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2024-06-02 17:00:04

What Happens If You Drink Celery Juice for 7 Days

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What would actually happen if you consumed celery juice for 7 days ?

Now there are 4 things in celery juice that are quite powerful .

But most of the things that people talk about in celery juice are not the things that are contributing to your health .

Okay ?

Like , first of all , it's 95% water .

The nutrients in celery juice are not that high .

I mean , it does have folate , which is benign , but that's only like 9% .

And then people say , oh , yeah .

It's high in sodium .

In one glass , like 16 ounces of celery juice , you're talking about 288 milligrams of sodium .

That's 1 eighth of what you need every single day .

But what is really amazing in celery juice , there are 4 natural chemicals called phytonutrients .

And , also , there's a book that states that celery juice is the most powerful medicine of our time .

So let's talk about why that can actually even be true .

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The medical medium talks about the benefit from the sodium cluster crystals , and I really couldn't find any data on that .

But I have found a lot of data on these 4 phytonutrients that I wanna share with you .

So the first one is a long name , 3 n butyl phthalide .

Here's what this chemical does .

Repair after a stroke , reconstruct the microcirculation .

It has certain neuro regenerative properties .

And its antioxidant , anti inflammatory , anti apoptosis .

Now what is apoptosis ?

It's basically when the cell commits suicide when it's damaged .

Also , it has a property of an antithrombosis , so it helps to prevent clotting .

And then the second compound is called apigenin .

And apigenin is one of the most researched and studied polyphenols .

It's in parsley .

It's in onion .

It's in oranges .

It's in thyme .

It's in basil , and it's definitely in celery juice .

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Normally , in nature , a plant uses epingenin to protect itself against UV radiation from the sun as well as acting as an insecticide .

So it's a defense mechanism .

But when we consume this compound in small amounts , it creates an epigenetic , effect that actually can benefit us .

But apigenin is a good , muscle relaxer .

This is why when you consume celery juice , you you feel calm .

If you have high blood pressure , it tends to , lower the blood pressure .

You can sleep better , and it has antidiabetic properties .

It's even been used to help people with amnesia , which is interesting .

The third compound is called coumaric acid .

This compound is anti inflammatory , anti ulcer , anti clotting , as well as supporting your blood sugar .

It can also help with inflammation with arthritis .

Then the last compound is called camphorol .

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Camphorol has antiviral properties , antibacterial properties , antifungal properties , as well as being an anti inflammatory in general .

So is celery juice the most powerful medicine of our time ?

I don't know about that , but it's pretty awesome .

This is what I recommend you do , and I just got done with this .

I did this for 7 days .

I'll probably continue it .

You buy celery , wash it off , make sure it's organic , juice 16 ounces , drink it in the morning , an empty stomach .

If you wanted to add something to it , don't add additional juices .

Add a little lemon to it .

But the main benefits come from these 4 compounds .

There could be other compounds that are creating all sorts of effects , but if you haven't tried it , you might wanna try it .

I think you might like it .

If you haven't seen my other video on celery , I put that up right here .

Check it out .

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