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2023-08-19 20:44:54

Emeril Lagasse Pasta & Beyond - How to Make Perfect Spaghetti (1 BATCH Recipe) _ Cooking with Claire

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Chef Claire here today and we are going to make spaghetti .

We're going to use the emerald pasta and beyond pasta maker to make that happen .

So what I have here is a and I love this feature and in the draw , we have the tool to help us make , cut the pasta and also it helps us clean .

Here's the spaghetti .

So when you're done making the pasta , you just clean , it's one way to do it .

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put on the spaghetti disk , secure it .

We're going to actually make one batch today of the spaghetti .

I have two cups that come with the product .

OK ?

And this is the dry cup measure which measures out your flour , whether you semolina or all purpose or whatever flour you're making if you're making a whole week .

So this is your dry cup measure .

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This one is the liquid measure .

I have one batch is the single cup and two batches are the double cup .

So once again , if you're using the dry and you're gonna make a double batch , which is roughly a pound , you're gonna use two of these .

And if you're using , when you're using the liquid , you're gonna use either one or two that tells you the batches .

Ok ?

And the lid just so , you know , it's , it's pretty easy to remove .

You pinch these two together and lift it up .

Now we're gonna fill it with flour .

So the dry ingredients , it's really important that you don't pack down the flour because we measure precisely , uh , using this cup measure .

Right .

We want to make sure it's leveled off .

And again , I didn't pack it down .

So there you go .

Now , I'm gonna put the salt in .

Half a teaspoon of salt goes in .

Again , salt is for flavor .

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If for some reason , you don't have your cup that comes with the emerald pasta maker , then what you can use is one and a quarter cups .

You can use your own tools as well .

So we're gonna put the lid back on .

It's just that simple one egg for one batch .

And what we recommend is what makes it a little easier is if you beat the egg prior to putting it into the cup this way , it doesn't get caught up in the liquid feeder on top of the machine , which is right here .

So I'm gonna pour that in .

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And again , we have to add half a tablespoon of oil and then we're going to fill it to the badge line with water and there we go , I'm gonna give it another little mix and we're going to go to the machine and push on and batch one .

And once the machine starts to roll , there you go , we're gonna add the liquid and I add the liquid at a steady pace back and forth .

So I know it's going in two different levels .

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Now we wait for it to mix .

And the reason we added oil to the liquid measuring cup is because it makes the pasta a little more pliable when coming out .

So it's going to make it a , it's going to give it flavor , which olive oil always gives flavor like salt and b it's going to make it go through the machine a little smoother , which is exactly what we want with pasta .

So I've paused the machine because I'd really like for you to see what the consistency is of this dough so that you understand what you're looking for .

This , is it ?

The machine has stopped and now it's going the other way forward to extrude the spaghetti .

And now we cut to the length that we would like where you could actually extrude the whole thing in one if you want really long spaghetti .

Look at this .

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There's nothing like when you see fresh spaghetti come out with a machine and you know , it's gonna be delicious , like I said , three minutes in boiling water and it's good to go .

So look at this amazing fresh spaghetti .

How excited am I to have a really nice spaghetti and meatballs ?

Or garlic aioli .

I love it .

Boiling water .

Three minutes .

Good to go fresh pasta .

Nothing like it .

So let's cut .

So what you can do is you go to the size that you would like .

So the other thing that you can do is put it out on a tray , let it dry before putting it into the boiling water .

You can make it , you could make it today and eat it tomorrow .

Put it in the refrigerator , but if you do that , then you're going to just Sprinkle a little flour , toss it in the flour , you can put it into a zip lock , put it into your refrigerator and then have it for tomorrow .

So you can make pasta ahead .

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You can make it instant , you can make it for whatever however you want to use it and you can make it as long as you want .

So if you want smaller pasta , you can cut it smaller .

Ok ?

So now you can see how it started to clump a little bit .

There's an easy solution for that .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna lift up the lid and I'm gonna take a little bit of flour , maybe like a tablespoon .

I'm going to secure the lid and that will help break it up a little bit to go through the machine with ease .

You toss your pasta with a little flour so it doesn't stick together and look how absolutely beautiful and gorgeous this pasta is I can't wait to eat it .

For more information , tips , tricks and delicious recipes .

Please watch our videos at emerald pasta beyond info dot com .


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