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2023-08-19 20:37:24

How To Make Pesto Pasta _ Penne Pasta With Pesto Sauce _ The Bombay Chef - Varun Inamdar

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Hi guys , welcome to Rakhi food with the Bombay chef and I bring world cuisine into your kitchen .

Well , today it is Pesto pasta .

The pasta that I'm using is and the sauce is called Pesto , which is a North Italian sauce .

So let's begin with that for the Pesto sauce .

I have some brilliant fresh basilia .

I'm just reserving a few so that I can use them for garnish later .

So I have some chilled water in this bowl .

I'm gonna add in some casts .

Well , the traditional sauce is made using pine nuts .

I'm using cashew nuts .

Well , you can use almonds .

You can use walnuts .

Choice is yours .

Next goes in some cloves of garlic .

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Next goes in some fresh Parmesan cheese , a little bit of salt , a little bit of black pepper and I'm adding in olive oil .

I'm giving it a nice toss so that all of this gets mixed together very nicely .

Well , for the detailed measurements , there's a description box below , please browse through .

So you'll have all the measurements right in place .

A nice toss , this stays aside and here I have a mixer jar in which I'm going to blend this entire thing .

So just let it be for five minutes and then we'll shoot back while this is resting .

I'm heating some water here with some salt .

Now , this is to blanche , the pasta .

I'm just adding in some salt .

Make sure the water is nice and salted .

So here this goes , now that the water has come to roll , boil in , goes the pasta .

Well , now the packet says cooking time , 11 minutes , but we can judge that .

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So you can boil it for 11 minutes .

Nine minutes , 12 minutes .

That choice is a personal one .

Well , when it comes to the water , make sure the water tastes like sea water .

So make sure the salt is enough .

So now I'm leaving this to boil for 11 minutes .

Now I'll let this boil in the interim .

If you remember , the Pesto has been marinating here for around 5 to 6 minutes .

Now this goes in the grinder and I'm gonna run this into a fine smooth paste .

Well , to adjust the consistency , I'm gonna add in a little bit of oil .

Make sure you do not add any water to this .

So now this is run into a smooth paste .

I'm gonna check this .

Now .

It's looking brilliant .

I'm now gonna transfer this into another bowl .

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Yeah , the pasta is almost done just like another minute or so .

So I'll just check for the doneness .

So here if you see there's a little ring which is still a little undone .

Now , this doneness of pasta is called so possibly another minute more and then we move on to preparing the penne pasta in the time being , we start making the sauce .

So the first thing that goes in is some oil , cherry tomatoes .

Just wait for them to .

So a little and now goes in the boiled pasta with a nice stir along with this .

I'm gonna add in a little bit of this water just to make sure the sauce is nice and thick .

Yeah .

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Now I'm adding in some pesto sauce and giving it a mix .

Yeah , I'm throwing in some toned basil leaves .

So here you have this lovely pesto pasta ready .

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Let's start breathing some fresh cracked black pepper , some grated parmesan , some fresh basil leaves and finally a dash of extra virgin olive oil .

Well , now that pesto pasta is ready , do try it at home and do let us know I move to the next recipe cutting board .

So look way back .


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