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2023-12-18 15:51:55

EARN $160 PER DAY _Easy Secret Side Hustles_ (Make Money Online 2024)

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What if I told you there is a side hustle that could bring in as much as $760 per day , all from the comfort of your bed .

Well , recently I stumbled upon numerous Etsy shops offering printable wall art quotes .

These are digital downloads filled with various quotes , easily created using a tool called Kittle .

The craziest part .

These Etsy shops are consistently raking in a lot of money .

Consider this shop , for example , Print with Sky has earned over $165 million averaging about $115,000 each month by selling printable wall art quotes and other items .

Another shop pretty printed store consistently brings in around $222,000 monthly using the same simple to make printable wall art quotes we are discussing today .

So when you peek at what these shops sell , you will see it is nothing overly special .

They offer digital prints with basic fonts that tools like Kittle can easily replicate .

What's great is that since these are digital , there is no hassle with physical products .

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Customers literally buy a JPEG image from you .

Selling these printable on your Etsy shop is super easy with just one tool , you won't need to create text layouts , choose fonts or even come up with quotes .

Kittle does it all generating quotes and instantly creating designs using its built in templates in today's video ?

We'll walk through how you can use this tool to start making these printable wall art quotes .

You could also earn up to $22,000 monthly to show you .

It works .

I'm starting a new Etsy shop and posting the art quotes we create in this video .

You'll see firsthand how great these automated printable are .

Kittle comes with a bunch of cool features .

But for this side hustle , we'll focus on just a couple to create these printable wall art quotes .

We mainly need to craft the quote , pick a text layout and place the final design into a mock up like a simple picture frame .

All these steps are easy within Kittle starting from Kittle main page .

I'll head to A I tools then click on A I quote generator .

This takes us to a page where you simply click generate quotes .

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The tool offers preset categories or niches .

You can choose from .

If you want wall art quotes about food , you click food and continue .

But for this example , I'll create a custom niche for achieving goals .

Once you've chosen the niche , it's time to pick the mood of the quote , funny , inspirational , sarcastic , et cetera , then select the quote length anywhere from a few words to a longer phrase .

Let's go with a middle ground around 5 to 8 words , click , generate quotes and Kittle gets to work .

After a few seconds , it generates lots of quotes .

We can pick the ones we like download or copy them or even get all of them as a text file .

Easy as pie for our first printable wall art quote .

I'll use this phrase .

Every goal begins with a step .

Now that I've copied the quote , I'll exit the quote generator and return to Kitt's main page on Kittle .

You'll find loads of ready made templates we can use for our principles .

Many of these templates have text layout similar to those used on Etsy shop , selling these printable wall art quotes .

So we could easily use these templates if we like .

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You might have noticed that all the Etsy shops sell printable with white backgrounds .

Seriously .

If you check these shops , every quote sits on a white background , that's what I mean .

They're not doing anything unique .

You could easily do the same and start selling them yourself .

So here's the trick .

Skip the templates .

Click new project , choose the A four size and explore the text layouts on the left .

Many of these templates are perfect for wall art quotes .

For instance , I'll pick the paragraph , text layout , replace the template , text with our quote and adjust the size a bit .

Voila within 30 seconds .

Our first design is ready .

If you want , you could add tiny design elements like a footprint using the element section .

It's a small detail .

Customers might like or keep it simple text on a white background just like everyone else does .

It seems to work really well for them .

Now , I've got a great idea to help your product stand out even more .

But first , let's finish the last step .

We need to place our completed printable wall art quote into a mockup .

So it looks great on your Etsy shop .

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It's easy just click mock up , search for posters and select any mockup you like , your design will be added to the mockup image .

Now , you've got an image ready to use as your product image on your Etsy shop .

Now , it's crucial to note that if you're using Kittle free version and pick a poster mockup , you'll see a pop up suggesting an account upgrade for premium mockups .

You might be a bit worried about this .

But here's the scoop to get the mockup feature and access to all the design elements like the footprint we used earlier .

Simply go for the pro version of Kittle , the one I use , it's only $10 per month .

Now , you weigh it out for the potential to earn thousands of dollars monthly .

Is it worth paying a small $10 fee ?

That's just around 32 cents per day .

I think it's totally worth it .

Especially considering how much you can make if you stay consistent with this .

Therefore , there's absolutely no risk involved for you .

Just give it a try and see if you like it .

Once you have the mockup ready , let's move on to Etsy .

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Setting up a free Etsy shop takes about 2 to 3 minutes , then create your first product which will include the mockup we've just created now to deliver the principle to your customers .

After they purchase from you .

When setting up the product on Etsy , you'll have an option to upload a digital download from Kittle after designing , click on export , download design , export the file preferably as a PDF or SVG .

But it's good to include a PNG and J peg image too , then compile these files into a folder and upload that folder onto Etsy .

This way , when someone buys your product , Etsy automatically sends them the link to download the file .

So here's a secret .

I found that can boost your Etsy shop sales with printable wall art quotes .

Some Etsy shops make around 2 to $4000 monthly while others hit nearly $20,000 .

Now , what sets the higher earners apart ?

Not the products visually , they might look alike .

But here's the trick .

The shop making more offers two things .

The option for custom quotes and physical prints .

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Before you worry , it's too complicated .

Hear me out .

So this shop making 2 to $4000 a month sells fixed quotes , no customization .

It works earning good money , mostly hands off but add custom options and physical prints and you'll open up more earning potential .

How look at a seller's listing , offering custom quotes .

They've got mockups showing font choices , colors and print sizes with kittle .

We've got tons of fonts to offer maybe 15 to 30 create slides like theirs with font options , upload them on Etsy along with your mockup and you're set to offer customization and sizes .

Now , this final slide matters .

If you're up for selling physical prints , to give customers that option , you can export your design and use a service like print , they handle printing and shipping directly to your buyers by adding this , you'll earn more without doing a lot more work .

Just upload your image to this extra website .

Stick with it a bit and soon you'll see those sales roll in changing your life in ways you might not expect .

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And that's it guys .

Thanks for hanging out .

If you enjoyed this , don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more .

Keep in mind while this won't make you super rich overnight , your dedication and hard work matter most see you soon and take care .

I hope you found this video useful and if you did , don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already subscribe to this channel with notification turned on .

So you don't miss out on any new content .

Thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video

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