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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Chia Seeds Every Day

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Did you know that Chia seeds date back to the Aztec civilization in the 16th century ?

In fact , the Aztecs thought so much of them .

They offered the seeds to their gods as worship .

Hi viewers and welcome back to another best video .

One of the most nutritional edible seeds available , cheese seeds are among the healthiest superfoods on the planet .

They have officially transitioned from trendy to mainstream .

You'll find them stocked in regular supermarkets and added to lots of items from fruit drinks and energy bars to cereals and even tortilla chips .

These seeds are nutrient powerhouses which have amazing health benefits for your body .

And in today's video , we'll tell you what they are from lowering blood pressure , making you feel full for longer , reducing stress , strengthening bones to improving skin health and more watch till the end to learn about all of them .

Number one prevents constipation .

Seeds provide about 50% of the average dietary fiber requirement in just a 1/4 cup serving , fiber offers a host of benefits especially when it comes to digestive health .

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Two forms of fiber are found in these seeds .

The type that mixes with water called soluble fiber and the other one called insoluble fiber .

This combination means that chia seeds help soften stool but also add bulk , making it easier and faster to pass .

Just be sure to increase your intake of fiber slowly and drink plenty of water as your body adjusts to this positive change , what foods cause you to have constipation .

Tell us quickly down below .

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Number two lowers , blood pressure acids consist of important components like fiber omega three and antioxidant polyphenols .

All of these have a beneficial effect on the liver and circulation that can lower blood pressure .

It also contains alpha leo acid or A L A which is known to block the formation of blood pressure increasing compounds in your body .

They also contain fiber leggins , antioxidants , magnesium , calcium and potassium which provide great protection against high blood pressure .

G acids are also said to reduce the level of nitrates in the blood which leads to lower blood pressure .

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Number three helps you feel fuller for longer .

Chia seeds help control weight gain by fighting the tendency to overeat .

They are hydrophilic , meaning that they can take in 12 times their weight and water .

When you mix chia seeds with water , it expands and becomes a gelatinous substance .

Having this chia gel in your food makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time .

Even though you may not have eaten a lot .

It's important to keep drinking enough water after eating chia seeds .

This will enable them to move through the digestive tract easily .

Number four , great alternative for vegans when people are switching to veganism .

Their most important concern is protein and calcium .

The good news is that chia seeds have more calcium per ounce than many other dairy products .

Eating chia seeds regularly in place of meat means that you won't miss out on anything , neither the nutrition nor the taste .

These versatile seeds can also replace eggs and baking because of their gel like consistency .

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Here's how for one whole egg mix one tablespoon of whole chia seeds or two teaspoons , ground chia seeds with three tablespoons of water allow it to sit for at least five minutes or until the mixture thickens to the consistency of a raw egg .

You can make some extra chia gel , put it in a jar and refrigerate it for later use for up to one week .

Chia seeds are gluten free .

They can make a healthier alternative to processed grains .

For the same reason .

They're great for people with gluten allergies .

Their nutritional value makes them an attractive addition to less healthy food items like cakes and muffins .

Number five , caffeine free source of energy being dehydrated can tire you out .

Add a teaspoon of chia seeds into your water bottle .

Wait five minutes for the seeds to soak up the water , then sip it all down .

They will give you stable energy because they have a balanced ratio of protein fats and fiber this means they won't cause peaks and valleys in blood sugar .

Number six , powerful stress buster acids are chock full of an unsung nutrient hero magnesium .

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This mineral can keep cortisol , the stress hormones levels low .

Another reason you want more of this mineral , low magnesium levels are associated with headaches and fatigue .

Acids are also high in crypto and amino acid that can help your body produce serotonin .

This is helpful to fight anxiety and have more regular patterns .

Number seven , good for bones and teeth .

One study has shown that increased consumption of calcium rich foods like chia seeds can improve skeletal health .

Eating chia seeds is also considered an effective way to improve calcium .

In addition to calcium , they're also rich in manganese .

Both of which are crucial for strong bones and teeth .

They're also rich in phosphorus .

A mineral that has been found to enhance bone health that plus the antioxidants can protect your teeth from damage .

Number eight helps you lose weight .

Of course , no single food can aid weight loss or cause weight gain .

It all depends on our habits and lifestyle .

