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2023-08-19 21:00:58

5 Yoga Poses to Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

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So now once you're ready , just come onto your knees and placing your elbows really firm and nice , interlock your fingers and take a few deep breaths , crawl back your toes and as you exhale to slowly lift your knees and hips away from the mat and putting your head down , breathe normally inhale and exhale , make sure your breath is really normal .

So roll your shoulders back and slowly lean all the way back just like this .

So keeping your back strong and nice and sturdy .

And from here as you inhale , lift your legs slowly off the mat .

Inhale , lift your legs all the way up , slowly release your arms to the side of your body and hold your posture , not your breath .

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So remember to breathe for five , four , three , two and one , you are going to place both your elbows right at the back , open your heart first , as you inhale and slowly as you exhale , drop the crown of the head all the way down to the mat .

Now , from here , if you cannot reach the floor , you can always adjust .

We're walking through and stay here for a breath .

Begin by lying down onto the side lying really comfortably down here .

So support your neck , inhale , lift your right leg up , ok ?

And hold your right big toe with your right arm .

And slowly as you exhale , lift and extend your arm and your leg as well .

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Hold here , begin to light on , on your back and place your heels as close as possible to your butt and hold your ankles , make sure your thumb is outside .

And when you're ready , slowly inhale and lift your hips all the way up .

So try and reach as high as possible , but your breath should be in the normal range and stay here for a couple of deep breaths .


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