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2023-08-22 22:09:04

Tips to increase baby weight in the womb - Dr. Teji Ashok Dawane

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Hello , I'm Doctor Taiji Davy , consultant , obstetrician and gynecologist , working in Rainbow Hospital , Marathi Bangalore .

Now the baby in the womb till about five months is basically just about 200 to 300 g .

So till about five months is when just babies , organs are getting formed , like the brain , the kidney , the lungs and the heart .

That is when not much of the baby weight is put on .

It's only after the five months that the baby starts putting on weight and that is when what we need to concentrate upon .

So first five months , basically , babies organs are getting formed .

So what are the tips to increase weight ?

So we say for a baby to put on weight , for body building and for muscle building , we often advise a high protein diet .

Now , I personally believe in natural supplements .

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So always natural foods , whatever the body absorbs from natural food is always 100% .

So we would advise that you take a high protein diet consciously at every day , try to incorporate some amount of protein in your food .

For example , uh vegetarian sources of protein would be soya soya bean , soya milk , soya yogurt , you have chickpeas , you have rajma , you have double beans , kidney beans .

Uh You also have sprouts , sprouts .

I would advise not to take raw .

You could probably uh steam it a little bit and add a little bit of lemon .

So that , that gives a little bit of flavor , lime juice .

Along with that you have dolls like samba to or the that we routinely make .

Apart from that , we have dry fruits like almonds , walnuts , uh dates , they are very rich with the in protein .

Uh The non vegetarian sources of protein would include eggs .

So we would suggest two egg whites almost every day .

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If you are a non vegetarian , these have the richest and the highest amount of protein in in them .

Apart from that , you can have uh chicken soup , boiled chicken soup would be the best and the safest meat , any form of meat is again a good uh and very rich source of protein .

So all these , we would suggest as much as possible try to take , you know , in your incorporate in your diet so that you can increase a lot of baby weight with your these high protein diets .

Apart from these , on the growth scan , if you feel that , you know , baby is not putting on too much weight , then we would add some supplements from our side , some powders and some medicated protein powders , which would help increase the baby weight


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