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2023-08-19 20:56:57

How to make pancakes _ British pancake recipe

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good afternoon , people .

Happy Friday and welcome to another episode of Adams Eats .

As you can guess , by the title , we're gonna make pancakes .

Uh , not the kind of American style pancakes which are much thicker , fluffier , and they're kind of served with bacon and maple syrup and all that kind of delicious stuff .

These are British pancakes , and they're normally served on Pancake Day , which is next Tuesday , the 28th of Feb for the religious folk .

You'll also know this as Shrove Tuesday , which is the day before Ash Wednesday and Ash .

Wednesday is the first day of the 40 days of Lent .

I think , basically , Shrove Tuesday is the last day where you can just be a and eat what you want before those 40 days of lengths start .

For the non folk like me , it's just another excuse to stuff your face and eat lots of food .

And I do that anyway , Now they're really simple to make .

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Don't go out and buy the pre bought mix because it's just a bit rubbish .

There's no real flavour in it , and actually it can work out a lot more expensive by doing it that way as well and with my tips and my method , you'll make perfect pancakes every single time apart from the first one , because the first one's always a bit now .

So that's what we're gonna make today , folks again following the usual drill .

If you hit that pause button , make a list of those ingredients .

Get yourself a decent nonstick frying pan and we'll go and flip ourselves some pancakes .

That was a bit cringe , wasn't it ?

Right ?

So let's get on and make the pancake batter , which couldn't be simpler .

Just got my plain flour here .

Just gonna crack in our eggs and then just take a whisk , break up the oaks and mix that in with the flour until it forms like a paste .

And then in this jug , I've got the water and the milk mixed together , so just add some of that .

Just add a bit first , just to kind of loosen up the mixture again .

Whisk that through .

Don't worry too much about the lumps because they will sort themselves out .

Trust me here again .

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Hey , I'm Ben , a chef at Sorted Food .

And today I'm gonna show you how to make pancakes two different ways at home , full of tips and tricks and hacks .

Which means it's completely idiot proof .

This is the way I do it .

This is the way .

Absolutely You can do it .

And to stop me getting too cheffy and carried away .

Mike , you're gonna be behind the camera to keep me in check .

Gotta represent us normal .

First up , this is how to make the perfect fluffy pancakes .

The point of today is two pancake recipes , but when I say recipes , you will never need a recipe ever again .

It's just a ratio .

1111 part eggs , one part milk , one part flour for every portion you want to make , you need one egg .

So two portions .

Today , Mike and I two eggs , but weigh them into a bowl cos that's the start of your ratio .

One part egg for us .

Two eggs that's 108 grammes .

Remember it .

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And what happened is the outside edges will go nice and crisp and start to lift up slightly .

Um , let's just flip it over , and that's kind of like the first pancake .

But as you can see , it's just a bit enough , so I'm not gonna do much with that .

OK , then add another small knob of butter , right ?

So let's make our proper pancakes now .

So again , putting some mixture in the pan in the middle and again just swirl it around cos they leave it for about 10 seconds or so till the edges just start to come away from the pan .

OK , just loosen it slightly with the er spatula , and it can either be boring and just , you know , turn it over the spatula or you can give it a good old flip .

Here we go .

So all about confidence .

Oh yeah , my flipping skills aren't that great , To be honest , shall we try again again ?

A bit more butter in the pan again , you can see it cooking .

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There's that raw bit there and and you'll see that shrink as it cooks .

Let's get the spatula underneath .

Loosen it off .

Let's go again .

I'm gonna give up on the flipping .

That's just Let's just start working , right ?

Let's start again .

And I'm not gonna do any flipping this time .

I'm gonna be sensible , cos otherwise I'm gonna have no pancakes left .

Swirl it around now you can make them a bit thicker as well .

You don't have to have them this thin .

Um , but I kind of like them thin again .

After about 10 seconds or so , just have a little lift up .

It should be nice and golden underneath .

And then just flip with a spatula again , another 10 , 15 seconds on that side and then just slide them out .

It's best to serve them straight away , but I'm just gonna stack them up here because I've got nowhere else to put them .

Uh , if you want to put them on a plate , get them sprinkled with lemon or sugar or bit of Nutella .

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So to get fluffy pancakes , two methods .

One a pinch of baking powder , so that is a chemical raising agent .

When it gets wet , it's gonna react and give you the fluff .

The second way to make these super fluffy is whisk up egg whites , and that's why we separate them out .

Chemical in the form of baking powder .

Mechanical in the form of that snigger that snigger you just looking for nice and soft kind of fluffy peaks .

So it's just gonna hold , as with all batters wet into dry .

So now egg yolks and milk whisk up .

Add to your flour and baking powder as you go , and then fold in all of your egg whites and all of that air .

And when I say fold , I mean , swap the spoon rather than a whisk , and you're just kind of folding it over , cutting through the middle .

Fold it over .

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You've now got wet in there , so it's activated baking powder and you end up with gorgeous , fluffy pancakes .

Ladles , I think , add mess .

So just add it back into your jug .

You've already used the jug .

It's already dirty .

Look how fluffy that is .

This , I would say , is the most important thing .

The pan should be preheated and at an even temperature , so not just searingly hot , but you've kind of had it on the heat for a few minutes to level out the temperature , which you're gonna cook and either butter the pan or butter the butter .

I'm gonna butter the that and the reason with fluffy ones .

I prefer to the butter the pan is .

You get that slight brown butter nuttiness going on as well .

For this batter , pour it into the pan and kind of let it find its own level .

It should end up roughly circular .

You can always press it out a little bit if you want it slightly thinner .


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