thinking it might be too much .

So I start off by just adding half of it because I didn't want it to be too spicy and I mix and then I taste it and realized it's not that spicy after all .

So I'm going to add everything else to my mixture , add in my flour , which is a third cup , some salt to taste .

And this is just a little under teaspoon and now I will combine everything .

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So the technique is to fold your flaw into your batter .

You don't want to just try to just vigorously mix because then you're gonna make a ghost out of yourself to , you know , powder and this will not be real powder .

This will be flour and maybe with a little bit of pepper in it .

We don't want that .

Well , anyway , I've tasted this again and everything is perfect .

The salt is good , the pepper is good .

It is well seasoned .

And so I am going to go ahead and fry .

So here's my frying pan , very heated and I drizzled some palm oil into it .

And so this is basically almost like um pan frying .

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I'm not deep frying or using that much oil , just a little bit of oil and mostly I can place about three scoops and this is a big tablespoon .

It's not like actual tablespoon .

It's like the seven spoon that comes in your um , concrete set when you get your , your utensils , the big one that comes in it .

So that is what I'm using to scoop .

And so three of that is what normally fits my pan and I let it sit and cook on medium , on , on medium to low to medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes before I flip it over .

And that way , um , it would be like crusty on the bottom just like that and then you flip it , which sometimes is not the easiest , especially from the angle .

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I'm standing trying to video , you know , the camera right in front of me .

It's not easy , but we'll , we'll figure it out .

So , yeah , I flipped them over with some mess , but I'm gonna turn them again to cook even more on that side .

So my mess will be pretty much cooked up and it will be ok .

So I'm going to let this cook for like another three minutes on this side .

But because I plan to flip it to get my messy parts uh cooked , I flipped it like 2.5 minutes into the cooking time and now it is perfect .

As you can see , both sides are beautifully cooked and I'm going to transfer them into a plate and continue to fry the rest .

Beautiful .

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So , you know , the other type of uh the other version of this is or a , that's how we call it .

I don't know , a , a whatever and it's the same mixture , but it's somehow almost like deep fried .

So you would fry it in oil and mostly we serve it with just hot pepper and fish that is good .

So I'm scooping more in here now and we will continue the same process until all my uh plantain mixture or batter is all fried up .

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Just look at these ones .

Are they not just perfect .

And so I'm gonna just continue frying until everything is done and I'm impatient because my beans is good and I really feel like just stopping and sitting down to eat , but I was disciplined and I fried everything .

Just look at these beautiful pancakes .

Yes .

These are plantain pancakes for sure .

And look , my bambara beans is ready cooked to perfection .

And look at how greedy I am being like four of these .

Oh boy .

And look at those beans creamy cooked to perfection .

It is soft , it is sweet and spicy and look it's piping hot as well , you know , just perfect in all aspects and I really can't wait to sit and dig in .

So I'm gonna just let you be .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But I hope you give this a try and please watch the video for the Bambara beans so you can make this great combo to perfection .

Just take one more .

Look at our tale , beautiful , soft , sticky , sweet and spicy perfection .

Just the way you would want it to be and a bite of that with a scoop of your beans .

Uh melt in your mouth .

Goodness .

I really hope you try this until I come your way next time with something delicious .

Be loving , be kind , be happy .


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