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2023-08-19 20:57:53

How to Make Green Onion Pancake (Scallion Pancake) 蔥油餅

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Hey guys , welcome to the art of cooking .

Today , we're going to make green onion pancakes or scallion pancakes or in Chinese , they call it .

You'll often find these scallion pancakes as a local street cuisine .

A K A street food .

The one thing I will say is that some places like to make them thin , crispy and flaky while others like to make them thick and fluffy .

But today we're going to make the thick flaky , crispy on the outside and the soft on the inside scallion pancakes .

First thing you'll need is four cups or 480 g of all purpose flour , two cups or 470 mL of warm water .

Somewhere between 1 15 to 1 25 °F or 46 to 52 °C .

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Add the warm water a little bit of time over the dry flour likely need the dough just to combine it together to form a dough ball , cover the dough ball with a wet towel and let it rest for 20 minutes .

Let's chop the green onions here .

Eight sprigs or two for each pancake .

Make sure they are really thin slices , especially for the roots part .

Thus your work surface with some flour after 20 minutes , take the dough out and knee for about 3 to 5 minutes or until the dough is smooth .

Sprinkle some flour on the dough as well to prevent it from sticking .

By the way , bacon eggs and cheese with the green onions .

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It will make a banging combination or chili oil with toasted sesame seeds and garlic chive .

Yeah , I'm thinking , I'm getting you a little carried away .

But why not be imaginative and think outside the box once the dough is smooth , let it rest for about 20 to 30 minutes .

After 20 to 30 minutes , dust the dough with some flour and roll the dough out .

Make four or equal proportional cuts .

If you want to make it smaller , you can cut it into about five or six .

Sprinkle some flour on the dough and your rolling pin as well as your work surface , lightly flatten the dough and roll it out .

Here's the tip .

Notice how the dough doesn't retract when I roll it out .

That's because we let it rest the second time for 30 minutes .

We don't let it rest for 30 minutes .

It will be harder to roll out .

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The rollout dough should be roughly about three hands wide side by side , Sprinkle approximately half teaspoon to three quarter teaspoon of salt and spread it evenly , 1 to 1.5 tablespoon of oil or lard .

Lard will actually make the scallion pancake taste real good .

Grab one side of the dough and flip it .

This will spread the oil evenly .

Sprinkle a handful of green onions about two sprigs and rolled the dough up .

Then tuck one side in and roll as if you're making ac and then , and then b now tuck the other end on the bottom of the dough , Sprinkle some more flour on top and on the bottom and lightly press it down , then roll the dough out .

This time a little bit thicker than the last one .

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Try to make it into a circle .

The side should be about two hands side by side .

Preheat the pan on medium heat , add one teaspoon of oil , use your hand to gauge the hotness , add the green onion pancake in and you should hear a sound cover with the lid and let it cook for two minutes .

After two minutes , flip the pancake over and covered with lid again .

Cook for another two minutes after the two minutes flip the pancake over and check the other side , make sure both sides are evenly cooked .

This side has less oil .

So it will look like this .

In order to make the outside crispy .

We're going to brush it with a little bit more oil on both sides .

Total cooking time is about 5 to 7 minutes on a medium heat .

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Here's the tip due to the humongous size of this pancake .

You want to make sure to move the pan around .

This will allow it to cook uniformly .

Next , use a spatula or chopstick to flap up the pancakes .

Now it's time for the big question .

Boiling water versus warm water doesn't matter which one to use .

Yeah , a little bit .

You see adding boiling water directly to the flour , you actually denature the proteins .

Some degree of the gluten can still be formed .

But because cooked proteins aren't nearly as stretchy as raw ones .

It's not as elastic as cold water dough , therefore easier to use .

On the other hand , if you use warm water gluten is formed through needing , which makes the dough tighter and more elastic .

This gives the pancake some chewy texture .

Upon initial rolling , we want to roll the dough out to approximately five millimeter thin , rolling .

It thin will create multiple layers in the middle .

Thus , the soft texture , that's why it's crucial .

We let the dough rest for 30 minutes before we roll out .

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It's sort of like making pizza dough .

But at a higher temperature .

Therefore , in my opinion , I think it's better to use water around 1 20 °F or 50 °C as this cook some of the dough which makes it easier to handle .

But at the same time , it provides some elasticity .

So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial .

Make sure to like , subscribe and leave a comment below .

Thank you for watching .


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