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2024-05-25 08:37:12

You Don't Get Vitamin A From Vegetables

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I wanna talk about vitamin a .

There's a lot of benefits from vitamin a , not just for your immune system , but especially for your vision .

If you're deficient , you'll have a hard time seeing at night .

And if you're very deficient , you can even go blind .

Vitamin a also , is essential for the inner skin , The inside of your sinuses , your throat , your lungs , your digestive system .

So without enough vitamin a , you get chronic sinus issues .

You have skin issues on the outside of your body as well as on the inside .

But here's the problem .

A lot of people think they can get enough vitamin a from veggies despite the recent alteration in the definition of vitamin a .

But a true vitamin a is retinol .

So retinol is the active form of vitamin a .

So there's some confusions on vitamin a .

Is it a precursor ?

Is it an active form ?

So I wanted to tell you that when you think of vitamin a , always think of the active form retinol , not the precursor .

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Why ?

Because at best , you're only gonna convert 3% of your precursors or Betacarotene to retinol .

But on top of that , up to 45% of the entire population has a defect , a genetic defect in the conversion of the pre vitamin Beta Carotene to Retinol .

Let's take a look at what it would take , what you would have to eat to get 9,000 micrograms of Vitamin a active Retinol .

Beef liver , only 3 ounces .

Cooked carrots , you'd have to consume 4.4 pounds of cooked carrots to get this much retinol , if you're lucky .

Raw carrots , you'd have to consume £40 .

Now that's a lot of carrots .

I mean , I I can see consuming maybe £20 of carrots in one sitting , but £40 ?

That's significant .

Then we have cooked kale .

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Fifty cups you'd have to consume to get this much retinol .

Raw kale , 454 cups .

That's a lot of kale .

So guess what ?

You're not going to get your vitamin a from vegetables .

Now there's a lot of benefit to beta carotene , but to get enough bioavailable retinol , you're gonna have to get it from non plant sources , as in cod liver oil , or grass fed liver , or raw milk cheese , or grass fed butter .

And by the way , out of all the dairy out there , sheep cheese has the highest amount of retinol .

However , based on the study that I'm gonna put down there on sheep cheese , there is another animal that will produce the same retinol as sheep milk , and that is the rat .

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But the problem nowadays , it's very difficult to get enough milk from your pet rat .

So I would just go with the sheep cheese .

It's much easier .

Alright , guys .

Thanks for watching .

I will see you in the next video .

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Hopefully , in the future , we'll be able to answer everyone's call .

But I put the number down below so you can call and get some help .

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