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2023-11-09 14:40:22

🚨LIFE SAVING Facts #3... #facts #shorts #survivalfacts

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You can call 911 and pretend to place an order for a pizza delivery if you are in danger but cannot talk to them freely .

Survival tips that can save your life in an emergency .

If someone is having a heart attack , have them chew an aspirin while waiting for the ambulance .

If you overdosed on illegal substances , don't be afraid to call 911 .

You will not get in trouble if someone attacks you or tries to kidnap you , scratch them , they will have their DNA under your nails .

Remember the rule of threes .

If you're lost in the wilderness , you can survive three minutes without three hours without shelter in severe weather , three days without water , three weeks without food and three months without a large pepperoni pizza .

If someone holds a gun at you , keep eye contact with them , looking in their eyes can make them hesitate pulling the trigger if you smell a fish or urine in your house for no reason .

90% of the time it means there's an electrical fire but 10% of the time it's your stinky flatmate that didn't shower


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