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2023-08-22 22:15:05

How To Block Ads on Youtube App (2020)

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Hello guys in this video , I'm going to show you how to block ads on youtube .

So first of all , update your youtube app and I'm going to open it so you will reach your home screen .

Ok ?

Now please log into your account .

Now click on that profile picture that you see on the top right corner just like this .

Now you need to click on settings right now .

You'll come here .

Now click on history and privacy right here .

Now click on manage all activity to review and delete items in history .

Click here and it will open up in any browser or it will ask you uh whether uh where you want to open it in which browser , please select Google Chrome or any other web browser .

Now click on the three horizontal lines that you see at the top left corner .

OK ?

It will open up the menu and click on other Google activity just like this .

OK ?

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Now scroll down till you see Google ad settings .

OK ?

Your add settings control the information Google used to show you ads .

Now you cannot , you cannot permanently block all the ads on youtube .

However , you can limit those ads .

So we are going to see that .

Now , click on , manage a settings right here .

Now , one of the things that you want to know is that uh use uh doing this will actually limit the ads in your whole Google account .

So you may not be able to see ads on Gmail as well as uh any other services associated with this Google account .

Ok .

Now , a personalization is on right now , You can simply turn it off .

OK .

Ok .

Got it .

Turn it on and I will show you how , how it is making a difference .

OK .

Now scroll down and now you can see how your ads are personalized .

So these are the things that you want to know .

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Uh You'll be amazed to see what uh how many things that Google has collected .

Now , you can see these are all the things my interest and all everything that Google has uh on me so that it can personalize these ads .

So they are a total of around 167 something like that .

So based on this Google is showing me at right now , you can simply turn it off .

Ok ?

Ok .

Now scroll down .

Now you can see another option .

That is the first one , your online choices which is highlighted in blue .

Please click on it .

Now it will take you to another tab .

No , OK .

D A browser check .

OK .

Click on continue .

Anyway , so this will show the list of all the companies that are participating in the Google ads .

Ok .

And are showing you ads .

So there are a total of 134 companies .

So you can opt out uh from all of them .

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So that uh the ads , it will limit the ads that you see on youtube gmail or any other Google services that is associated with this account ?

Ok .

Now status check complete , click on continue at the bottom .

Now , as you can see there are these many companies 134 .

Ok .

So many are there ?

Are you already opted out ?

Ok .

From there you can see customizing ads on your browser .

Ok , I already No , no , no , no , a few are there ?

Yes , which you know , it didn't opt out .

Now please select according to your choices or simply click on opt out of all at the bottom .

So this is how you can block ads .

So you can limit ads on youtube and all other Google services .

So thank you for watching the video .

Please like it and subscribe to my youtube videos .

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Subscribe to my channel .

Thank you .


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