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2023-12-12 23:41:41

Palestinians in West Bank call for ceasefire _ BBC News

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Palestinian Children in the West Bank marching for Palestinian Children in Gaza .

This show of solidarity saw residents of Ramallah not only on strike but also on the streets .

The Palestinian people deserve support .

We are a peace loving people .

But we are rising up in the face of a far right government in Israel and a far right administration in the United States .

Calls for a ceasefire came from a new generation of Palestinians angry at Israeli bombardment .

We are marching to stop the war , to stop the killing of Children in Gaza and please God so that Gaza wins as well as an end to the war .

These demonstrators displayed their support for a Palestinian state and some of them for Hamas .

Young Palestinians here in Ramallah are not content just to strike .

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They also wanted to come out onto the streets to show their anger against Israel and against the West and across the checkpoint in Jerusalem .

A complete shutdown in the Muslim quarter of the Old City .

The strike will be felt in people's pockets after a significant loss of trade and tourist income since the seventh of October attack , according to the Arab Chamber of commerce in Jerusalem , nine in 10 businesses have seen their profits reduced to close to zero .

We are in Jerusalem with the Palestinian people , not only against what Israel is doing in Gaza .

We we also against who is the the internationals who support Israel to do this with us , especially the United States and Britain and Italy and Germany .

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Israel and its international allies say the conflict must continue until Hamas releases all of its hostages and no longer poses a threat .

But Palestinian activists are desperate for more international support to stop the war before more Gazan civilians pay the price .

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