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2024-07-02 16:02:46

The Top Sign That You're Consuming Too Much Protein

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Now , this is an important video to make sure you're not consuming too much protein .

So I'm going to tell you the top sign to know that you're consuming too much protein .

And the number 1 symptom is gastrointestinal malaise .

Now , what is this gastrointestinal malaise ?

Well , it's a general discomfort and uneasiness in your digestive system .

Like you just feel something's not right .

Number 2 , dysphoria .

There's some alteration in how you feel .

Dysphoria is a state of generalized unhappiness , restlessness , dissatisfaction , or just frustration .

You just don't feel very good .

And then we get number 3 lethargy .

This is lack of energy , sluggishness , and just a lack of enthusiasm .

And number 4 , weakness .

So all 4 of these symptoms can indicate that you're consuming too much protein .

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Now on a ketogenic diet , you should never go past 30% of all your calories being protein .

In fact , I recommend keeping your protein calories roughly about 20% .

Cause what's going to happen is you might start getting increased bun , blood , urea , nitrogen .

And so you're going to get a lot of protein waste .

And you may see your urine being a bit foamy and having a very , kind of a weird odor , but here's the thing , the skeletal muscle protein synthesis , which is your dietary protein turning into muscle protein and repair occurs when you're consuming protein , you know , up to about 25 grams per meal .

But as you start to go over this number , you get less and less protein synthesis , and you're going to get more and more oxidation where that protein is going to be burned as fuel because it's going to turn into sugar .

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So if you were to double that number , let's say you're consuming 50 grams of protein per meal , Half of that protein is not going to be used for synthesis , the creation of new muscle or the repair of muscle .

It's going to be used as oxidation or fuel .

Now what's this going to do to your keto plant ?

It's going to reduce your keto adaptation .

It's going to increase your blood sugars .

It's going to increase your insulin a little bit , not as much as sugar , but it's going to increase it to a modest amount and it's going to drop your ketone production .

So So going on a keto plan is not doing high protein .

It's doing a moderate amount of protein .

So if you're enjoying my content , which I hope you are , and you're applying this knowledge to your health and you have a success , I'd really appreciate you sharing your success story .

So click the link down below to my website where you can upload your success story so you can help inspire others .

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