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2023-08-19 21:24:17

[How To] Gain Weight QUICK without Supplements _pictures included_ RUEBUUURT

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Hey Rubies , welcome back to my channel .

And if you're new and now Ruby .

Hi .

Hello .

I'm subscribe to my channel .

Thank you .

Anyways , you saw the title , you know what's going on ?

So let's just get right into the video .

No hesitation .

Let's just get into it .

Those who don't know me , I was a skinny .

Ok .

I was a really small , ok .

A quick backstory about my me and my weight then .

Ok .

Um I was for most of my high school life , I was between 95 and £100 .

Never passed £100 and it took me forever to get there .

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I just , it was so hard for me to turn away .

Fast forward to being in university .

Um I had no issues with my weight .

I always thought I was always petite and whatever and I was ok with my weight .

I didn't think I was too skinny or anything of that sort .

Anyways , I decided to start my weight gain journey in 2018 .

Not because I had a problem with my weight , but because I saw this picture of this girl on Pinterest and I'm telling you like she was the thickest sister I've ever like , she was just so sexy .

Look to me like I just saw the picture and I was like , she has my figure but I feel like I would just need to put on a weight to get her body type .

So I was like , yeah , I'm , I think I'm gonna do that .

I think I'm gonna gain weight because I wanna be thick .

I'm slim now , I wanna be slim thick .

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I wanna be , you know , I wanna be curvaceous in the right places and all of that stuff .

So that was when I decided to start my weight gain journey 2000 and 2018 , 2019 .

So first thing I did was I went online and I researched all the food types with the highest spot content .

That was the first thing I did .

I went on Google and type that in because I just wanted to know what I needed to get in my body for , you know , gaining weight so quickly .

Oh , disclaimer .

This is not the healthiest way to gain weight .

Ok ?

I did not , I'm only talking about my journey and what I did to gain weight .

So I'm not telling you guys , oh go out there and do this , do that because it was not the healthiest way to gain weight .

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And I'm not telling you your body is going to look this type of way because everyone's body , everyone's jeans are different and I don't know how your body is going to react to the food you're gonna put in it .

So , I just researched what to eat with the highest fat content .

And when I went on Google , what stood out to me the most , there are all types of food there .

Cheese and whatever .

I already , I think a good amount of cheese and such , but there was milk and nuts .

So I was like , you know ?

Right .

I think I can do the next day .

I can eat peanuts every day or whatever .

I just have to find a type I liked and I found the su the roasted nuts , the , the ones with the sugar on it .

I like those .

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So I bought those and I had those every day along with at least two box of milk , two of the tiny box , I think it was , I had two of these milks every day , one in the morning and one before bed at least because I would have milk probably throughout the day and , you know , it's fine and I had a pant , like I'm facing of peanuts , like a container of peanuts every day .

And I just ate that throat and that was the beginning .

I do think it helped .

I just don't know how much it helped .

I did keep track of it , but I lost all the information on that was on my old phone .

So I don't really remember how much weight I gained during that period and I did this consistently for about two months .

So that's peanuts and milk every day , including my diet for about two months .

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Then came the time when I had to go home .

So whenever I go to Jamaica , when I go back home , I always gain weight because this is , this was my diet throughout the whole summer , two months .

And this was my diet .

I ate chicken , baked chicken and fries almost every day .

Burger King , I had KFC .

I had , I really had cooked food , like , I really had home cooked meals and it was just a lot of junk food I had , oh , because Burger King was having the two f , 2 , 5000 burger thingy , whatever .

And I had Burger King almost every day , like , almost every day I'd have Burger King .

So it was mainly just junk food .

I was just eating , I was just eating consistently .

I did not say no to food .

Like at , uh , once it was food I was eating it .

So that was for two months again .

So it's the whole four months now of me trying to gain weight .

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And when I came back from summer , this summer holiday , I think I was about 100 and 40 something pounds .

I was around 100 and 47 phones .

Yeah , I'm , I'm not sure exactly .

I put it somewhere if I'm supposed to put it , like , on the screen or whatever , I try to put all my pictures on this side .

Another tip that you can use to gain weight is the proportions of food you're eating .

I was mostly skinny because I was eating , but I wasn't eating a lot of food if you understand what I mean ?

Like my boyfriend was the reason why I eat so much right now .

He would give me food and I would have a whole like , I'm gonna show you guys what my plate starts looking like these days .

Like , I just have a lot of food on my plate and it's like we'd be doing this twice a day .

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So he'd be like , you know , eat this up or whatever and I'd be eating like veggies on the side .

I have like a lot of meat and a lot of eat up potatoes or whatever .

And I'd eat that like twice every day .

