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7 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping

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Let's show you the 7 ways to burn more fat while you are sleeping .

There's nothing worse than poor sleep to stop you from burning fat .

I had this patient who came in long ago who lifted over £3,000,000 in the gym over a course of a year .

She was hardcore dedicated and she lost , I think , 1 or £2 .

Very depressed .

The problem that she had was she wasn't sleeping that great .

I fixed her sleep with what I'm gonna show you now .

And , the 1st month she lost £16 .

So let's start with number 7 , work backwards , then I'll eventually get to the most important thing you need to do out of all of these tips .

Okay .

Number 7 , you want to let your appetite dictate what fasting pattern that you should be on .

And then because you don't have an appetite , it allows you to go longer and you just really want to pay attention .

Be in tune with your appetite .

So if you're not hungry , just don't eat .

All right .

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Number 6 .

Reduce the extra excess fat , extra butter and the MCT oil in the coffee , or you're adding more fat .

Don't do that .

What we wanna do is we wanna force our bodies to burn our own body fat and not the dietary fat .

I don't want you to go low fat , but I don't want you to add additional fat that is excess to the normal fat that comes with your protein , your meat , things like that .

Number 5 , make sure your carbs aren't too high .

I think an easy way to do it without having to count carbs is just to eat meat and vegetables .

Most vegetables , especially salads , they don't have a lot of carbs .

They have a lot of fiber .

You're not gonna ever gain weight on salad .

I'm sorry .

If anyone ever says that , they don't know what you're talking about .

Some people might have a thyroid issue , and they have a hard time converting t 4 to t 3 .

T 3 is like the active form of the thyroid hormone .

This happens in some people , especially when they go low carb for a longer period of time .

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What they should do to solve this is not to start adding a lot of sugar and stuff like that , but just add more berries .

That would be something that could potentially help your sleep because it helps the thyroid .

And if you're getting bloating , you're not on the right eating plan .

Start eliminating things , The nuts , maybe you eliminate the cheese , that type of thing or dairy .

And some people that have inflammation in their gut do very well in the carnivore diet , which is also a diet that eliminates a lot of potential things that bloat you .

Now let's go to 4 , overall sleep hygiene .

Making sure that you invest in a good mattress , I'm telling you , I mean , you spend 1 third of your life in bed , might as well invest in a good mattress .

The best way to get a mattress is to go to a mattress store and start testing things out because some people do better on the softer .

Some people do better on the firmer .

Make sure the room is not too hot .

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If you can crack the window open and get more fresh air , that would be great .

If you have a dog in your bed that keeps you up , you're gonna have to put the dog somewhere else because , I mean , just the the excess noise and the movement in bed .

And unfortunately , if you're sleeping with someone that snores , it just throws everything off .

Growing up , I slept in the basement .

Okay .

It was cool , dark , and boy , that was great because I could just bundle up and go to sleep .

And it was the best sleep environment .

Nowadays is lights on .

We have the computer , the LED lights , the blue lights .

It's very , very bad for sleep .

So you really wanna start dimming the lights early on .

The more light you have , especially blue light , that's gonna interrupt the melatonin .

So that's gonna prevent you from going to sleep .

Now we're at number 3 .

These are sleep aids .

Okay ?

Apple cider vinegar through the day , like maybe once or twice or 3 times in some water , like a tablespoon .

That'll help your blood sugar .

It will help you sleep .

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So that's one thing .

Number 2 , collagen is a good supplement to take .

1 third of it is glycine .

Glycine is usually deficient in most people .

Glycine is needed to sleep .

Another remedy is niacinamide .

Take a little bit , maybe a 100 to a 150 milligrams at a time .

Vitamin d is also very important for sleep cycles .

Sometimes I'll take vitamin d right before bed .

It really helps , especially jet lag .

And lastly , sea salt .

Alright .

Number 2 , do a full workout where your whole body gets not just tired , but you sweat .

Okay .

So you wanna push yourself to the intensity that if you're doing weights , it's to a failure .

Okay ?

So we don't wanna just do a little exercise maybe in the beginning , but you wanna graduate to something more intense .

Let's say you're sprinting up a hill and you'd hit a wall .

That would be good .

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You know , do several of those because we want to do enough exercise to deplete the energy in your body and also stimulate growth hormone .

Growth hormone is activated by the intensity of exercise .

So we want that workout , but not very frequently .

Those people who had the hardest time losing weight were the most desperate and serious about it .

And that alone , that mindset , that emotion stresses people out , and it adds more cortisol .

So I highly recommend you go about this in a relaxed manner as much as possible and relaxed , and don't worry about it so much .

Self induced stress can activate cortisol .

Don't expect things just to bounce back right off the bat .

You have to have what's called in medicine , patience .

This is why we put you in a waiting room .

Right ?

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And also when you're starting out weight loss , especially if you're postmenopausal , you don't just have a weight loss problem , you have also a loss of muscle problem that's called atrophy .

And in the process of healing , sleeping , you're gonna rebuild muscle .

Alright .

Number 1 , the most important tip .

Okay ?

You want to go to bed between 9:9:30 .

Okay ?

And you wanna sleep for 9 hours .

Now before you think I'm crazy , let me tell you why .

Think about what's gonna happen .

You're gonna get a lot more repair of proteins , muscle , and your metabolism is a function of how much lean muscle mass you have .

You think you're , like , wasting the day away , but you're actually doing a lot of productive work with your body .

It's part of the healing phase .

So get that 9 hours of sleep , be in bed by 9 , 9:30 .

And if you can't sleep that long , maybe you take a nap or you you get up and you go back to sleep .

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But the point is that the more sleep , especially in the beginning , the better , the more weight loss .

Why ?

Because you burn all the fat while you're sleeping , so might as well ride the wave .

So since we're on this topic of sleep , I I think it's really important to know a little bit more about this hormone cortisol that can prevent you from going to sleep .

And I have this wonderful download on my website that you can download all the things that help you reduce cortisol in one document .

So click the link down below and go to the document and download it and start to study it .

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