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2023-08-19 21:10:23

HOW I MAKE & STORE MY JUICES _ Lose Weight, Stay Healthy! Vegan_Plant Based Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free

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Yeah , you classic shit .

Hey , guys , welcome back to my channel .

So today's video is just a juice with me video .

I'm just gonna be showing you how I prepare my juices for the week .

In another video , I'm gonna show you another what I eat in a day .

In case you're wondering , I don't just drink juices all week here I'm starting by dispensing my oranges and my Citrus fruits into one of these containers for my fridge .

I absolutely love Citrus fruits .

Not only are they delicious and refreshing , they are rich in compounds called flavonoids , which have been shown to inhibit growth of cancer cells and prevent the spread of tumours .

So I love getting Citrus into my diet .

I'm also adding in my pears .

Basically , I get loads of pears for my green juices .

They help sweeten my green juices and also some ginger and turmeric .

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Because I love spices .

If you're new here , I'm on a journey of raw veganism .

I have started to incorporate a few cooked food , but nothing too crazy .

So I'm just gonna put those fruits into my fridge .

I'm also gonna show you a little haul of other fruits and veg that I get for the week .

I get some bell peppers .

I'm gonna show you a really nice juice that I make with the bell peppers , some Berries for my smoothies , Pomegranate for another one of my juices and passion fruit .

Here is my fridge for the week .

I have my green fruits and vegetables for my green juice .

I have my fruits for my fruit juices .

I have water when I go to the gym .

Sweet potatoes , mushrooms , Berries , watermelon .

I'm gonna show you the rest when I start juicing , but yeah , And I also have miscellaneous fruits in my fruit baskets like bananas and avocados that can't go in the fridge .

So I'm gonna start with a fruit juice .

I love starting the day with a fruit juice , but I'm gonna show you how I make them .

This is another favourite of mine .

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If you watched the other video , you guys may know that I really like watermelon .

Watermelon is 90% water , so it's really , really good for if you're dehydrated .

It's a highly alkalizing fruit .

It provides energy .

It boosts the immune system .

It strengthens bones , cleans kidneys and prevents formation of kidney stones and also fights cancer .

So I absolutely love watermelon for my health .

I'm also gonna add some passion fruit .

This helps hydrate my skin and keep it glowy .

It also relieves constipation and some lime .

And I love pomegranates .

Um , juiced .

I also love eating them , but I love them juice as well .

Pomegranates are high in iron .

They have high anti cancer benefits .

They soothe stomach aches .

They're useful for curing fevers .

They lower cholesterol levels , improve skin quality , protect against arthritis .

They are high in vitamin C and potassium and helps fight nausea and morning sickness .

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So pomegranates are also really good for pregnant women as well .

But yeah , I absolutely love the fruit .

It's so sweet and taste .

It makes a great juice , especially paired with watermelon .

So I'm just gonna get my juicer out , wipe it down .

Um , if you're wondering what juice that I use , I'm gonna leave the link down below .

I'm gonna prep my juicer and we are ready to go .

I'm gonna add all my ingredients in the juicer and blend away .

The good thing I like about this juicer is that I can basically make my juices and walk away .

I don't have to stand there and physically put each fruit in .

I'm afraid to it .

Recently , I've started putting my juices in a mason jar as I find that glass helps .

The juice last a lot longer than plastic bottles .

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I used to put them in plastic bottles , but this has definitely helped with the longevity of my juices , and it's a lot friendlier for the environment .

So I got these Mason jars from Amazon .

I'll leave a link below .

If you're wondering as well , just dispense them into this mason jar and then put them in the fridge , ready for the week .

So that's one of my fruit juices .

You guys should definitely check it out .

I would 100% recommend it .

I'm sure if you're a sweet tooth , you would like it .

And if you're not so much of a sweet tooth , you can take out some of the really sweet ingredients like pomegranate .

Next , I'm gonna juice kind of like a fruit and veg juice .

You might find this juice a bit icky at first glance , but honestly , I've been drinking it since like July , and it's worked so good .

This is basically a red bell pepper and orange juice .

This is so high in vitamin C , which I love .

Bell peppers have 100 and 57% vitamin C , and they help with the support of blood cells , and they also boost your immune system .

So I absolutely love this juice .

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It gives you such a great boost of vitamin C as well as other vitamins as well .

Ginger , which I added , and turmeric , which I added .

Ginger is good for fighting against colon cancer and ovarian cancer .

So if you're woman and you're going through women health problems , definitely try this juice .

I love it , and I love the taste of it as well .

So that's another fruit juice onto my green juice .

So I have found a really good green juice recipe that works for me .

I've been using this recipe for the longest time , probably since I started this whole journey , and literally this juice .

Specifically , this green juice works so well .

I absolutely love the taste , and it has so many good ingredients that are so good for you .

If you didn't see already , I had cucumber , celery , parsley , which is a leafy green that I love .

It just smells and tastes so good has Citrus fruits , ginger , turmeric , um , pears for sweetening And it just has so many great health benefits as well .

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Um , the turmeric , if you don't know , turmeric is a spice that helps fight against free radicals and is a powerful weapon against inflammation .

So if you're going through any inflammation , definitely try some turmeric in your juices .

It helps ease joint pain as well , as well as any other pain in your body , and it also helps heal the gut .

So this green juice , so many great benefits .

I try and get in at least one green juice a day and one fruit juice a day , my fruit juice in the morning and then my green juice in the afternoon .

This is also going to be great for your skin if you're looking to clear up your skin .

If you have any acne or skin issues , definitely try drinking a green juice a day .

It is so good for your all round health .

Yeah , so I just dispense them into this mason jar and then I put them in the fridge .

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So this is what my fridge looks like .

I just organise it .

So I have one , fruit juice a day .

Like I said , I juice seven green juices and I think I juice about five fruit juices because it's expensive , girl , and I don't actually get as much juice from the fruit .

Funny enough , but I actually have other fruit that I eat during the week .

So yeah , that's why I don't have as much fruit juices , but yeah , this is my fridge .

I also have almond milk .

I'm gonna quickly show you how I make my almond milk if you're looking to make it yourself .

So I start off with a bowl of almond soaked and I soak it overnight , and then they become really soft like this .

Then I put them into my juicer and add some water .

I also add some dates .

Yeah , for sweetness .

If you don't know , the almond juice from the shop only has 4% of almond .

And this almond juice literally tastes very .

Almony Almonds are really good for brain and heart function .

They help boost your immune system .

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They treat diabetes .

They help improve blood pressure .

They relieve stress , reduce cholesterol levels , treat con constipation , fights against cancer .

So many great benefits with almonds as Well , so if you're looking to make your own almond juice , definitely .

Try it .

I love this .

It's so rich and so smooth as well .

So yeah , guys , that's pretty much it .

With my , um , prep for the week , let me know if you'd like to see any other videos regarding my , um , diet and what I eat .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

Definitely .

Click the links down below to see any other info that you might need .

And leave a comment down below and let me know if you'll be trying this any time soon .

I'll see you guys soon in another video .

Bye , guys .


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