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2023-08-19 21:25:53

What Happens to Your Body When You Gain a Bit of Weight

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Gained a few pounds over the holidays .

It's ok .

Who cares if your figure has changed a little well , hate to break it to you , but excess weight doesn't just alter your pant size .

It does more to your body than you think .

And a lot of this damage can show up within just 90 days .

Take , for instance , one adult sense of taste .

This is one of the first things that happens to your body .

If you start indulging a little too often .

In fact , it can already start within the first month .

It may seem a tad contradictory .

Why would you eat more if you lose your sense of taste ?

Let me explain .

Studies have shown that obesity reduces taste receptors by 25% .

So this means that bite of chocolate you had a month ago may have sent you to sugar heaven for a moment .

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But today you feel the need to consume the entire slab to experience that same rich taste .

And so the evil cycle of overeating begins two frequent migraines .

That's right .

Those mind numbing headaches that make everyday tasks almost impossible , can quickly start ruining your day as often as once a week .

Just note that obesity doesn't exactly cause migraines .

It's just one of the risk factors that make it more likely for them to her .

So , being overweight means you'll have a higher risk of suffering from chronic pains than someone with a healthier weight .

If you're prone to headaches , it might be worth swapping out the sugary soda for a glass of water during lunch and see what happens .

You might be surprised three higher bad cholesterol .

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The word cholesterol has become almost synonymous with obesity and rapid weight gain , but it's not so black and white .

Your body actually needs cholesterol to build healthy cells .

It's just like most things in life .

Too much of it isn't a good thing .

This means that eating those delicious fatty foods on an all too regular basis leads to a up of fatty deposits in your blood vessels .

Your arteries then become blocked , preventing your heart from receiving enough oxygen .

It also causes a decrease in blood flow to the brain to put that in layman's terms , your risk of having a heart attack or stroke becomes dangerously higher .

I know that burger is tasty but is it really worth it for depression and anxiety ?

Research has shown that there's a strong connection between weight gain and mental health overweight .

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People have a 55% greater risk of developing depression and anxiety than those with a healthier BM I , that's your body mass index .

It basically measures how much body fat you have .

And what's really sad is that although men can also be affected , the psychological impact is more significant among women .

Why do you think that is , let me know down in the comments , I'd love to hear your thoughts on that anyway .

Again , we have a vicious cycle in this one too .

You feel down so you comfort eat , then you gain weight and you feel worse because of it and so on .

Five troubles getting pregnant and here's yet another problem women get to deal with because of weight gain .

Not only is the size of our waistline connected to a happier state of mind .

But those extra roles could actually be the reason you're having troubles getting pregnant .

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If you've been trying a high BM , I leads to certain hormonal imbalances that affect a woman's eggs and cause infertility again , like with migraines , excess weight isn't the one and only culprit out there when it comes to the sensitive topic of trying to conceive , but it can be a factor .

Oh , and fellas , obesity isn't exactly good for the male reproductive organs .

Either six sore muscles becoming heavier can lead to a deficiency of vitamin D also known as the Sunshine vitamin .

Your body really needs it in order for your bones to absorb calcium and grow strong .

It also helps prevent autoimmune diseases and chronic pain .

Oh , and as a bonus , it fights depression too .

So , yeah , the D stands for , does it all not really .

I just made that up anyway , if your body doesn't have enough vitamin D , you can experience muscle pains all over .

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Unfortunately , taking vitamin supplements and spending more time in the sun won't help you with this one .

Extra fatty tissue dilutes the vitamin .

So it's not absorbed by the body as it naturally would be .

So , no easy way out .

You have to lose weight to help your body absorb that much needed magic vitamin seven , poor quality sleep obesity can cause you to literally stop breathing while you sleep and multiple times throughout the night .

Now , that's scary .

This condition is known as sleep apnea and it happens when the upper airways get blocked during sleep , either causing reduced air flow or stopping it completely .

As for what can block it , that would be excess fat pushing on your windpipe .

Luckily , the brain wakes the body up if the airflow is cut off , but that means disrupted sleep throughout the night .

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Good sleep promotes weight loss , meaning that loss of sleep could lead to more weight gain .

That vicious cycle rearing its head again .

What's even worse ?

Your poor quality sleep can affect your partner's sleep quality too .

The thing is that narrowing of the air passages often results in loud snoring as well and there you have it , whoever is sharing your bed might be up all night .

Thanks to your snoring .

Seems a bit unfair , don't you think eight frequent bathroom trips ?

You might want to start paying attention to ever increasing bathroom breaks as it could be a sign of kidney disease .

And yes , research shows that this can be connected to excess weight .

The University of California found that people who are obese have a risk of kidney failure , that's seven times higher than that of people with a healthy weight .

That's not to say you have to go out there and try to lose enough weight to fit into a size zero .

Let's be real here .

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But it is one more reason to take care of your body and health .

Nine changes to your DNA .

You're born with your genes and that can't change .

But believe it or not , your lifestyle can influence your DNA .

At least that's what scientists at the German Research Center for environmental health found this change can lead to an increased risk of type two diabetes for not only a person but also their Children on the bright side , you can do something about it , but more on that here in just a bit , we've still got one more thing , excess weight can do to your body .

And that is 10 higher risk of cancer .

If all the other reasons aren't enough to persuade someone to try and live a healthier lifestyle , maybe this will drive the point home .

Yes , there are so many types of cancer that are caused by different things .

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Not only bad habits and poor lifestyle choices , but the fact fact is it's been proven by countless studies that unhealthy choices can increase a person's risk of cancer .

And a poor diet is no exception , weight gain doesn't guarantee someone will develop cancer , but it does seriously increase the chances .

Now it's time for the good news .

There is a simple solution to obesity and it's not even a secret .

We all know how to combat weight gain , eat healthier and start exercising .

But I'm not saying you have to starve yourself or run the next New York City marathon .

Enjoying your favorite guilty pleasures from time to time isn't a crime .

Just limit yourself to less sugar and fatty foods per week and try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables .

Instead , drinking enough water is another simple trick .

Fill up on a glass of water before digging into your meal .

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Weight aside , a healthy diet just makes you feel better .

Overall , you'll have more energy , better sleep and an improved mood .

As for the workouts start small , don't hurt yourself by pushing too hard start by going for daily walks or taking beginner yoga classes .

Both exercise and weight loss produce a hormone called serotonin that will make you feel happier .

So not only will you like what you see in the mirror , you'll also just feel better .

Combine that with the mood boosting effects of a nutritionally balanced diet and you'll be unstoppable .

So you can break free from the bad cycle of weight gain by getting those happy juices flowing .

Have you or anyone you know , experienced any of these weight gain symptoms ?

Please share your recommendations in the comments below .

Don't forget to give this video a like , share it with your friends and click .

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