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What is up loves .

Welcome back to my channel .

It's Rose here .

If you guys are new to my channel , make sure you can go ahead and click that subscribe button and join the family .

So you guys can see by the title , what this video is about .

It's a more in depth video on weight gain protein shakes .

Um I made a video on basically how I was able to gain weight without using a peine .

If you guys um haven't seen that video already , make sure you go check it out .

But you guys were in the comments like I let you , I told you guys um if you have any questions , if you wanna know um anything more in depth about , you know , the whole process like details , then let me know .

So I kind of took what you guys were commenting and asking and combined it all together into a kind of like Q and A everything you need to know type of video .

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So here it is .

Um as you guys know , if you saw the first video , this is the protein powder that I've been taking .

I'm not taking it anymore , but I did test it out and I loved it .

Um I feel like I don't need to take it anymore .

I've reached my desired weight , but this is the serious mass protein powder .

And so everything that I say in this video is basically going to be from my personal experience .

So it's only speaking on this specific powder , there's all types out there , but this is the only one that I've tried so I can only speak on what I've tried .

So yeah , so a lot of the questions that you guys were asking was about my workout routine and um actually making the shake .

So I have a whole another video on that .

So make sure you guys go check it out .

It's me showing you exactly how to make it and what I did to like work out and all that type of stuff .

So check that video out .

But I will say most importantly , when you're taking this shape , you want to work out .

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Like I want to tell you why in this video because it's so important that um you kind of wanna guide where your weight is going like during the process .

So when I was taking it , um like I stated in my first video , all the weight went to basically like my thighs and it lifted my butt as well and I was using resistance bands and it's all in the other video .

So go check it out .

But my point is that if you guys don't like work out with this and it doesn't even have to be anything like super major .

Like , literally I was doing at home workouts .

Um 30 minutes , 30 to 45 minutes a night .

Um Nothing like super , super intense .

I wasn't doing cardio because that would basically be burning off all the calories that I'm adding .

So I didn't do any cardio but you do want to just make sure that you're like balancing it out because it is easy for the weight to go wherever it wants to go .

You know what I'm saying ?

Like you can't control where it goes .

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Everyone's body is different , like you can't control where it goes , um , when you're not doing anything about it , but if you're working out , then you can control it .

So I was doing like abs and I was doing leg um , workouts and stuff like that .

So you wanna make sure it to work out .

That's definitely , definitely important .

Also , I wanna go ahead and talk about just , I guess the serving size and the flavors and all that type of stuff .

So this is 1250 calories , which is a lot .

I know .

I know .

So if you're trying to gain that weight for real , then this is it .

Ok .

So it's 1250 calories .

Um Now I would definitely recommend starting off , um , doing half .

So like one scoop of the powder would definitely be um , half of the serving .

So I would start off doing half and then kind of build my way up .

So like maybe um the first three or four days , do half the serving and then go up to the 12 50 because that way it can be more of a gradual increase .

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Um And then as far as the flavor , so I don't know if you guys can see , but this one is vanilla .

I started off using the chocolate one and I finished the whole um container .

Of course because I mean I bought it and it was chocolate but I still wanted to like kind of try it out .

I'm not a huge chocolate fan , but from my personal experience , I would tell you guys that if you're not a chocolate fan , like if you don't love chocolate , like if you , if you're not that person that would choose chocolate over anything else , I wouldn't get it because it was not good like it , it just wasn't good at all .

But the vanilla one now when I got this , it was actually good .

Like I like the vanilla flavor like I wasn't like settling for it .

I wasn't trying to make it taste good like I liked it .

Now on the container , it tells you the type of stuff that you can add to it .

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So when I was doing the chocolate one , I was adding a vanilla ice cream to kind of like um bring that chocolate intense flavor down and it also just made the taste way better , like way better .

But keep in mind adding ice cream adds calories .

So that's one thing that I think you guys need to know , like just keep that in mind .

I think people lose track of that .

Like they kind of forget they're focused on the taste and they kind of forget like , oh , that's more than 12 50 now that I'm adding what , like half a cup of ice cream .

Um So just keep that in mind with the vanilla flavor .

I also added ice cream .

Um But I felt like I really didn't need it because there was some days where I didn't even add the ice cream and it still tasted good to me .

Like , so definitely vanilla is the way to go .

Um Like once I start taking this again .

Yeah .

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And then there's two more things that I wanna tell you guys that just from my personal experience , I feel like it would really help you guys because I kind of learned it like along the way or like figured it out along the way .

So one is that I found that it's better for me to take this around the evening time .

Like at first I was taking it in the morning and it was just too much you guys like it gives you like that heavy stomach feeling or like the um you know how you get like a water belly or a juice belly and you just have that heavy feeling like , oh , I hate that feeling .

I don't know about you guys , but I really hate that feeling so to have it like in the beginning of the day and they have to go throughout the rest of the day , like kind of just like ST feeling stuffed .

It was like , really bad .

So I started testing it out during different times of the day .

I did it like around like four or five and that was just like an awkward time .

So I ended up just taking it every day at around 76 or seven .

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And by that time I was already like , kind of settling down for the day .

Um , and then I would do my workout like maybe an hour or an hour and a half after that .

Um That way I had time to kind of like settling all that type of stuff .

So for me , I feel like if I had to tell you guys a certain time to take it throughout the day , just keep that in mind .

I mean , everyone's schedule is different , everyone's life is different .

So depending on what you do throughout the day and how you plan your day , just know that it is a lot of calories .

So like all those calories when you first wake up can be like overwhelming .

So around six or seven was like the best time I figured to take the shake and then the last thing would be where to get it from .

So , of course they have it at GNC and that's the first place I went to when I was like asking the lady , you know , all specific stuff about the shake , kind of like trying to get some insight on it .

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Um But when I went , I saw that price and I was like this , whoa , whoa , whoa , I know we could do better somewhere else .

Like I'm the type to go look for the deals , try to find somewhere else .

A coupon something , something .

Ok .

So I went online and I found out that Amazon actually has it for a little bit cheaper , not that much cheaper , but a little bit cheaper .

And I'll put the link in the description box in the description box as well for you guys .

So you can go check it out yourself .

But it is a little bit cheaper um than actually buying it in store at GNC .

Um But the catch is the only one I saw on sale was the chocolate flavor .

So I guess they know that not that many people like the chocolate flavor like that .

So they put that one on sale .

But I mean , hey , if you like chocolate , then there you go .

If you wanna stick , stick through it for the price , then there you go .

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So I did end up paying like full price for the vanilla one because I got it in the store .

Because I was really just like , I can't keep doing the chocolate like I just , I just can't like this , ain't it ?

So it's up to you guys , but I will put um all the details like in the description box for you guys .

Um And I think that's pretty much everything that you guys wanted to know about me gaining weight using protein powder .

So make sure once again you guys go check out the video of me actually making it and my workout routine .

But I hope this video was helpful to you guys .

Um Also if you have any more questions , feel free to leave it in the comments .

Um I do respond to the comments , so drop it down below and let's chat and yeah , you guys , I hope it was helpful and I will see you in my next video .

Bye .


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