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2023-08-21 21:11:53

Gaining Weight FAST & EASY _ Apetamin vs. CB1 Pills

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Your girl is getting some five and yes .

Hey guys , welcome back to my channel .

I'm I'm Jordan and today I will be talking all about my weight gain journey .

What I've done to gain weight like as far as weight gain supplements , weight gain protein drinks and everything .

But before we get right into this video , please subscribe to my channel .

I'm almost at 100 subscribers which I wanted to do by the end of the summer .

So please please please subscribe .

It will mean a lot to me though .

If some of you don't know , like if you're new to my channel , I have systemic glama , I have videos all about it .

I'll link some down below .

But what I don't know if I explained in one of my videos , I think I did .

I'm really not sure but my condition affects my weight .

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This is how my doctor explained my weight gain situation to me .

Um A lot of my calories go towards fighting off infections instead of going into what calories do like as far as gaining weight and everything .

So I don't gain weight as easy because since my system is going through so much already .

My calories go towards that .

So recently , since my body and my condition has calmed down a lot .

Since I was younger , I am able to gain weight , which I was so excited about .

Your girl is getting some thighs or yes , but I'm getting , I'm getting .

But , you know , but I can't come , I can't come .

I , I'm gonna start off talking about the weight gang supplements I've taken in the past .

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So the two I've taken were the , which I think is the most popular here on youtube and the CV one pills .

I'm not sure how popular the CB one pills are , but I'm gonna give you guys the pros and cons of each stuff with the pediment first .

So I've taken a pin three times .

If you don't know what a pediment is , it's a weight gain syrup .

I'll put a picture right here .

So , you guys know exactly what I'm talking about .

So , uh , the first time I've taken a pe was about like three years ago .

So the first day of me taking my pin syrup , I was so sleepy .

I crashed so hard and I say I crashed , I crashed to the point when I woke up , I was confused .

I had no idea what was going on .

I had no idea how long I've been sleeping for .

It was crazy .

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And I really didn't like that because that feeling last about like three days I was real groggy .

I was just , it was just a mess .

I really didn't like it , but it does make you hungry .

It makes you so , so , so hungry for me , it made me like , sickly hungry .

To the point where I just didn't feel good , like I was hungry , but I didn't want to eat because I felt sick .

So I really didn't take it like I was supposed to .

So I really didn't see the results of it because you're supposed to take it three times a day .

But it comes in this bottle and taking that big bottle with you everywhere when you're ready to eat is just really , really inconvenient .

For me .

It got everywhere .

It was so sticky .

It was just , the whole thing was a mess .

But if you wanna know what it tastes like , it low key tastes like flattened orange soda .

At least that's what it tastes like to me .

I know a does work for people .

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Um , one of my good friends was on it and she gained about , I think £10 off of it and her weight really good on her .

But I know for some people , um , the weight goes directly to their stomachs .

So I think it all really depends on how you gain your weight .

I know like some people's weight go directly to their stomachs .

Some people's weight goes to their thighs and butt and everything .

Um , so again , I guess it really all depends on how you just gain your weight .

So if you're thinking about getting a pediment , I'll say just take it with caution .

Take it over the weekend when you have nothing to do because you will be so tired that you don't even want to function .

Do not take it .

If you have to go to work on your first day , please do not take it .

If you have to go to work on the first day , do not take it like you take anything from this video .

Do not take a pin if you have to go to work and that's your first time taking it .

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Do not .

I'm telling you because you'll probably get fired because you'll be sleep on the job .

If you are taking a pin , have your food ready and accessible to you .

Like either when you wake up from your grogginess because you will be starving when you wake up .

Trust me .

So now I'm gonna go on to the CV one pills , which are personally my favorite .

So , and this is what has helped me get over my £100 .

So the CV one pills are way more expensive than the pills .

I'm not gonna lie to you .

I forgot how much I paid for them .

But if I can find the link , I will definitely link that in the description box .

