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Welcome to Foods 101 , I'm Ronda .

And today I'm going to show you how to make these butter milk pancakes .

Light fluffy , delicious .

And there's a little bit of a secret you need to know .

So follow carefully and you'll find out what it is .

You're gonna need 1.5 cups of all purpose flour , two tablespoons of sugar , two teaspoons of baking powder , one teaspoon of baking soda and one half teaspoon of salt .

I have one egg , two tablespoons of melted butter , 1/4 of a cup of milk and 1.5 cups of buttermilk and make sure your butter milk and your milk are at room temperature along with your egg .

All right .

First , I'm gonna go ahead and incorporate the dry ingredients together .

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So there's my sugar , my baking powder , baking soda and salt .

And you're gonna give this a nice little whisking .

So you're gonna incorporate this very , very well .

And then next , we're going to add OK , that looks good enough .

And next , we're gonna add the milk to the butter milk and we're going to add the egg , which I'm gonna break the egg OK ?

Into the bowl and give it a nice little whisking here as you can see .

And you're gonna add it right here into your wet ingredients along with your melted butter .

OK ?

And give this a nice little whiskey and incorporate all these ingredients well together .

OK ?

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Right next , we're gonna pour this .

I'm gonna incorporate it just a little bit more .

You wanna make sure you get those ingredients well combined and now we're gonna put it right into the dry ingredients .

All right , here's the secret to these delicious buttermilk pancakes that make them light fluffy and absolutely delicious .

You're just gonna barely mix in the dry ingredients with your wet ingredients until your dry ingredients are just combined with your wet ingredients and your batter is going to be lumpy .

It's not gonna be smooth as you can see what I've done here .

OK ?

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And as you can see right here , you've got a few little lumps in there .

That's what you're wanting .

OK ?

Let me go ahead and get that , stir it around just a little bit more .

And now you're gonna leave this for 10 minutes sitting here in the bowl and you're gonna let all the glutens and the flour and all these ingredients just marry well together without stirring anymore .

OK ?

That's enough .

Now , come over here with me and I'll show you how to get the gribble started to put these pancakes on and get them cooking .

Now the batter has set for 10 minutes and we're not gonna stir it .

And then I've got my skillet here on medium heat and let's see if it's ready for those pancakes .

I'm dabbing a little water into the skillet .

As you can see , these little dabs of water are sizzling .

So the skillet is definitely red .

I'm just taking a one half cup measuring cup and I'm scooping out the batter without stirring it and I'm adding it right into the skillet .

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This is a nonstick skillet .

If you'd like , you can add a little oil or a little bit of a butter to it before you fry it .

And this is gonna take 2.5 minutes .

Well , about 2 , 2.5 minutes .

Keep your eye on it when it starts drying out around the edges of the pancake and you see bubbles form on the top .

You'll know that's the time to turn your pancake as you can see right here .

And I'll be back in two minutes and I'll show you what it's like .

As you can see , it's been about two minutes and you can see the edges of the pancake how it's dry and how the bubbles have formed here on the top .

Now it's time to turn the pancake .

You're just gonna go around the pancake like this .

Make sure it's loose .

Give it a nice little flippy and look how delicious and yummy that light and fluffy buttermilk pancake looks .

Mm .

Can't wait to sink my teeth into those .

Right .

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We're gonna give this one more minute and go ahead and do the rest of your pancakes and I'll come back , cut into them .

Tell you what it tastes like .

It's time to give these pancakes a try .

I add a little bit of butter .

Now , you don't need to do this , but I just can't eat a pancake without some butter .

Ok ?

And I'll just put the rest up here and let it melt .

Nice and slowly and then I've got a little bit of maple syrup .

I'm gonna add here and look how nice and fluffy and delicious .

Those turned out .

I'm gonna dig into it kind of tell you what it's gonna be like .

Show the inside there .

Oh yeah .

Light and airy .

Hm .

Wow .

That is one fluffy delicious .

Mm .

Like pancake ?

Wow .

Gotta have another bite .

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Look you there and listen , you can put anything on it you want ?

You've got blueberries , strawberries , bananas , pecans walnuts .

But hey , it's delicious just by itself .

Hope y'all give these a try .

I'm Doran with foods 101 and I'll catch you next time .


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