So I'd have like two big meals per day along with having probably having breakfast and um , junk food in between like chicken and fries or something in between and doing that consistently every day .

And I'd eat , I eat chocolate every day .

I chocolate every single day .

So doing all of that consistently every day , you have to gain weight , like have to have to have to gain weight .

You just have to , if you are , if you realize that you're a person that already eats , you're thinking to yourself that , oh , I eat so much already and I'm not gaining weight , increase the proportions of what you're eating .

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And if you increase the proportions , you're not gaining weight , go on Google and type in foods with the highest fat content and eat that in higher proportions .

And you are sure , sure to gain weight .

Trust me .

Like it's as simple as that .

Like , you just want to eat a lot of food and eat it in high quantities .

Like I said , this is not the healthiest way .

But if you do want to gain weight , that's how I did it .

I just , all I did was eat food and people , it's like people don't believe that you can do that .

I don't know why everyone thinks there's some magic towards it .

Like you just need to eat .

Trust me .

If you eat , you're gonna gain weight , especially because I don't go to the gym .

I don't exercise or anything like that .

The only exercise I do is walking from my apartment to school and I rarely do that anymore .

So I rarely get any exercise in .

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These are the things that I would change or I would adjust or you should be mindful of .

And I wish I had known these things before I gained weight or I didn't know them .

But I just wish I had listened to people when they told me that this was gonna happen .

First things first , my breasts got bigger , period .

Like my boobs grew from AC C to a triple D .

So if you wanna get wet and you're not about probably having bigger boobs .

This is not for you .

Just keep in mind that you might get bigger boobs and like there's , what are you gonna do about it ?

I had to change all my brows .

Right .

So I jumped from a seat to a triple D .

Not the best thing .

I don't , I don't like that very much but I just have to live with it because it's just what it is .

Second thing .

Yes .

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If I say you have a , a petite figure because I , I've always had an hourglass shape or whatever .

I've always had an hourglass figure .

The coca-cola , you understand , I've always had that , which is , you know , it's nice .

It's nice .

But when you gain weight you're gonna gain weight , it's gonna seem like it's , you're gaining weight in all the right places at first .

But let me tell you this , your stomach is not going to be an exception for much longer .

Ok .

You're going to gain weight on your stomach eventually .

It might not be , you know , at first .

But trust me , you can get there if you push it .

But the more , more than likely you will gain weight on your stomach , I would just say try to waste train .

I don't waste train , but maybe it would have helped .

I don't know .

So you can eat and try to waste train as often as possible .

If not eat your food .

Yes .

And then do workouts to burn stomach fat .

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Concentrate on burning stomach fat .

So , even though you're , you're doing , you're exercising and stuff , try to burn as much stomach fat as you can .

They say that you can , um , concentrate your weight loss .

I don't really know .

I don't exercise but you can try that .

I mean , it won't hurt .

So that's another thing to be , to be not full of because your stomach will get bigger .

Like it's just , it's gonna happen and it could change anything .

I would work out while I'm gaining weight , while I'm on my weight gain journey .

I would try to work out as often as possible .

So those are the things that I would change and hopefully you don't make the same mistakes .

Trust me , you will see results .

If you really and truly want to gain weight , you have to increase .

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If you're not even going to increase the proportion of the meals you're eating , increase the amount of times you eat during the day , just eat , try to eat as much as possible .

Like it's saying it out loud is so and so awful .

It's such bad advice .

But like I said , it's , it's not the healthiest options .

You can gain weight , healthier ways .

I was just not about that life .

So and I did not want to sacrifice anything .

Like I , I didn't want to sacrifice any form of meals .

I just wanted to eat whatever .

I'm currently 100 and 54 100 and £55 .

And I , I think this is where it ends for me .

I don't want to gain any more weight .

I feel like I'm either going to lose some now because I wanna go burn some stomach fat .

So I'm about probably going to settle for like 100 and £50 .

I think I'll be ok there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And yeah , I don't , I don't think I want to gain any more weight .

I feel like I've reached , I never even thought it was possible for me to get here .

Honestly , this is the most I've weighed all my life .

So I think I'm over it now like guys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So at the moment I'm very pleased with my weight and I think this is where I'm going to remain no more weight gain for me .

The hardest thing for me now is just to lessen the proportions of the food I eat because I'm so used to eating so much food now .

It's kind of hard , but I'll try my best .

Hopefully you guys enjoy this video and hopefully these tips work for you .

I wish I could have given you guys more .

But like I said , it's what I did and it's what worked for me and I had a problem gaining weight initially .

So I think it can work for anyone .

So if you really want to gain weight , that's what you need to do .

If you guys like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up share with your skinny friends and if you are the skinny friend , use these tips .

Bye .


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