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2023-08-22 21:56:28

Eggless Pancake - Pillowy Soft Recipe - 2 Flavors - Chocolate Pancakes _ CookingShooking

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Today we are making this pillowy soft pancakes .

These are super fluffy guys and the best part is it is made without eggs .

Hey , foodies , welcome to cooking shing .

Let's make pancakes in two flavors .

The plain variety and the chocolate pancake .

First , we are making the pillowy soft and fluffy pancake .

The plain variety for that , we will need one banana .

It should be ripe , we will cut it into slices .

Don't worry about the taste of the pancake .

It won't have the extra banana taste .

This is the plain eggless pancake .

Normal banana pancake has two or three bananas .

We are basically replacing the egg with a banana right now .

Too much of talking the banana is sliced .

We will just take a full can mash it after mashing the banana add sugar .

I'm using two tablespoons right now .

I've tried this recipe many times and two tablespoons is perfect .

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Next goes in me or refined flour , one cup to make the pancake fluffy , we will take one teaspoon of baking powder and give this all a mix for once .

Then we will use milk to make a batter .

The milk quantity should be less than one cup I'm taking one cup for now .

Add little at a time and make a batter .

It should be medium thick .

Here , I have made the batter .

You can see how the consistency is about one tablespoon is remaining .

So this consistency is perfect .

We are not ready to make the pancakes yet .

We have to make the butter richer in taste for that .

Two tablespoons of melted butter goes in and we'll give it a final mix before making the pancakes for making the pancakes .

If you have a fry pan with a lid , it would be perfect .

You can also use the tava with a lid , heat it up in medium flame .

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And for the first time , we will add a few drops of butter or oil and spread it and basically wiping it off with the tissue paper .

After that , we will pour the batter about one ladle full .

See how the batter is spreading on its own .

The consistency is perfect .

Quickly , I'm covering with the lid and we will cook it for two minutes in medium flame .

See the bubbles and the perforations happening .

It is cooked from the bottom .

Now , let's flip .

It looks amazing guys quickly .

I'm covering it again so that we can cook it for a minute more in low flame .

Now there goes another minute and our puffy , fluffy pancake is ready .

See how pillowy it is .

Tried and tested recipe of a pancake .

This is guys , you must try it .

Believe me , when I say this is not a banana pancake .

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If you don't like bananas at all , then you can add about half a teaspoon of vanilla essence in this recipe and you won't feel it .

So similarly , I'm going to make all the pancakes and I've made around eight pancakes with this recipe .

You can see the fluffiness of this , see how it is jiggling easily teas away also .

And it is pillowy soft in texture .

Before serving , you can add some honey or maple syrup on top and enjoy .

So this was our eggless pancake recipe .

Now we are going to do the chocolate pancake .

The recipe is very similar for that .

Also in a bowl slice , one banana mash it after the bananas are pasty , we will add sugar , sugar quantity is higher than the plain pancake .

Three tablespoons we are using right now .

Along with that , we will also add cocoa powder .

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Cocoa powder is two tablespoons .

This is unsweetened cocoa powder .

We will just give it a quick mix .

After that meda will go in meda is 3/4 cup plus two tablespoons .

In simple words , you can reduce two tablespoons of mega or plain flour from one cup and then use it to make it soft and fluffy .

We will add baking powder , one teaspoon and use milk to make the batter .

Our lamb free butter is ready .

Now we will add melted butter , two tablespoons and give it a mix .

So the chocolate pancake batter is also ready and the pan is also hot .

If you are making the first pancake , then you can wipe off the pan with a little bit of butter .

Here , the pan is already ready because I've made some pancakes before .

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Now , we are going to add one lidle full of the batter in the center cover it , quickly cook it for two minutes in medium flame .

You can see the bubbles .

It's the right time to flip .

Now we will cook for one more minute .

Do make sure to cover the pan at all times that ensures we get this pillowy texture .

Our chocolate pancake is also ready time to serve .

Now , this one is just as good .

In fact , you can see how jiggly it is .

I personally like the plain one more .

Which one's your favorite to comment down below ?

So how was the recipe guys if you enjoyed it ?

Click the like button and share it with your friends if you did not like it for any good reason or bad reason .

Click the dislike button and share your comments so that I can make my videos even better .

See you soon with one more video .


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