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2023-12-20 22:36:51

Dark Psychology Facts #3 #anime #psychologyhacks #manipulation #psychology

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If you stare at someone's lips during a conversation , they may think you are interested in them .

However , if you look at their forehead , they will feel intimidated and insecure two .

If you need someone to believe a lie , tell an embarrassing detail about yourself , this will make you appear honest .

Three .

If you aim to get away with something , enter or exit a place with confidence as you own , it don't hesitate or look around more often than not .

No one will question in you .

This approach can help you to get with quite a bit four if you have two choices , flip a coin .

However , the real trick is recognized while the coin is in the air , you often realize which outcome you truly desire and trust your gut regardless of the coin's result .

Five , when you make an error or something is taking longer than expected , instead of Apollo Gizz say thank you for your patience .

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