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2024-01-25 07:46:18

Explore the dark psychology techniques of master manipulators

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Never trust friends too much and learn to use enemies .

Sounds wild , right ?

But here's the deal , friends might let you down because they're too comfortable with you .

Enemies .

On the other hand have something to prove .

When they become your allies , they work super hard to show their loyalty .

It's about turning those who challenge you into your secret weapons .

Let's say you're on a sports team and there's this one player who always competes with you for the top spot .

Instead of clashing , you suggest working together on a new strategy for the team .

At first .

It's awkward but soon this rival is throwing in all their effort .

Proving they're a team player .

Why ?

Because they want to show they're not just about rivalry , they're about winning just like you .

This one move not only shakes up the team dynamics but also puts you both in the spotlight for all the right reasons .

This is a classic manipulation tactic .

You're using their drive to outdo you for your own benefit .

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