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2023-08-21 21:17:31

Easy Rasmalai Recipe

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Hi , friends .

Welcome to Classic Masala Hut .

So today in our heart , we are going to make soft and delicious rasmalai .

First , let's start with making soft panne .

Boil some milk .

Here , I have taken two liters of full fat milk .

Now milk start to boil .

Now , switch off the heat and after a minute , add the lemon juice .

Now slowly add the lemon juice .

Now you can see the milk started to curdle and the wave is fully separated .

Now let's filter it through what ?

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Cheese cloth , rinse it with cold water to remove the lemon flavor .

Now tied up and squeeze the extra water and hang it for 30 minutes before we start kneading .

Let's make rub D so to make rub D add four cups of milk , add one cup of sugar to it .

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Put it in a very low heat setting and let it simmer , take one tablespoon of warm milk and add it to the saffron and keep it aside .

Let's also make some light sugar syrup .

So add two cups of sugar in 10 cups of water and bring it to a rolling boil .

It has been 30 minutes now to get soft and fibrous rasa .

We need to need them .

So need them at least for 10 minutes only .

Then you will get soft and fibrous Ramla .

Now , the panel is starting to hold shape .

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Now , let's make small balls out of them and press them gently between your palms .

Now , our Rama balls are ready and our sugar syrup has come to a rolling boil .

Now , slowly drop the balls inside , cover them and cook the pot .

It has been seven minutes .

Now you can see it has cooked up and has doubled in size .

Let it cook for another three minutes .

Now , let's take them out .

Wow , just doubled in size .

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Slowly take them out .

It's very soft .

Add some sugar syrup over the to prevent drying and then allow it to cool and then we can add to the .

Now Rubley has thickened .

Now let's add some flavoring to it , add quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder and add some almonds and pistachios and also add the saffron milk gives a good color to the deep .

Now the rub day is ready .

Now switch off the heat and let it cool .

Now let's add the Ramli balls into the rub day .

So some sugar syrup from the Ram and just drop it into the .

Now our super spongy Ramala is ready .

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Spread the joy of cooking .


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