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2023-08-22 22:10:05

पतले लोग जल्दी वजन कैसे बढ़ाए _ Weight kaise badhaye _ How to gain weight fast

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First time I took it , I'd say like I , ok , well , first my ticket I passed out like after like I didn't even eat .

People say once you take it , you get really hungry .

I didn't even eat the first my ticket .

Like I , I was so tired that I didn't eat and I just went , I just went to bed .

I noticed my appetite go up like gradually , but it wasn't like the first time I took it , I just got like mad hungry and I started eating like everything .

Like I noticed my appetite go up like on , say the fourth day since I started a PIN , I could actually have a full meal .

So I'd eat like three times a day .

But it , it'd be like three full meals .

So that was good .

I was sleepy as hell .

I couldn't take it on a weekday because like the , when I started the , the week I started , I didn't have work .

I was off that week because it was , the week I just got off from Toronto .

I used sleep a lot .

I was dizzy and I noticed , I don't know if this is a pediment , but lately my anxiety has been intense .

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My heart gets heavy .

Like , even until now , I don't understand what it is and I don't know if it's a pediment because or the party like , because I went to Toronto for Caravan .

I really don't think it's Carba , I really don't want to say one of the side effects is anxiety or maybe it is when you already have anxiety .

And another thing I noticed when I took it is aside from the fact that it makes you eat a whole lot .

Your tummy gets so bloated since I was so I was , I was like a pregnant woman .

I've never been bloated like that in my life .

Oh my God , I've never been that bloated in my life .

I was like my tummy was the size of the earth .

It was like all the way .

I really don't have issues bloating .

Like , even when I go out and I eat , like I'd eat and my tummy is still , like , measurably flat .

Like it's still like , like I'm tiny , like I got no problems bloating or nothing like that .

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The first time I bought it , I posted something on my story like , hey , y'all like , you know , if you're taking it just work out , you're gonna be good .

Like I was acting all like you could just do ab workouts like it's nothing like that .

Like , like you could take it and do ab workouts and I guess be fine .

But while you're taking it like you , you'd be fine in the long run in the sense that , you know , after the bloating and everything , like you could like lose the weight in the long run like get out .

But while you're taking it , forget it .

Ok , why is a plane flying over my house right now ?

Like I'm trying to make a video , excuse me , do all the that you want , do everything that you want .

It's not gonna go nowhere like the tummy is there to stay .

You don't even know like this was so bad .

It's not smart at all to take it without working out .

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Um While I was taking this , usually I do glue isolation workouts .

So when I go to the gym , I do things like hip thrust um hip abduction .

I go on the Stairmaster .

But when I started taking a , I had to incorporate more abs .

Um , I had , I had to do a little bit of arms because I was scared that nothing happened to me .

Like , I didn't , I'm still like the same , but I kind of got scared that , you know , I would , like , get fat all over .

So I was trying to , like , do , like , kind of incorporate my entire body .

But I didn't need that .

I got this for $25 at an African store close to my house .

That's how I honestly wasn't even looking for it .

I just ran into it and I was like , oh my God , you all have a pediment .

I'm gonna try it , share people gain weight in different areas .

So be careful because like a lot of girls be like , I'm gonna take a pet him in because I want to grow my bum .

But the thing is if you gain weight more in other areas , that's the area that you're gonna gain weight in .

Not your bum .

Does that make sense ?

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Accept , accept , accept you go to the gym ?

And that's what I've been advising everyone that's taking this to do .

You can't take this and sit your ass at home .

Yeah , this is uh basically all about this video .

I hope I was able to answer some questions .

I hope I was helpful to some of you and I hope to see you next time in my next video .

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Support me please .

I need all the support .

Thank you very much and um follow my Instagram , follow my social media .

Instagram is my only social media now , so I post on there more .

So yeah , if you want to see more of me , follow me on my Instagram and I'll see you guys next time .

Thank you for watching .

Bye .

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सही से क्या करते आप लोग आप लोग खाना खाने से जस्ट पहले पानी पी लेते हो या खाना खाने के बाद तुरंत ही आप लोग पानी पी लेते हो या खाना खाते हैं वो बीच में भी आप लोग पानी पीते रहते हो इस से क्या होता है जब हम जो भी खाना खाते हैं वो सही से नहीं बच पाता है क्योंकि हमारे पेट में जो ॅ होता है जो हमारे खाने को बचाता है वो बहुत ज्यादा डाइल्यूट हो जाता है , हल्का हो जाता है क्योंकि उसमें पानी मिल जाता है तो आप लोगों को क्या करना है ।

आप लोग जब भी खाना खाने जाओ तो उससे एक घंटे पहले पानी पी लो और फिर खाना खाने के एक घंटे बाद ही पानी पियो ।

जब आप लोग खाना खाने से पहले पानी नहीं पीते हो या एक घंटे पहले पीते हो तो आप का पेट खाली रहता है जिससे आप लोग ज्यादा खाना भी खा पाते हो जो आपके वेट गेन के लिए वजन बढाने के लिए बहुत ही ज्यादा जरूरी है ।

ये जितनी भी चीजें आज मैंने आप को बताई , इन सभी को करके आप अपना वेट बहुत तेजी से बढा सकते हैं और उसी के साथ में आप अपनी मसल को भी ग्रो कर सकते हैं ।

कैसा लगा विडियो अच्छा लगाओ , दोस्तों में शेर करेगा ।

इसी तरह के विडियो देखने के लिए हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब जरूर कर लीजियेगा ।


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