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2024-06-02 17:56:53

The Most Dangerous Ingredient in Protein Powder (Mass Gainer)

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Know , when I was in high school , I was lifting weights , and I wanted to bulk up .

So I went to the healthiest store , and I bought these muscle gainer protein powders .

Right ?

And I started consuming them .

And , man , did I feel like crap .

And now I know why .

Because there's one ingredient that is pretty dangerous .

And they put this certain ingredient into these products to enhance muscle growth , but you're gonna find out it's not gonna do that .

Personally , I think it's a very dangerous ingredient .

It can increase acne , bloating , inflammation in the gut , mental irritability and anxiety , insomnia .

It's highly addictive because it increases dopamine , which is like the reward , neurotransmitter , and it'll actually produce more acid in your mouth to promote cavities .

But the worst thing it'll do , it'll spike your blood sugar so high , way more than sugar , and then create a crash right after .

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Now if you do this repetitively , you're gonna develop belly fat , high cholesterol , and , you know , a fatty liver .

Other than that , I'm sure it's gonna be fine .

And this ingredient is usually the first ingredient in the list on the label , which means it represents most of the product .

And this ingredient is called maltodextrin .

This is one of the worst ingredients in most ultra processed food products , aka junk food , where they start out with dent corn .

What's dent corn ?

Dent corn is a an edible .

You can't eat it .

Okay ?

It's it's for feed and things like that .

They grind it up into powder , and then they add acids and alkaline chemicals to it and then they'll heat it up .

They'll put pressure into it and they have to take the color out , take the odor out , and then you end up with this powder .

And what's wild about maltodextrin is that it's a filler .

It's just some cheap material to add bulk to a product so they can make more money .

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I mean , there's absolutely no benefit to taking this for your body .

It's classified as a carbohydrate , but it acts like a sugar .

So when you're reading the label , you're looking , oh , yeah .

It's low in sugar .

Take a look on the glycemic index , which is the index that shows you how much an ingredient spikes your blood sugar .

Table sugar is about 65 .

Glucose is a 100 .

Maltodextrin is between a 105 and a 185 on that scale .

So it creates way more of a spike than even glucose .

And check this out .

In one serving , they're gonna put 253 grams .

Now in your mind , you're going , well , okay .

It's 253 grams of carbs .

No .

It's not .

It's 253 grams of sugar , which is equivalent to 60 teaspoons of sugar .

This is just in one serving .

1,012 calories of sugar .

Actually , it's something that's even worse than sugar .

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You're gonna put in your body to supposedly bulk up your muscles .

I mean , for serving , they're only gonna give you 50 grams of protein as whey protein and 253 grams of carbohydrate and sugar .

Right ?

It's not a good ratio .

I mean , you don't wanna combine protein with that much starch or or sugar because it creates all sorts of issues in your body .

So when you dump that much carbohydrate into the energy factory called the mitochondria , your demand for certain vitamins are gonna go super , super high .

Like for B1 , for example , you're gonna need a lot of B1 to allow your body to metabolize that much pure sugar .

Of course , they add some vitamins in there , but they only add , like , 0.4 milligrams of b one .

That's not gonna even come in the ballpark of how much you need .

So what happens is you end up depleting your nutrients when you take this much refined carbohydrate .

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I mean , just think about what this starch really is .

It's ultra processed , which means they're extracting enzymes , vitamins , trace minerals .

When you consume that , it takes a lot of , nutrient reserves that you have in your body to be able to even metabolize that .

So you end up depleting things down the road when you can keep consuming it .

And in the process , you're creating a lot of what's called oxidation , which is kinda like you're rusting your body out from the inside out , and that's gonna lead to inflammation .

And you not knowing that , not even realizing you're getting that much sugar , you might think , oh , yeah .

It's it's a great product .

It's because everyone else is doing it .

It's become normalized .

It doesn't even fit the definition of the word food , so it can't even be called ultra processed food because it it can't sustain life .

You can't live on it .

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So you can imagine what's happening to the pancreas too because every time you consume that , it's like a massive spike of blood sugars , and that cell that makes this this pumping out of this insulin , it's just gonna be , like , whiplashed every time you take it .

And you're gonna find that after you take it , you're gonna feel kinda groggy .

Blood sugars kind of feel funky .

And next morning , hard to get out of bed .

And you wake up with low blood sugar because you ate sugar the day before , which will cause you to want more of that to fulfill this emptiness .

But then you keep doing this over weeks months , and now what happens is the body's gonna start developing something called insulin resistance .

And now it's gonna be harder and harder to get energy into the cells , and it's gonna be harder to grow your muscles .

To grow muscles , you need exercise , you need protein .

Nowhere have I ever observed that you need high doses of refined sugar to grow muscle .

Yes .

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It increases insulin , and insulin is an anabolic hormone .

But the problem is when you start to stimulate insulin over a period of time , you develop what's called insulin resistance .

And that's what really creates a deficiency of insulin because you develop this resistance .

It's just part of the body trying to protect itself from getting that much sugar .

It'll start blocking it because sugar is toxic So if you haven't seen my full video on how to grow muscle the healthy way , I'm gonna put this video up right here check it out

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