But the way they're site is set up is kind of tricky .

It's not a scam or anything kind of if you don't read their website .

So when you order your pills , you order it like normal .

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But what they do is they try to lock you in a recurrent cycle .

So , which means you finish one bottle and then you are automatic charge for another one that they sent to you , which I didn't want .

So , what you have to do is call and cancel the subscription .

So I guess you could say it's kind of like a subscription service which you always get um , a bottle of the CD one pills , I think every three months or something like that .

But if you call them and say , I don't want to be on the reoccurring bill cycle , then they'll cancel it .

They try to tell you that you can't order anymore .

But I think that's a lot , but I don't know .

So my journey with the CV one pills is I gained £6 off of it .

It said that you gained £2 a week , which is accurate .

I did gain £2 a week .

I started off at £98 and I ended up at 104 at the time .

And I was super excited about that because I've never been over £100 before .

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So that was really exciting for me to see on the scale and just to see how my clothes fit differently .

Um The one thing I didn't like about the CB one pills and it's probably just me and my body is every time I took it , I could taste the vitamin because it claims to be all natural .

Which I , I don't know .

I mean , I really don't care if it's all natural or not .

Um , if you do , I suggest you do research on it .

But , yeah , I could taste like the vitamin stuff that's in it .

It tasted just like a multivitamin or whatever .

So , I mean , if you don't mind that whatever , I don't mind it , but it was kind of gross to me .

I'm not gonna lie .

But I mean , that was the only problem I had with it .

I did get hungry off of it , but I wasn't sickly hungry like I felt with the and I wasn't tired or anything .

It didn't give me any type of side effects .

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I was hungry to the point where I could finish all of my food and that's the big thing with me .

Number one , I don't eat a lot like I eat one meal a day , but I eat a big meal , which is mostly dinner and that just helped me be hungry , you know , for breakfast , lunch and dinner so I can finish all of my food .

And I didn't have any food left over , which was a big deal because again , I never finished my food .

If you guys are wondering why I'm going on this weight gain journey right now , I'm about 100 and £5 .

Um which is crazy because all my life I've been £98 .

Like literally , I've never gained over £100 until this year .

And I'm gonna talk about what helped me gain over £100 .

But yeah , I always wanted to be like 1 15 , 1 20 .

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So that's really why I'm going on this weight gain journey , not for anybody else , but just for myself because that's just my weight goal of what I really want to be .

So , just to get all that out of the way .

Um , another problem with me is I lose weight so easily .

I can lose weight in like a day .

Like no lie , I can lose weight in a day if I just don't eat and my weight fluctuates so much .

That's another reason why I'm thinking about going back to maybe weight gain supplement , especially since my body is calming down a lot .

I think I'm able to maintain my weight a lot better .

So , again , if you guys would like to see my whole weight gain journey , once I start the boot drinks and the weight gain supplements again , just let me know one other thing that really has helped me gain weight were the inure boots , whatever drinks .

Um , again , if you don't know what those are , I'll send a picture .

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But honestly , I love all like the weight gain drinks .

My favorite word , the equate , I think they're called , they're the Walmart brand .

They're so so good .

They taste the best out of all of them personally , I love the chocolate ones because I just like chocolate and I think that tastes like chocolate pudding to me .

If you're looking to buy the insured drinks or the boot drinks , I will highly recommend the ones because again , they taste the best , they're more cost effective because you get a lot more in the case than buying the little cases of the boost or inure drinks .

And they just again taste really , really , really good .

Yeah , I just want to give you guys some insight into my weight gain journeys .

Some of the things I'm thinking about doing .

Uh if you want to see the actual weight gain , I'll put some pictures right here of me that's been in now .

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So I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any comments , questions because signs , please leave them in the comment box below or you can always email me .

My email will be in the description box as well as all of my social medias .

Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel .

Give it a thumbs up and just let me know if there's any other videos that you guys would like to see and I'll see you guys next time .

Bye .


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