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2023-11-09 14:43:55

🚨LIFE SAVING Facts #2... #facts #shorts #survivalfacts

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If there's a terrorist attack in the building , lock the door and do not open up for the police , the real police will just break the door down .

Terrorists will try to see if there's anyone inside .

If you're being attacked by a tiger , do not run or turn your back on it .

Maintain eye contact with your arms high up in the air and slowly back away .

If you see a purple flag on the beach , be very careful entering the water .

The purple flag indicates dangerous marine life .

If you fall into a frozen lake , your most important task is surviving .

The initial shock response by breathing deep and trying to calm down .

Do not eat cherry seeds as they are high in cyanide .

If you're being attacked by a swarm of bees , do not hide underwater , they will wait for you on the surface and sting you whenever you come up for air , instead just run as far as you can .

If you're in a building that's on fire , use the stairs to escape .

Not the elevator elevators fail during fires which will cause you to be trapped inside and burned to death .

If you get attacked by a bear if it's brown , lay down , if it's black fight back , if it's white .

Good night .


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