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2023-08-19 20:48:51

How to connect smart phone to smart TV [ENGLISH]

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Today , we will talk about how to connect your smartphone with the TCL 32 inches smart TV .

So today we will talk about this feature of this television .

It provide you so many features , but we will talk about only this one to how to connect your smartphone with the smart TV , 32 inches provided by the TCL .

First of all , we will start the thing with the help of this power button , power button of the remote which they have provided .

I will press this button .

You can see the TV has been started after this .

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You have to wait till the time this friend opening page will go and it's coming as loading initially , it will display to you no signal uh to connect to the wireless .

First of all , press this smart TV button , this red color button you can see over here this one , I am pressing this .

Now , the first step is to connect to the wifi whatever wifi you're having in your home to that you have to connect to connect to that wifi .

Uh use this , these buttons are there they have provided .

So I will use this down button to move , I have pressed the down button .

So I have come over there then to move to the right I will .

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So from your right arrow , you can see I am moving between the three options , these three options I am moving .

So in the middle one , you have to select in the middle and when you will select and use the upper key , and you can see here we are having wire dis here .

You can see that when wire displays there .

So if you are connected to the wifi , then only you can use this .

But before this , you should be connected to your wifi .

So we will come and continue this part .

But before this , I will demonstrate to you how to connect to the wifi for this smart .

So for that what you have to do , first of all , exit from here from this button , this exit button they have provided , just click over there .

Now you are having this menu menu button and option button , right ?

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So what do you have to do ?

Uh So you are having these two options besides only , but you have to choose menu menu .

This time option we will see later on , but you just press menu .

I'm pressing menu .

You can see not many options .

Are there just go to the options with the help of arrows , then with the help of down arrow , I'm going to the network configuration DH CP click .

OK .

Then you are having two options via network and wifi network .

Go to wifi network then OK , then go to base station .

So you can see it has been loaded all the provided uh wifi connection , whatever you are having in the range of this smart TV .

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So currently , uh it is , it has been connected to the malware , which is our uh wifi .

If you want to connect to the any new wifi , like for example , you want to connect to the bear , then go over there , enter password to enter password .

I just clicked .

Ok .

Ok .

And I came over here then again , click .

OK .

And , and it's saying connecting .

But before connecting , you have to uh enter the password .

So I will just go back , I just pressed exit and I will come again .

Now menu then options the network configuration , then wifi network , then base station .

Now it will give you all the available networks .

It's loading .

So now let's suppose I want to connect to this one .

Then I will click .

OK .

And then password .

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Ok , then , um , come in that right .

So after pressing the right arrow , this option that keyboard option has will come and from here , now you can go with the help of these buttons and you can enter , for example , if you're having W then click .

OK .

W then again , W and w if your password is www , then enter it .

Then after that , um , you can go with the help of this arrow you can go to return then , ok , then again , click .

OK , then it will connect .

If your password is correct , it will connect otherwise it will prompt some .

So as we are already connected , so I am just going back , I am pressing exit and uh I was already connected with my wifi .

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So let's get back to the portion how to connect to your smartphone .

So after pressing smart T I have come over here , the middle option , then I am going to the wireless display uh pressing OK .

It's opening , it's showing you this display .

This display means ready for connection .

That means you can connect with your mobile phone .

Now it's already connected .

So we are having uh nowadays you are having uh latest phones which are having options by default to connect to your smart TV .

Uh That options are from here .

And if you are having any old phone like prior to 10 to 12 months , then you have to install some applications which are available on the Play store .

For the help of those application , you can connect to the smartphone .

But I currently I am having Lenovo which is having this .

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This is a .

So from here you can see uh in this phone , you are already having , you can go to settings , then go to more , then you are having wireless display .

Then as in this phone , it was already connected .

So it's showing me that particular uh name of my TC LTV , I can directly connect after pressing to it .

And if you are , if you are having any new uh uh like a new connect to the new device , uh it will show you the uh like wifi connection .

So you can connect to all the available devices .

It will , it will display you if you are having any other smart TV , in your connection .

So if I will click on this one directly , you can see it's showing connecting .

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Once it is connected , it will change the uh display from connecting to , to connected .

So you can see whatever I'm having in my phone .

It's getting display over there .

If I will browse something like this , if I am going to tools everything you can see on your uh smart V .

So hope you like our video .

If you like our video , please subscribe to our channel .

Thank you .


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