What makes chia seeds a good weight loss food is the excellent fiber content .

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A normal intake of chia seeds each day , about 25 to 38 g can go a long way in helping you shed those kilos .

The seeds are also found to reduce belly fat fiber in chia seeds helps you feel full for longer periods of time .

As per a study .

Chia seeds play a role in fat reduction .

They're also rich in protein which has been found to promote satiety and weight loss .

Number nine improves skin health .

The omega three fatty acids in chia seeds have been found to increase circulation and reduce dryness and skin inflammation .

According to a study , Omega three s help protect the skin from UV radiation .

Chia seeds contain anti inflammatory properties that can help prevent wrinkles .

The seeds also help reduce skin sagging .

Number 10 helps treat diverticulosis .

Diverticulosis is the presence of tube like structures in the intestine with no signs of inflammation .

Chia seeds simply because they are vegetarian and rich in omega .

Three S are found to help prevent diverticular disease .

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Lack of fiber has also been linked to diverticulosis and chia seeds being an excellent source of fiber can help they absorb the water in the colon and smooth bowel movements .

Here are a few ways you can add chia seeds to your diet .

Number one , smoothies , drinking smoothies is a fantastic way to ensure you're getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet .

They're also incredibly easy because all you need to do is toss everything into your blender , including chia seeds and since they have no flavor , they work well in almost every smoothie recipe imaginable .

Number two , oatmeal .

If oatmeal is your go to morning breakfast , you can mix a tablespoon of chia seeds in it for more fiber and protein .

The Chia seeds will improve the texture and make each bite perfectly satisfying .

There are plenty of reasons for adding oats to your daily diet .

Learn about its health benefits by watching 14 important health benefits of oats that will surprise you .

Now , back to reasons why chia seeds are good for you and how you can add them to your diet .

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Number three , baked goods , if you're not a fan of chia seeds , gelatin like texture .

Try adding them to baked goods .

Chia gel helps keep baked goods moist and may be used in place of eggs or as a thickener .

You may also top muffins or quick breads with chia seeds before baking .

Number four , healthy bars , chia seeds give homemade granola energy or protein bars .

A fiber boost .

Try making chia seed energy bars from dates , coconut oil , chia seeds or vanilla .

You may add other healthy items like dark chocolate , coconut and dried fruit as well .

Number five stir fry , you may not think of adding cheese seeds to savory foods like a stir fry .

But you'd be surprised to find out how versatile they can be .

They'll soften with the other ingredients so you'll barely notice them in your dish .

They can help boost protein and omega three content of vegetarian stir fries and provide plenty of extra fiber alongside vegetables .

Number six , jam , when you make your own fruit jams , you usually need to use Pectin to help them thicken .

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That's not the case when you make chia seed jam .

The seeds act as a thickener because they absorb liquid from the fruits and offer a great jam like texture .

Chia jam is a lot healthier than store bought jams .

You can serve it on toast , muffins , pancakes and any other baked treats .

Number seven salad dressings , chia seeds blend well with salad dressing ingredients such as olive oil , vinegar , honey and lemon juice .

Add about a tablespoon of chia seeds to most any salad dressing recipe .

The more seeds you add the thicker the dressing , avoid the artificial ingredients .

And MS G found in many salad dressings by making this chia seed vinaigrette .

It combines chia seeds with honey , Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar .

Number eight juices , expensive chia drinks are all the rage in health food stores and juice bars , save money and make your own .

By adding 2 to 3 tablespoons of cheese seeds to two cups of water or coconut water and one cup of fruit juice or pureed fresh fruit .

Let the mixture sit until thickened and stir before drinking .

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Number nine pudding , you may find chia pudding on the menu at organic cafes and health food stores , but it's simple to make your own versions at home .

Chia pudding is similar in consistency to tapioca .

It's simple enough to make for breakfast , yet elegant enough to serve for dessert at your next dinner party .

While chia seeds are very beneficial for you , there are other seeds as well that you should not ignore , learn what these are by watching eight powerful seeds that benefit your health or finding out what happens to your body if you eat pumpkin seeds daily .

These two videos will definitely help you pick the best seeds for your health .

So go ahead and watch one or both of these videos .

Do you like adding chia seeds to your diet ?

Let us know in the comment section below .


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