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2023-08-22 21:52:41

How To See Your Apple ID Password On iPhone - Full Guide

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in this video , I will show you how to find and see your apple ID password .

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He'll be on my iPhone , and I'll be showing you multiple , different methods for how you can go and find and see your apple ID password .

So let's get right into this for this first method .

What you need to do is go and open up your settings like so , then what you need to do is scroll down until you go and see the option for passwords so often your device is going to go and save passwords when you go and sign in using them .

So it may have gone and saved your apple ID password before , so all you want to do is tap on passwords like , so you can then go and scan your face , ID , or use your finger , and then you can go and view all of your passwords .

Then you can go and use the search function at the top to go and search for Apple or something like that to go and see if you've got and save the apple ID password before .

For the second method , I recommend going and checking other password managers .

So you often have password managers in other browsers .

For example , Google and the Google search engine basically has its own password manager , so it's definitely worth opening that up .

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All you need to do is open up a Google app , so I'll just use this Google app here .

But it could be Gmail or chrome .

Then what you need to do is tap in your profile picture in the top , right .

Um , if you're not already signed in , then go and sign in .

Then you can go to a manage your Google account , then go and tap on the magnification glass , which is basically a search button .

So tap it .

And as you can see , we can now go and search your Google account .

And what I recommend doing is searching password just like this .

And then we can go to our password manager just like this , and you may need to go and sign into your Google account again .

I didn't , but here there's gonna be a load of passwords for me .

It says you haven't saved any password because I primarily use my other Google account , but it's definitely worth checking this .

However , if you still have any luck , then what I recommend doing is going in , actually , just going in fully resetting your Apple ID password .

It's actually a lot easier .

You probably think I'll show you how to do it .

Now all you need to do is go and open the settings app scroll to the top where it's , um , to where it says your apple ID up here .

And this is basically your Apple ID settings .

So tap on it like so then all you need to do is tap on password and security .

The second option just here , then wait for it to load .

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I may have to blur some information on this page here , Um , and then at the top of this screen here , there's an option to go and change password .

So I'll tap change password like this , and it'll take a moment , and all you need to do is go and enter your iPhone passcode .

I'll enter mine now and then on this next page , we can actually just go and enter in a new password for our apple ID .

You can also go and do this on the Apple website .

Open up any Web browser .

I'll just use safari for the example , and all you need to do is type in .

I forgot dot apple dot com press go like so and then all you need to do is go and enter Apple ID to get it started , and you can follow through the steps in order to go and change your password .

So essentially , you're then going to be able to find it because you're , um , entering in a new password and resetting it .

So that's a really great way to go and find and see your password because you're entering a new one .

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